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Announcement Transcribe

- What's up everybody?

Welcome to a quick announcement, about what's coming up in September.

So a lot of you guys have been hanging out with me for a while. You're starting to get the vibe, like you're starting to realize like, hey, there's something to the digital influence game. There's something to meeting the consumer where they're starting their digital journey to buy a house or to finance a house. There's a play here. And, we're going to get into it, like, tactically. I love sharing kind of the high level stuff of like, this is the area, this is the place to play in. But I also like getting really, really tactical on like, how do we do it? Like literally, like how? Okay, I got it, I got it, the customers are digital, they're on their phone. They're looking at this thing instead of calling you, or their realtor. So when they're here, how do I play and show up in that space? So, let's get really tactical. Here's the breakdown, September 1st, 9:30 AM every week, we're all on a different part of the series, four part series that literally I call it, Dig In, Right? Dig In, dig into digital influence. It's funny, it's funny. So September first, 9:30 AM, you can join me live and we have, and have Q and A, or you can just jump into the podcast the audio version of it later. This is what we're gonna talk about in part one. WHERE and WHO. WHERE meaning, what social platforms do I need to be building digital influence? Like tactically, Facebook, is it Instagram? Should I be on TikTok? Like, where should I be? And then who? Who should I be with in these digital communities? And what are my strategies once I'm there to build a big community? So this is part one, like very tactical friends. Like we're going to get right into like, the actual stuff you should be doing to build digital influence. Following up the next week, part two, same thing, Tuesdays 9:30, all the weeks of September, except for the last one I know, so there's five weeks. Just give me a break, all right? It's a four part series. I can't help it, September's got five weeks. That's on you, it's not my fault. But this is the second part. So, we established WHERE and WHO in part one in the first week of September. The next week, what do I post? And what do I say? Like, I hear this excuse a lot. So, we're going to be like, here's what you post and say. Like, we're going to create the plan together live, give you the playbook, go and do all that fun stuff. The following week, September Tuesday, 9:30 AM, week three, WHEN and HOW. So we got the what, we're gonna get the what, all dialed in, on the third week of September, we're gonna go into the WHEN and HOW. This is, if you think about like, I know what to say now I've got it all dialed, but like how often and what time? And how should I do it with video or text? Or should I do it with lives? We're gonna go right into that in part three, to build out your strategy, and then we're going to round out the month at the fourth week of September with WHY. Now some people ask why are you starting with WHY at the end? Like, why aren't you starting with WHY? You'll see. There's an actual process here that you're gonna go through. So we're gonna again, join me September. This is gonna be a blast, the first week, September 1st, 9:30 AM, Tuesday here. LinkedIn when I say here, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, pick a platform, come hang. And we're gonna dive into the literal conversation of where do you start? What platforms, and who do you start with? What's your audience? How do you do this? Like, give me the breakdown, Alex. We're going to give you the breakdown. Second week, we're wanna go into what y'all read? Yeah. we're gonna party, buddy. This is good. This is good. So second week of September 9:30 Tuesday, what do I post and say? I got the WHERE, and now I got the WHO, I want to say it to, but now what do I actually say? We'll build it. We're gonna build it live, baby. We'll do it live. The third week of September. When and how often should you post? And when I say how, not just how often, but like, pictures, videos, clips, prerecorded stuff. Should I hire social media studio to do it all for me? Like, should I go live? We are gonna get you the strategies and in the forth week of September, WHY we are gonna wrap this thing in a bowl, and you are gonna be so prepared to dominate this space. I mean I don't know why I'm having to convince you that the customers starting their search online, and that they become digital customers first, you should know this. Hello, like. So, it's gonna be an awesome September. This is the DIG IN series. The DIG IN series come in, DIG IN with me its gonna be rad I'm looking forward to you guys and if you can't show up live on Tuesday's at 9:30, I get it, you are busy, life's crazy. I'll send it out to you on YouTube join the text community, join my weekly download and I will make sure I get this content into your hands, so you can kick some serious serious butt. Yes, Colleen thank you 9:30am Pacific, I'm not a morning person. Okay? So that's bad I gotta like drink 17 red bulls to get like 9:30 and then am ready. But not earlier. So, 9:30, Tuesdays, the first four weeks of September, starting September 1st, we are going to crank through a four part series on building digital influence. My friends, my goal was always to make it super tactical. I want stuff that you can actually like go do. Okay? This will not be a motivational series on like, you know, why you need to be online. Like if you don't get that part, so don't attend. Felt like, trust me, we're gonna get real. We're gonna get tactical, and we're gonna rock and roll. If you want to be part of the weekly download, you will get this information sent to you in your email, every Monday at 6:00 AM so you don't have to wait around for the previous week stuff if you missed it, I'll get it to you. Join me hang out, this is gonna be a really rad series I'm excited to do it with you guys, it is time to DIG IN, you cannot wait and if you are sitting there as a movie professional right now and you're buried in refinances, and hopefully purchases, good for you, you should be. But if you don't work on the stuff that gives you success in the future, if you cannot hold two things in your hands at the same time, you are not gonna win. This ocean is going out. I know the waves are high and they are hitting hard and we are drowning. But the tide is gonna go out and you are gonna be standing there going, did I spend the time doing the things I needed to do, to set myself up for success in the future, Its gonna be a blast. I'll see you guys, four part series DIG IN with me on Digital Influence starting September first, 9:30AM Pacific. It gonna be wild and I will see you guys there. Thanks for joining me in this announcement I cannot wait to share with you. Lets Dig In, and lets create a radical future for ourselves, its time. Its time, I'll see you guys on the internet.

Part 1 | WHERE do I start and with WHO?

Part One of my September long, 4 part series called DIG IN! We will be going play by play through the strategies you need to be doing to build DIGital INfluence! Part 1 covers the WHERE and WHO. 

Part 1 Transcribe

- What's up everybody. Happy Tuesday!

Welcome to part one of the DIG IN September Digital Influence Series, man, I'm jammed jazz, all the J's excited to bring you guys this content for this month and it's a four part series, We're going to break down exactly what you need to do to get influenced digitally.

It's a game my friends, if there's a real, there's a map to it. There's actually a plan. There's something you could achieve. This is part one. So for those of you guys who have been paying attention and checking out social media, here's where we're going. Where do I start? Now If you're joining me in the future, I love that, hit me up with a #bypassed. If you're joining me live right now, hit me up with #digin because this is the month we're going to equip you to get out and start building digital influence like tactically. Right? I love the inspirational stuff. I love the motivational stuff, but I also love like the actual just tell me what to do. You ready? So let's dig in. All right, where do I start? This is the best part of it. This is the easiest best part of the information I can give you is part one, which is where do I start now? Jason, what's up my man. I'll tell you right now. You start where the people are. Look, when I started originating in the glory days, in the glory days, I was told to go out every single day and come back with eight business cards from Realtors because that's how you got business. What's up Milton? Kevin, good to have you guys joining me, I appreciate you guys, I actually, so I was, I was told to go get eight business cards from Realtors that's the game, that was the whole playbook because go to Broker Previews, go to open houses because that's where Realtors were and I used to get a lot. I used to make fun of people with time. They're like, Oh, you're always out of the office Where are you? I'm like, where are the business is? Where the business is because the Realtors were the business. Well, guess what my friends? Now, Hi Pam, What's up? Hi Che! yeah. Now, guess what the business is? like, this is... [Laughs] It's here. So, if you want to have a chance at it, you want to meet the customer where they're at. You got to play a big game digitally. What's up, Sam? Thanks for joining. So you're saying play the obvious part. Okay. We're shooting right into the tactics. The obvious part, where are the people? I'm going to give you the two big platforms for the people are Facebook and LinkedIn. There's where the people are. They're all there. Now we're going to talk about all the other areas in a little second. Like we're gonna talk about Twitter and Instagram and Tik Tok and all that stuff for sure. But where are the big people are? Daniel, What's up my man?, Dig In. where are people? they're on Facebook and they're on LinkedIn. Now, one of the things before you can start posting content, before you can start sharing your vision with the world, there has to be people there that can hear it. Does that make sense? So if a tree falls in the woods and nobody here, nobody's there, does it make a sound you with me? Like if you're just blown up videos and you have no digital community, you'll lose and notice I didn't say digital audience. I don't like that. They're not an audience. Okay? They're not sitting there like, Oh my God, they're a community of people and a community involves a two way street of communication. So, let's get really tactical. If you want digital influence here's how you get it. You go to Facebook, you create a business page and a personal page and you go to LinkedIn and you create a profile. There you go. There's your start. Now, if you already have that and you're creeping on those platforms, welcome to the party. It's time to get into the pool. Once you create those pages, your job is to start growing your digital community. Let me give you some tangible, actual ways to do it. Number one, if you work for a loanDepot, you can use Mello 360, but if you don't, you can use things like my MTA or even if you don't have access to data at all and you're like, what are those things that you're talking about? You can go to Zillow. I know we hate them, but you can go there. Find the Realtors in your community that are doing business. All right. So back in my glory days, I pulled the top 100 agents in Orange County through the, my MTA database. and they give you the top Real Estate Agents. I put them all in my act database by hand and I send them a monthly mailer, guess what you're going to do? You're going to find the top 100 to 200 agents. I don't care if they're top 1000 agents in your market. And every day you're going to make an objective of adding them to your digital community, every day. I usually kind of coach to five, just put five in a day, go out and friend request five of the Realtors a day on LinkedIn and Facebook, Next, If you're a retail mortgage pro and you're local in the community, guess what you probably have?. A database. How many of those people in their database are part of your digital community? Again, we'll start with a simple number, five go get five names from your database and instead of sending them a text or a check in, go to social media, find them and request a friend request with them. Now you could personalize it, right? Cause that's how you actually get results. As you become a human and you're like, Hey Milton, we did a loan together back in 2008, man It's great to see on social media. I would love to connect with you, both LinkedIn and Facebook, both, both, both, both five past customers and five Realtors a day that's 10 connections a day, 10 connections a day times X number of days is a digital community. Now, this has become of your best practice. I don't care if you do it on the toilet in the morning at eight, after your coffee, whatever you do add 10 people to your digital community every single day. Can you see the compound effect of this? This is very tactical. I'm sorry, It's not like sexy and crazy, this is like work. Yeah, I know. But if you do that, you're going to be shocked. All of a sudden you're gonna start growing a digital community. So you can't have digital influence without digital community. You feel me on that one? It's like, I know that's like a pretty obvious thing but it's the real, it's how it works friends. So once you're on that cadence, okay, by the way, this is, this is an actual strategy called the I.C.E strategy, which I've talked about in other videos and talked about for I.C.E, I stands for identify. So like your past customers and Realtors and then you go to business owners and you go to politicians and you go to influencers and your community and your pastor and your favorite bartender and your barista. Oh yeah, yeah. all of them please. All of them. But now you started to leverage the digital community. So I as identify right? C is connect, send them a personal note saying, Hey, I love the coffee you make me, let's hang out on social media. Hey, great message this weekend, pastor Joe, like let's hang out on social media. Hey, like we did a loan together. Hey, you're a Realtor. These things matter and they grow your digital community. After you get done with the identify and the connect you repeat that, you do 'IC' every single day, the last piece of I.C.E is E which is engage. Now you want people to resonate with your content, You want people to resonate and I hate that. I got to correct myself. I keep saying content like content creator like and I just feel like it's, it's missing the message, your message, your purpose, the reason you're showing up on these digital spaces, you want them to resonate with that?. You first resonate with them and this is the part E, this is engage. Okay? So this is part one, right? This is where this is where and who, where LinkedIn and Facebook. I'm going to talk with you this at the end as a kind of a thing. who Realtors, past clients, friends, and family, community, et cetera, all of the people, all the people. So once you do this on a regular basis like I.C.E every day, you realize that the E part, the engaged part is, I always like you to do this. Let's say you go to a networking event, you go to a mixer, you are a mixer, and you're hanging out. Would you ever at a mixer stand in the corner and be like, I have five star ratings on my review. I close loans on time. I do good. Hello. Deep debt to income ratio is important. Don't buy a car like what'd you do?. And yet on social media, how many times do you see people being like, doing that all day long? Like check out my latest survey. Like shut up, stop it. You're not cutting authentic community. You're just like humble, bragging. Like it's terrible. You're missing the point of digital influence. If you want digital influence, be interested in other people on social media. By the way, I haven't even taught you to make a video yet. We're in part one of the influence series. Part one, okay? Identify people you want to connect with past customers, Realtors. Connect every single day to five to 10 to 20. How many of you can stick with it on a consistent basis? And then the third part is engaged. Be part of the community. It's like, I want to look at my favorite book, how to win friends and influence people and start hitting the camera with it. Like, don't just sit there and start talking about your message. Engage with them, engage with your community. Talk to them, be in relationship with them. You want digital influence, you want influence with them, be interested in them. I mean, I don't know what else to say now. Like I have, okay I'll talk with you about the platforms in a second, but just, please hear me out on this. Like by the way, if you're, if this is resonating, drop me a comment. Let me know like, Oh, I get it. This is the hard work of digital influence. Making videos is not the hard work, that's actually the really fun part. And you'll find that out later, even though I know a lot of you are terrified of it , we're going to get into part two, which is how you start producing content. Content. What should your message be? But you've got to play the big game first and the big game is you got to build. So for example, Facebook, you know how many friends is the limited Facebook? How many friends, Facebook friends, you can have 5,000, 5,000 personal Facebook friends. How many people are in your database? Most mortgage professionals have a thousand to 2000 past customers in their database. Are they all connected to you digitally inside of Facebook or LinkedIn? So, and kick crap on LinkedIn. It's an incredible platform. We're live on it right now. It's amazing. The reason it's by the way, all your past customers, do you think they're on LinkedIn? Yeah. Are they professionals? Do they? Yeah. So yeah, like this is a great place. now by the way, think about it. I've heard someone say this before and I totally agree. Like social media is the new CRM. You think they want your drip campaigns? No, they don't. But if they show up on Facebook and LinkedIn and they see you on there, because you're consistent and you play a big game there, you're automatically building rapport and relationship over time. It's incredible. Yes. Yeah. This is this, This is so crucial. By the way, if you haven't started doing it, like just start now because you're in September, you're digging in with me, right? Like this is the time that you're going to do it. So let's see it's September 1st. How many people do Leslie, It is where it's at. I love this plot. I love LinkedIn. It's a great platform. There's tons of people on there. And guess what? If they're on LinkedIn, there are people searching for jobs for sure. But there's a lot of professionals on there. Guess what they have? Jobs. Which allow them to do what? Buy homes, just head by the microphone. Like why are you not playing big in that space? Where all the people are. So I'm gonna hit it again. And we will talking to other platforms. If in September, I want to see how many people you can add to your digital community, identify and connect, identify and connect, identify and connect. I'm still doing it. I'm still adding tens to 20's, to 30's of people a day to my social channels. And it gets easier because once you have more connections. Oh my gosh. Hey Leann, okay. Okay. Your nai.... You jumped ahead. Okay. You can't go into part four yet. All right. You can't we're in part one, you gotta stay with me in part one. First of all, I'm sorry your dog passed. I actually had my, my English bulldog Shira. She died a few months ago in COVID and now my Frenchie, He-Man is 13 and he's it's like the end. So I feel you, but this is what's amazing. So Leanne, you had a, a moment, an impactful moment in your life that occurred. And look, how many people reach back out to, to connect with you? Digital community is real. Those are real people and they want connection and you can provide it, by hanging out, identify, connect and three, engage, engage, ask how people are doing when they share something about their life, dive in with them. Be part of the digital community. Don't stand in the corner and be like, my Yelp review was amazing. Don't do that instead, Come into where they're at. Yeah, I know. Thanks Leanne. Sorry about your dog girl. This is the power of digital community. This is what happens when you identify, connect and engage. This is part one. You do this over and over again. This is pushups. This is best practices. This is hard work. This is commitment requires consistency. But if you play it like, if you play the game big, you're going to dominate on LinkedIn and Facebook where the people are Now, let's talk about the other platforms for a second. The reason they're more difficult and the reason I start at Facebook and LinkedIn is because the other platforms have a unique language and a unique way to interact. For example, if I want to go follow Leslie on Instagram, I search for her. I find and then all of a sudden I follow. Yeeeeh. Is she going to see my stuff? Same with Leanne, Like let's say I go follow Leanne, or I go follow Milton. And I find him on Instagram and I'm like, yes. And I, and I click follow. Does he automatically see my content? You see those platforms are one way streets. They don't automatically connect back to you On LinkedIn If I send a LinkedIn request to Milton and he accepts, now we see each other's stuff. In fact, when Milton shares or tags or comments on my stuff, his community sees my stuff. It's very powerful. But on Instagram, that's not how it works. Same with Twitter. If I go follow you on Twitter, it doesn't mean you're following me back. That makes it harder to build community because you've got have to put out a lot of information. So there's some tricks, right? I'll give you, I'll give you a trick number one on Instagram, it's called the three, two, one. Someone taught me this. It's a genius thing. [Sniffs] And on the three, two, one it's, if you're on Instagram, you go to somebody's page that you want to follow, have follow you. You like three of their posts, by the way, you look scroll through their posts and be like, I like this, this and this comment on two of them that you think are cool. Like not like a rad thumbs up Winky emoji, like no, like a comment that like you have to think about and then send them a DM, a direct message and say, Hey Pamela, was awesome to see you on Instagram. You got so much great stuff. Really excited to follow you. I hope you're having a great day. That's it and then the chance they follow you back is extremely high. But that's talking like now, now, like you're like me make me to real work and I'm like, yeah, if you want to play the game on Instagram. Yeah. Real work, like engaging other humans. [Laughs] So Colleen's asking a good question. So you have to have a personal page in order to create a business page. So there's, there's just rules of Facebook land. So you have to have a personal page to create a business page and they will be separate pages, right? Your personal page is gonna be over here. Your business page pages over here and the business page has tons of different rules. Your business page is almost exactly like an Instagram or a Twitter handle where people have to select to follow it. If they just become friends with you, they don't automatically start seeing all your business page stuff, unless you're like sharing your business page stuff on your personal, but we're not even getting in to the crazy stuff of, of digital influence yet, all i'm telling you to do' in part one, identify and connect on a daily basis, five to 10 people from your past customer base and your referral partner base just connect. And then every single day, curve time, curve time to engage. Now if I don't have time. My pipeline's full there's loans everywhere, fulfillment. Then you don't have time to be successful because successful people make time to do things that drive success. And right now I'm telling you unequivocally, to have digital influence, to have a place in people's head, earn that head spot, the head space, you have to engage with other people. You can't just post about your Yelp reviews. That will not give you digital influence. Okay. Let me give you a little quick summary about where we're going. Part two, /we're gonna talk about what do you say and post. Absolutely. We're going to give you a plan. Part three. We'll talk about when and how should you post. How it's a big deal. People like how, what do you mean how? Like should we go live, do a video, do a, do a text to a journal entry. What do you do? It's a journey, but who and where and who is where we're starting. And this is all you need to take away from today. If you want digital influence, if you want customers to think of you, when they think of a mortgage, you need to build digital influence and to do that, you need to identify and connect for you to build a digital community and you need to engage with it. Talk to people, say, hi, see how they're doing, connect in their personal life as they share it. And then when we get to part two and you start showing up now, with your voice and your message. Oh man. But the I.C.E the identifY, the connect, the engage has gotta be routine. You gotta make that routine. You gotta do it every day, grow every day. And by the way, this is the month September right now. I know you're busy. I don't care. I want you to win in the long term. Now's the time. How many people are you going to add to your digital community in September? By the way, let's just, let's just, let's just call it out. Let's just do it. So one, two, three, four, five weeks. And then I'm gonna come and say five weeks. It's a little less, but let's just say, you got five weeks. How many people are you going to add to digital community? If you're brave enough to put a number in the, in the comment somewhere, put it out in the world, declare it. Just say, I'm going to do this. Let's let's say 10 a day, times 30 days that's 300. Can someone do 300? Can someone do a hundred? Will someone commit to pick a number, put it in the comments. I don't care if you're watching this in the future. So yeah. Read absolutely a hundred, a hundred new people in your community. Absolutely there's a number, commit to something, commit to something. This is the month we're doing it. This is the Dig In part like dig in, commit to something. Leanne, wonderful. 40, 25. Perfect. Leslie, 25, maybe a day, a day. You could do that right now. [Laughs] I appreciate it. Let's put a number out. How many past customers do you have that aren't connected to you digitally. See, here's the thing with social media. You're on it because you're here with me, but you're not playing. I want you to play big. You're just, you're just scrolling. I want you to be in the game. It's like going to a party and standing in the corner. Like, I don't want you to stand in the corner. I want you to be in the middle of the room, dancing. This is the game. Commit to a number of this month and then when we get to week, so this, by the way, if a hundred is your number, this is awesome. Yeah. Good. I got you. Then, then committed to get done this week. Do it , do it this week. Do it at night. Do it in the morning. Do it often. Get it done. Get all the weekends, get done. And then when you jump into Part two, You'll be ready to start engage, a posting. But remember this is a great comment, Pam. is there was a particular day when it's best to engage?. Yes. Actually the answer to this is there are wrong times. There's no real like best time, but there are wrong times. The wrong times, like sending me a friend request at 2:00 AM. I'm going to see that and be like, why are you stalking me at 2:00 AM? Right? Like you feel me? Like, that's the weird time. But like, no, like there's no, anytime you're, you're awake in normal life. And you pause your, your day to leave a comment on somebody's life event. Do you see the power of that and I'm not saying just like a drop a like, Pam. I'm saying like a thoughtful comment about a life event and you come in and you get to just, you just get to be there with that person. Man, that's power. Daniel's going to 125. I love it. This week, Daniel, this week, just knock it out. And then we're ready for part two. But guys, if you can commit to this as a habit, as a best practice, if you can set aside 10, five minutes of your day to go out and connect it to five to 10 people a day, the compound effect is astronomical, you want digital influence? Be part of a digital community. Engage with them. Comment with them, be with the humans where they're at and with that will come unbelievable opportunity when we turn the camera on. Okay? Okay. Thank you. Oh yes. I'd like 25. [Laughs] I love that. Okay. A hundred good, A hundred, good. By the way Colleen, I know you have a hundred past clients for sure that are in your digital community for sure. A thousand percent. So just start. Pull up the CRM, have your phone and just start scrolling and clicking and inviting, inviting, inviting, and send them a little personal note. It's amazing. it's going to blow up. it's time for you to be in the game in social media. That's part one, baby. All right. My friends we're done. You rocked it part two coming next week. Same time, same bat channel 9:30, Tuesdays. We're going to get you in the game. The I.C.E process is still the sidelines. I know there's engaging because you're like commenting on people's stuff but wait till we start putting your stuff in the world. This is a one, two punch. When you play both sides of the street, when you're engaging and you're loving and you're commenting and you're in someone's life digitally, and then you come in with your message, Ooh, baby, the world going to light on fire. You're going to have an unbelievable September as we build digital influence. Thank you for hanging out with me today. I will see you guys on the internet. See you then, see you next week.

Part 2 | WHAT do I say?

OHHHH MAN! Part 2 of the DIG IN | Digital Influence Series is coming at you hot this coming Tuesday. We discussed the WHERE and the WHO last week, this week is WHAT to say to your digital community. 

Part 2 Transcribe

- What's up, everybody. Welcome to another lifetime with Alec. I'm Alec.

Hey it's Tuesday. Hope you guys are feeling good. Ready to rock and roll. If you can you hear me and the microphone's working today, because I've been having tons of random issues. Hit me up man. Let me know that the mic is loud and we got rockin' and we're going for it today. Excited to hang out with you guys. Man, welcome to part two. Part two of our Dig In digital influence series. This is gonna be a blast today! Lynn, thank you! Thank you for hanging out with me today. If you remember quick recap of part one. We're doing a four part series on digital influence called Dig In. And part one, we really talked about the where and the who of our business. Like, where do I need to be digitally and who do I need to be there with? Right. And we really unpack that. If you missed it, `it's live on YouTube still. Woohoo! Melissa, thank you for hanging out. And really here's the gist of part one. Connect to people and and be intentionally engaged. You do those two things, you're building influence, you're building community. Not digital audience but digital community. Now we're getting into the fun stuff. Like the what. What do you say now that you're here on the platform, right? You cannot be my mom hanging out and social stalking. I mean you can. It's awesome. It's a thing, but what can you say to start really building a message, building a brand, building digital influence. Alright, so first things first we gotta hit ups with some facts. So facts, facts, facts. This is the fun stuff. You have to understand this. If you're gonna play in the digital space, otherwise you get defeated mentally because we're in a like culture, right? Like we need to see if our post went viral. We need to have all this stuff going on and that's not reality. Reality is not everybody just pauses and is like, Oh my God, thank the Lord that Alec or so and so is live right now with their message or their video in my feed. They're not, they don't care. Like you're busy. Like I even know this with my content, right? Like just because I'm live right now. You have to understand this too. Does not mean there's thousands of people being like, Holy crap, Holy crap. Get online guys, Alec, he's saying things. It's not the reality, my friends. So the fact number one that you have to understand is 80%, 80% of the people in your digital community are not going to comment or like your stuff. I'm sorry if that's like an ego blow, but it should be freeing because now when you produce content or you put out your message, you should be like, Oh yeah, 80% are not gonna... Here's a great example. Go back and look at some of your original videos. Or if you haven't done any then, you won't know this, but I do this all the time. I go back and look at somebody's video and be like, I got one like. Nobody really engaged my content. Nobody asks questions. And I'm like, you had 312 views. 312 people experienced your content connected into you guys. Like that's incredible. Can you put 312 people in a room? And see how many people that would be you'd be amazed. It would blow your mind. So that's fact number one. 80% don't like or comment. That's okay. They're seeing it. They're seeing you. Let me tie this into a fact. A fact that I learned early in my origination days. Our game was, go see realtors. Remember? It was go out to broker preview and open houses. And by the way, that's still like the game. I still coach that all day long on Realty partnerships go out and be with be with the people you want relationships with. And I used to hear all that. So I go to the networking events and I go to mixers and I go to board meetings and I go to their lunch and learns and I go, I go everywhere I could. Realtors used to say Alec Oh my God, I see you everywhere! And I'm like, that's it. That's the same thing we're doing here. You're putting out content, you're creating connection. And they're seeing you everywhere. Point number two of the facts. Everyone's insecure. I know you're insecure. You don't like how you look, how you sound, how you smell, except there's no smell here. Get over it. I don't know how else to say it. Like everyone else who's viewing your stuff is not like, Oh my God, that person look at them. They're like, they're concerned with their own stuff. Like their own stuff. They're not concerned about your stuff. And yet our own insecurity are holding us back from digital. But here's the thing I talked to loan officers all the time. Do you like to meet face to face with customers and talk to them about their options? And everyone's like, yeah, of course I love meeting face to face with customers. You get to see each other and hang out. COVID makes this hard. And I'm like, you can do the same thing right here. We're doing it. We're doing it right now. We're hanging out. We're hanging out and I'm hanging out with you in the future. And I'm not even, I'm doing something else now. That's the craziness of this video platforms in these communities. Right? Because if you're watching this in the future, hit a hashtag dig in or hashtag bypassed and, and watch I'll get, I get notification. The future that somebody else is like, Oh yeah, Alec. I wanted to see that part two. And they watch it on their time. okay. You got to remember that. Fact number three. Your authentic voice. Even if scared is perfect, do not be scripted. I have bullet points. They're on my screen right here. That's why you keep seeing me look over here. Have a plan. but like just come and hang out and deliver your plan. Your authentic voice is perfect. Even if it's scared. And the last point of the fact is you have all the gear you need. If you have this device or a Android, whatever Android, you have everything you need minus maybe some lighting. And you can see my lighting's all terrible right now because I have this green screen thing coming because I'm doing this big sales rally and just stop it. Still working on it. But it's perfect. It's perfect. You have everything you need. Put your phone up on your face and you're rocking. Now. Now. There is the reality that there are some hacks. okay? So, there are some things you can do to make your message better and clearer. And so, for example, let me share this up on the screen. It's two. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. For example, there's hacks. You wanna know what some of those hacks are? Some of those hacks are actually having great lighting. That's a hack. I know that sounds stupid, but that's how you get better attention from people is you have great lighting. Another hack, audio. Audio. By the way, I've documented all of these for you. All of these for you. If you want these documentations look for the link that says, talk to Al bot, my little robot. Or if you're on Facebook, just type in hashtag bypassed or hashtag dig in. And my little Al bot will talk to you and give you, give you all of the video best practices to set up your own little thing so that your message comes across clearer. We can be honest with each other. If your message is you with a phone shaking talking or you right here, like, hello, like, no, your message is gonna get distorted because you're not playing the game right. And we all understand that, right? So there is some video 101 hacks. Yeah. There's if you're on LinkedIn, that's the link. If you're on YouTube, that's the link. If you're on Facebook, just type in hashtag bypassed, unless I think you're on my personal page. And then somebody has to test that for me on my personal. I don't know if we're working my personal. We'll have to figure that out. But here's the deal. Those things matter, right? Because your message matters. If you show up in a certain way, people are gonna judge you. And if you come across professionally with nice things that people can hear and good light and they can see your face, your message will be received better. Got it. Understand the hacks. Now here is the last part of what you need to understand. There is... If you're worried about what to say, I'm gonna get there in two seconds. Get there in two seconds know exactly what to say. But you need to tap into your why. Okay. You need to tap into your why. There's a reason you're in this business. And if you're concerned about what to say, and we're going to get there, you need to tap into your why. Why are you in the game? If you're up there explaining debt to income ratios without a burning why inside your eye balls? Then I don't care If you're a robot being like, debt to income is very important and you're not tapping into why If you're all in this game for money as a mortgage professional, it's all about you. As a mortgage professional, you lose, you get nothing. I feel like I'm Wonka and the chocolate factory. You lose! Because you can tell! If you're what, if your what do I say? If all you're saying is look at my five star review, look at my fast closing. Look at how cool I am. You lose. You're not doing it right. Why are you in this game? Think about this for a second, right? I'm gonna give you, just tap into me. Just play for a second. Think about the single mother that you just, helped become a first time home buyer. Think about that person. Think about the disabled veteran that gets a VA renovation loan, and can move into a house that's handicap accessible that you made happen. Think about a family that's crippled with credit card debt, and you were able to debt, consolidate them and coach them through a refinance and save them a thousand bucks a month. When they were spending thousands of dollars a month on high interest credit card debt. Think about your why. And then when you show up to talk, let it out. Let it out. And you will be absolutely shocked about what can happen. You see my friends, content, what you say is never the problem. There's a million things to say. And those of you that are panicking right now being like I don't, what are you talking about? It's like, let's just pause for a second and tap into our why and figure out what there is to say. I'll give you my personal example. And then we'll go down to the street level and we'll pull it out. Here's what you say. All right. Things you care about. For me right now, the thing I care about the most is watching local mortgage professionals get bypassed by the big digital companies. It's like watching the mom and pop ACE hardware store people getting run over by Amazon. I'm watching it every day and everyone is saying, Oh no, that's not my, I don't compete against them. And I'm like, you are wrong. You compete against them for influence with your customer base. Even your past customer base, you think you did a loan for them. You think they're your buddies for life, your relationship for life. And I'm here to tell you, you are absolutely wrong and delusional because if you don't maintain a relationship with them, they're gonna go somewhere else. In fact, a lot of them do. When I ask retail professionals, local pros about how often they cultivate their database, how much business comes from it. It's crickets. It's not gonna win in the long run my friends. So, let's talk about what you should say. That's why for me, you can see I'm passion about this stuff. I wake up every day and I breathe fire. Oh , my man, you should be on right now. In fact, Renee, check this out. I'm gonna try to bring you on right now. If you've got time, if you don't have time, if you have time, let me know. I'll bring you in and we can have this dialogue together. If you don't have time, don't worry about it. But dude, this is what I'm talking about right now. Let's go back and say, you're a local pro. Let's say you're in, in loans and Renee, I'm serious. If you wanna jump in and have this conversation, let's do it. Because you speak this language. I say this example all the time. How many of you have lived through the crisis or maybe you weren't in the mortgage space during the credit crisis, but you saw people get financially devastated by loans they shouldn't have gotten. Now, yes, you can argue that they sign the ten oh three, they knew that we were doing fine. But did they have a consultant on the other end being like, let me really talk to you about your choice right now. Let me really help you understand what's happening right now. You gotta dig into your why and understand why you're in this game. For example, let's just talk about content. Let's just do a content. This is by the way, if you're watching this and you wanna play this game, here we go. Are you ready? I coach loan officers on this all the time. They're like, well what content should I have? And I'm like, well, you should have a lot. And let's start here. Let's talk about first time home buyers. How many tips and tricks are there for first time home buyers? How many things about the mortgage process that you know, because you organically have been in this game for 30 years, but they have no clue about. Right. How much down payment, what FICO score do I need? What's the inspection. What's an appraiser. How do I pick a good realtor? What's the actual transaction process gonna be look like? How, how fast can I get my keys? What's a digital mortgage. What's a PIW. Can I get it. Well how do I manage COVID right now, once again, Do appraisers go into houses still? What about down payment assistance? Can I get any of that? Guys, that was like 15 pieces of content in like 17 seconds. There is never a problem with what to say. Do you feel me? How about I go to the veterans, pick a veteran and go, okay. So you're a vet. How do I use my VA benefit? Can I buy another house if I've already used my benefit on this house. Can I really do zero down? What are the closing costs? Do you feel me? How about renovation loans? What are those? How do I get them? How do they work? When did they close? Why don't people like them? How do I get my offer accepted? I can literally sit down with anybody, anybody, any of you any time and come up with 5 million pieces of content to talk about. I mean, think about this. Think about this. There's 52 weeks in a year, 52 weeks in a year. Can you come up with 52 two to three minute videos on the things I'm talking about across what you care about and why you're in this game? The answer is absolutely 1000% yes. Then you take that video. That two, three minute video. You film it. You put it on YouTube in a channel, you build a playlist around the topic. You share that on Monday. On Tuesday, you take the transcription of your video from rev. It costs $2. They give you your words back. You can upload it as captions, and then you can upload it as an article, clean it up a little bit. Because you speak differently than you write. And now you have an article coming out on Tuesday. I was talking to a loan officer. Just randomly, about how to reuse your content. And it's like, well, what if you just started filming these pieces of content? You put them out on a regular cadence and then every month you package them up in a nice, e-newsletter and sent them back to your past customers saying, here's the stuff I talked about last week. I know we close loans together like blah, blah, blah. But here's what's going on in social media. It's great to hang out with you. Can you see the power of this? There is no shortage of what to say, my friends. There never has been. You gotta go back and focus in on the facts and what I talked about at the very beginning. 80% of your people are not going to comment or like your stuff. They're just gonna let it come into their brain. Whether they watch the whole video or watch 30 seconds or just scroll right by. They're gonna be like, there's Alec again. You're doing it with my stuff all the time. Aren't you. So if... and I'm not smart, like if I can do this, you can clearly do this. So what do you say? All the things. All of the things, my friends. All of it. Because your message is so important. And I want you to win. It's like marketing. I mean, think about this because we're gonna talk about win next week. Because now you kinda know what, and I just told you like, well then, so I do it every single day and we're gonna get into that on part three, for sure. But for you, this week, my goal last week, my challenge for those of you was to start going through your book of business and through realtors and picking a number and connecting to those people and inviting them into Facebook, inviting them into LinkedIn and doing like five to 10 a week. And a lot of you guys threw out some numbers. I challenged you. How many are you gonna get this month? This is the month, September, where you're gonna make new habits. You're gonna do new stuff. How many... And I got people like a hundred, 200, 300. I'm like great, 300 new connections in a month, a hundred new connections in a month, 20 a week. New connections build new influence, new opportunity. Now you get to start talking to them and you need to start bringing... okay, so, I mean, I'm not gonna get too much into the win. But I gotta see a little bit of it. Can you repeat your content for the what? Yes, of course you can repeat your content. How many times can you talk about down payment assistance a million times. Do you know why? Because somebody is not gonna be like, holy crap, that one video you did on down payment assistance... You're gonna have to hit them in the face like 700 times. Do you see what happens commercials? How many times does the companies replaying the same commercial? Do you know why they're doing that? Because they understand that you get up and you go to the bathroom or you go get a drink or you're not, you're not gonna sit there and watch their whole commercial. Thank God Geico's on again. You don't do that. But after repetition, you start to build a brand identity and a connection to that thing in charge to decide if you like it or not. That's the game for you. I want you to show up and speak your truth, your wise, and be present in the digital community. Going back to my facts. 80% don't comment and don't like. They're just viewing it, right. You're insecure. So are they, it doesn't matter. You're important, this matters getting your message out matters, or you're not gonna make it in this business. And someone has to tell you, and that sucks, but you got to get it. And your authentic voice, even if scared, some of the best videos with the highest level of engagement are people who say things like this. Hey, it's Alec with loan Depot. This is really uncomfortable for me, but I got to put a video out because this matters to me and you need to hear it. Those videos always have the highest engagement because people come in and going like, whoa, this person's actually like being real and sharing with me. What's going on. You have all the gear you need here it is. Put a light in your face and go. But, but there are some hacks that can make sure your message gets heard more clearly. And if you want those, I've documented them all. It's absolutely free. Just talk to my Al bot or type in hashtag bypassed on Facebook and my little bot will come up and say, " Hey, do you want the tips and tricks?" You say yes. And then I give you exactly the camera angle, the lighting, the gear, the setup. How did it... If your message matters, make sure it can be heard. If your message matters, make sure that it can be heard. But trust me, you have enough with all this stuff right here. Okay. okay. My friends. So, here's your challenge for this week. Your challenge this week and I hope you're continuing it this week, is to every single day, have a commitment to going out and engaging with X number of people and inviting them into your Facebook, inviting them into your personal Facebook, inviting them into your LinkedIn five to 10 to 20 a week. Okay. You're still gonna do that. Here's your what challenge. You're gonna open up a Google Excel drive. In fact, I'm gonna show you mine live right now. I wanna show how sophisticated my thing is. Right. Because you know, my Google Excel drive is so sophisticated. I need you to see this. It's gonna blow your mind. Okay. Where is it? This is how funny this whole thing is, my friends. You do not need to have... this content ideas? You do not need to have. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Any type of sophistication. Okay, I'm gonna share my screen. Check this out. This is what I did. This is what I did for my hundred videos in a hundred days. This is what I'm doing in my... Oh, there it is! Oh my gosh! So fancy. Look how fancy that is. Look at that. Okay, I'll make it bigger. Yup. And so check this out. Here was my a hundred videos in a hundred days. Right? I shown this to you before. I did an intro. I had a blank one and that was a thing. I did a DriveTime one. I talked about video is king. Do a brand audit. Rent versus own technology. $10 million challenge. The future is influence. Hard work matters. My bobble head. Retail companies, they need to evolve. I was a receptionist. Influence. It's the long game. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, interviews. I just start typing. So here's my challenge. Open up a Google Excel doc and start to put down what topics for yourself. Okay. I want you to type in first time home buyer and start doing what topics they need to do. Down payment, FICO. Can I get a gift? What's about down payment assistance. I want you to do a VA one and put just topics. I want you to do an FHA one. Just topics. A rental, topics. Jumbo loan, topics. Investors, topics. Mine, Pam? Mine? Yeah. You can message me. I'll give you some stuff. But mine is not gonna match what yours needs to be. Because look, my topic right here, which is on haters, is probably not relevant to you trying to get a loan. Maybe, maybe it is. But like, call reluctance. I'm not getting engagement. These are all dialed in for, you can just look at it. These are all dialed in for me to deliver my hundred videos messaging. For you, I want you to see here. Look, look. Yeah. Yeah. I got... Look... Refinance topics. First time home buyers, VA, FHA, rental, investor stories. I want you to put like first time home buyer, about me videos. This is what I want you to do. Just type... Make a thing. First time home buyer. Don't worry about spelling who cares and just start typing in topics. And I wanna see if you can get to 15 topics. You feel me? That's what I want you to do. I'm sorry, not 15. 52. I want you to see if you can get to 52 topics over here. 52 topics. Okay. That's your challenge for week two for what do I say? I want you to get 52. My friends welcome to week two and I hope you continue to go out and connect to other people. Add them in, add them in. 52 topics is your goal this week. I know this is very tactical. I want it to be tactical. I want you to get stuff done. So I want you to put, then we're gonna go... When we go into week three on a win and we're gonna deploy a posting strategy, but this is the game. We're building. All right. Here's the recap. Week one, your job is to identify, connect and engage with 20 to 50... 20 people a week. Let's say 20, but you can do more. If you can. Are you still doing that? Please still do that. Every day wake up and go out and take five more people from your database. Find them on Facebook. Find them on LinkedIn, invite them in, say hi, connect, ask them how they're doing. Second thing for this week's challenge. By the end of the week, I want you to put on 52 topics into a Excel drive that you can talk about that you care about that matter to you. 52. okay. That's one a week, one video a week. Put it in here. And my friends, we'll be ready for week three. Week three of the digital influence series, Dig in, will be about when do I post on how much should I post? All right, we're gonna get there together guys. This is the journey. One week at a time. And this is how you build digital influence in the long game. All right, my friends, I will see you friends on the internets. Send me messages, DM's. I love talking to you guys. I hope you have a wonderful day. Go make that list. 52 topics. I'll see you next week.

Part 3 | WHEN and HOW much should I be posting? 

HERE WE GOOO! Part 3 coming at you. We went through the Where, Who, and What in parts 1 + 2. Now we're going to tap into WHEN and HOW much you should post. Your message is important and we are gonna dive into how to get it in front of everyone. 

Part 3 Transcribe

- What's up everybody?

Welcome to part three of the Dig In, Digital Influence series, man, we've been crushing through in September.

Now, as a recap, before we get into the when and how to post and all that fun stuff, and how often to post. We gotta go back and just do a quick little review. Beginning, let's just get some tunes going, get some energy. Beginning with part one, right? So in part one, we talked about where to start posting? Like Facebook, LinkedIn, kind of the big brands, and kind of like what their platforms are, and what's the voices are and where the people are. And you hear this joke from me all the time go where the people are. You want digital influence which means you want leads. You want opportunity. You want loans. You got to go hang out with the people are. And they're online. Next. We talked about what to do when you got there, right? And this is a very important conversation because it's not just about putting out videos and saying, posting if I see one more social survey post about your great Yelp review, I'm going to puke, like stop that. Like that's not the game, right? The game is identifying who you want to connect with past clients, realtors. Connecting with them, sending them a personal message, being like, "Hey, we did your loan a year ago. Can we hang out?" And then at the end of that, engage. Engage. Hang out like a normal person. It's a networking event, you don't just sit in the corner and yell about your Yelp review. You just talk to people. You ask them what they're into, what they're interested in all that fun stuff. This was the program we broke down in part one. And part two was the what? So a lot of you guys committed in part one of September to adding more people online and I've gotten some DMS from people who have added like 50, 60. One guy added a hundred new people to his digital network, his digital community, since the beginning of September. So if you've knocked through... what's up Pam? if you already are, if you're in the zone where you're adding like five to 10 people a week into your digital ecosystem, let me know, put it in the comments, let me know how many you've gotten so far this month, that's the game. You can't have an audience if you don't have a community. Your videos don't mean anything, if you're just tweeting out and your mom's retweeting. That doesn't work. And no one wants, she wants to hear about you. They want to hear about them. And that's the engaged part. In week two, if you guys still stuck with the challenge last week, it was the, what do I say? Part. I hope that I debunked a bunch of your like excuses that there's nothing to say. There's literally everything to say. There's so many things to say. And so I really want... Yes, Pam 40 new contacts. The next challenge in week two, last week, was to start on a Google drive doc or a Google Excel doc or whatever you want to do and start to put down topics, right? And we broke it down from first time home buyer and all the topics that are there. From investment property all the topics that are there, rental loans, FHA, VA. There's so many topics, but we really talked about, you have to be passionate about it. You have to have a purpose, you have to you have to be fired up to get your digital influence. And that's part of the game. So today, today we're going to talk about when and how much to post. Yeah, Carl. When and how much to post. This is the one that, so look, I'm not joking. If you spent any time at all doing the work I asked you to do last week then you probably have 50 plus pieces of content, topic ideas written down on an on a Google doc. That, I mean, that's incredible. If you've got 52, you have one video a week you can start talking about. This is unbelievable. Now, let's talk about frequency when and how much. Cause I get this excuse all the time. And the excuse is "I hate the people that post all the time. I just don't like it. It's annoying. And all they do is posting, and it's just garbage." What you hate, what you dislike about that person is their content message. Their why. You're seeing through it. You're seeing through to the core of what they're really trying to do. If it's all about them. If they're not passionate, if they're not exciting it doesn't matter how produced the content is. It really comes down to you're seeing in them, Something that you dislike Inauthenticity is another great word. But before we talk about how to how to really fire up your game and when and how I have to take you through this process. Who remembers prospecting realtors? Everybody. Everybody should be like, "I know what you're talking about." And here's the, how was, how did you do it? What was the game? Right? What was the game? If you wanted to lead from then, if you want, I like to call it an opportunity. If you want to be like an at bat with a customer, how'd you get that opportunity back in the day or even today when prospect...Oh, blurry. Even today, if you're prospecting realtors, how did you get how did you get the opportunity? Want to take a guess? I guarantee you didn't walk into an open house the first time you met an agent and was like, "Hey, I'm here. Thank God. Got any customers for me? Yeah. Just awesome. I'll take the customers" and just immediately, like got to lead. No, no, of course not. No you didn't. What did you do to earn an opportunity? Because see, I'm going to jump to, we're going to jump here. You need this, you need this. Don't you? From anybody, from a realtor, from a customer. You have to, you need trust. You feel me on this? My people, you need trust. You're not going to get any opportunity. You have no digital influence. If you don't have trust, no one's gonna call you and go like, "Can you do my loan or look at my situation or help my parents" unless you have this. But when you're going after a real estate professional, back in the glory days or even today, and you're saying, "Hey, give me a deal" and you don't have this. How do you build this? How do you build this? There's only one way I know. There's only one way I know. And it's through, not that don't jump ahead. It's through consistency. It's through consistency, people. It's through consistency. Yeah. Pam. Exactly. How do you build relationships with anybody? Consistency. Showing up again and again and again and again. I mean, I'll, I'll describe for you what my prospecting strategy was with agents. Thursday was broker preview. I'd go to broker preview. I had a list of the top 100 agents in my market. I'd go see all of them that were out that day. Normally I can get to eight. That was kind of my target. Cause I'd spend time on talked to them. Eight was my target. So Thursdays I'd go hit eight Fridays, I'll go hit eight. If it was the same agents, the same top ones, I'd go back to their, a new listing. Saturdays and Sundays open houses. The same. I go after my top agents, if they were out on open house, holding an open house, I'd go in there. And if there was a title rep sitting in the, in the open house I didn't care because I wanted that title rep to be like dude, "Alec is everywhere. He just keeps showing up. He's just here to build relationships." Every time. I don't care if I was puking. I put in a breath mint and run in there and say hi and let them know that I was working. I had them on a monthly drip. They all got, they all got things in the mail from me every month, telling my story, showing up. I used to hear all the time, "Alec, I see you everywhere." And I built relationships. Even agents that didn't necessarily connect to me or like me respected the hustle. And when I was written in on a deal or I got a deal coming through, they wouldn't kick me off it if they were like the listing agent They'd be like, "Ah, you know, I don't know. I don't, I don't for anybody. I like to Alec. I don't like him that much but man, that guy hustles, he works hard. I know he'll probably close this loan." Consistency. This is the game. Now I said all of this because here's the deal. Consistency builds trust. What can we learn from what all the organizations of the world and marketing are doing today? Look at TV commercials, digital ads, billboards, radios, banner ads, YouTube video, retargeting, et cetera. What's happening? They're punching you in the face with the same message, Aren't they? National commercials are reruns of the same commercial. Every single time you see that Geico commercial. It's the same one from the time before. And yes they change in seasons, but like they run a commercial over and over and over and over again to beat it into your brain because they know what, what do they know? What do these geniuses know that run all this stuff. Multimillion dollar industries, billion dollar industries. What do they know? They know that just because they put a commercial on during The Bachelor doesn't mean you got stoked and you sat there and watched it. They're creating head space. They're creating a brand image. They're coming into your brain. Billboards on the freeway. They're static images. I know there's digital ads now just digital billboards. just shut up. But like static images, just why? Cause they know you're going to drive by it every day. You know, you're going to see it every day. Do they think you're going to stare at it? No, they know that. You're driving, but they're planting it in your brain. And yet you're like, "well I can't make, I can't repeat my video that I did yesterday because it's, if I'm talking about first time home buying again like it's boring. It's the same thing." They didn't listen the first time. You have unlimited opportunity to repeat content. And I don't mean like replay the same video but I mean talk about the same things you're passionate about over and over and over again I made a joke in my A Hundred Videos in a Hundred Days. Like I wonder, if I could just like actually repeat a topic verbatim and see who noticed. Nobody. Nobody. Cause nobody sat down, except for some crazy people who. I love you, crazy people. Who watched all 100. I know this. I very much know this. What happened is you saw my face on the screen with a topic and you scrolled by or you listened for two seconds or you've maybe hit a like cause you're nice. And that was all you did. That was your engagement. Remember I talked about last time, 80% of the people who view your content don't get don't comment or like they just let it kind of come through. So when you come to the question of how often should I post, when should I post? I'm going to tell you all the time. Now your insecurity might be bubbling up and be like, I don't like people who post all the time. Well then your message sucks. And you're not passionate about it. Let me say that again for those in the back. If you don't want to post all the time, share your message, be on video, share your content, then your message sucks and you aren't passionate about it. Then go find something you're passionate about and do that. This is the game. Share what makes you turn... Look, my friends and, and, and Cassie, I got your question. I got you. I got you. I'm going to, I'm going to, I got your comment here. I'm going to get there. Look at this. This is the game. This is where you live now. Oh, is there a game? So if you live here now and then you just, you show up through people's feeds and you show up and you're hustling and you're excited and you have good energy and the videos on the lights so I can see your face and the camera's loud. Then you're winning. You're winning over time. How many of you right now would say Alec, I see you fricking everywhere. Can you just stop? Like I see you everywhere. And people block me and they mute me. Do you know why? Because I'm not their cup of tea. Let me say that in a different way. By the way, if this is resonating with you, let me know. Let me say it a different way. When I was at, when I was hyper prospecting and seeing an agent on on weekends, on Mondays, on Tuesdays and mailing them stuff and emailing them stuff and set, and now with social media. It weeds out naturally the people that you don't want to work with any way. Do you feel that? Like the ones that hate you will mute you and move on. You are going to self curate your audience but you have to keep growing it. You gotta go back to part one and never stop. Always grow your community. Always be engaging, always be sharing. And then when you light the world on fire with your content you get to play in the digital influence space. So the question I have for you that you need to answer when I talk about when and how much should I be posting: All the fricking time. And if you're like, I don't know what to post. Go back to the what? Go back, repeat your topics. I say this all the time but someone's going to hear it maybe now for the first time. Cause I get to repeat my content cause no one really listens in the first time, right? Like it has to hit them six or seven times. Picture in your brain that single mother, first time home buyer, never thought she could buy a home for her kid or kids. And you come in, you consult, you share, you show them down payment assistance options, and you get that person in their first home. Can you feel it? Make content about that. What about the disabled veteran that you can showcase and share a VA renovation loan as soon as VA gets off their back and lets us do those again. And, and you get to put a disabled veteran in a home and make it handicap accessible. Just feel that and make a video about that and do it every day. You're in this business to help people. I know it. I know it deep down. You're not transactional. You're not you're, you're here to actually make an impact with other humans. Make a video about that. And I know, when I say when and how. I'm huge on video because this is the way you make human connection or I'm just get in here, get into my space. Like this is how you make human connection these days. Yes, we can do it physically. Yes. We'll able to do it physically more as time and COVID release. But right now, we're here and this, this and this and you're proving it. Look at this. I have three agents that have sent me business that I have never physically met. They have only connected with me on Facebook. Now what? Imagine the power of this. When you can finally go hang out, that's the one, two punch. That's physical and the digital working together. That's the quick and Buster. That's how you beat everybody else as you play the big game on both places. So here's my challenge for you. If you're following part one of digital influence then you have set up a routine every week to continually add five to 10 new people into your digital audience, into your digital community every single week. This has now become a habit. This is now become what you do now. You're also spending some of your time on social media, being a human in this environment and talking to people, encouraging people, sharing stories, laughing, being a part of someone's life online. And if you're doing that and the next piece is you've got to spend time on what really wakes you up in the morning. What do you care about? Why are you here? And then film it, talk about it. Write about it, if that inspires you. Do blog posts about it. Do LinkedIn articles about it, but just get in the game with this stuff. I was talking to a loan officer and we were collaborating and works another company. And we were just kind of brainstorming and I've, I've met a lot of amazing people through me doing this stuff. And now I'm just, I'm loving it. I'm proving it to myself cause I'm doing it. And I'm seeing it and hanging out with people and I'm like "Hey, instead of a drip mailer, a crappy drip mailer, what if you get all your content moving one video a week? That's does not, not that hard. We can do one video a week, carve time, make it a priority. Cause this is what it is. It's sales marketing 2.0, welcome to the future. And let's say you did four videos a week. What if you just repackage those videos, took them off YouTube, scratched them up, put them in a newsletter, sent that out digitally to your customers, your past customers, instead of grandma's cookie recipe or the drip campaign from your company that sucks? Why don't you just do that? Share your personal stuff. Maybe they'll forward it on. Maybe there'll be a video you did our first time home buyers and down payment assistance and VA and you send that out and you're like, "Hey, here's my content this week. If it can help anybody forward it around, if it can help you call me, maybe, maybe it's now time for you to call me. Do you think all your past content...? Even if you were diligent and you added every single past customer and every single realtor into your Facebook account, right? All of them. Do you think that when you post a video on down payment assistance or a new product or something, you're excited about that every single of those people are going to see it. Of course not. Of course not. Of course not. So you can repackage it and email it to them later and say like, "Hey, you might've missed this. Here's some more stuff for you. Check it out. This is what I'm passionate about right now. This is what's cooking." This is the game, my friends. When should you post: all the time? How: you should use video. Leverage video. You have to. You have to, because I want them to see your beautiful face and I want them to connect with you emotionally. I want them to feel what you're feeling when you're passionate about helping people and saving people money. I mean, think about the family that you can take out of crippling credit card debt and reposition them and say I saw a family that saved $1,500 a month dumped all their credit cards. And their payment went up like 200 bucks. They were like, "You've, you've saved us. This debt was crippling. I never, I never thought I could get out from under it. And you did that." That's the jam. "But I'm busy, but it's hard. But I don't know. I don't like how I look and sound and, and, and" All your excuses are garbage. Like go back. Prospecting agents. Did you go meet them face to face? Yeah. Yeah, you did. There's nothing different. You had to walk in there and talk to them, you meet with the customers face to face. So yeah, I love it. Nothing's different. You're amazing. Get out in the space and post all the time. I'm a big fan of Lives. I'm a big fan. I'm live right now. Why am I big fan of Lives? Number one, you get like a, this is kind of like the low the low, the little reason is you get some, some help from the, from the platforms. LinkedIn is helping me right now cause I'm live. If you, if you saw it on LinkedIn, it like pop. You maybe saw a little notification. This is like, Alec is live. Like it's helping me get, get you to look at me. And also the biggest reason is I can't hide. My kids are right in my garage back there. I can hear them rustling around. If they decide to come in here and knock my green screen down and tackle me, it's going to happen. And you're all going to experience it. So you know that and that's part of what the magic of live. Like if I fumbled with what I say, I have to pause and resay something. I can't hide. I can't overproduce this. I can't hide. I think you should go live. Why? People love that crap. They love it. They love it. They want to see you mess up. Actually they just wanna engage with a real human. They want to see a real human. I think you should do produced content. I think you should absolutely make content intentional with a message and, and make it pretty and add music and do some overlays and do some stuff that gives you happiness. But it don't don't do it because don't not make videos because you're feeling like it has to be overproduced. Mikey, how much is too much? You'll never know how much is too much. And I would say if you're, if you're, if you're even asking that question then what you think you have to say you don't really think it matters. Like you're insecure about your message. I'm not saying you are Mikey but like, if you're like, "Oh, how much is too much?" You're not paying attention. Hang out with the people. You think your message sucks and you're insecure about it. That's that's another thing. But you have to remind yourself we talked about it in part two of like what to say. What burns inside here, that lights you on fire. It gives you a reason to show up every day. And sometimes you have to go find that. And Pam, this is a this is a tactical question, but there's like tools right? So I found a tool called stream yard. I'm using it right now. And it multistreams to a lot of different channels. I'm on Twitter right now. YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Facebook. I'm on my business page and my personal page. There's tools. And the fun part about this game is in digital influence or digital community building is as you step in, you get better and you find tips and tricks. You find tools, you ask people like, "how do I do that?" And people are like, "you do it like this." Or you use the magic of the Google. How do I do this? It's all right there. It just tells you. Let me recap. My friends and we'll kind of wrap down, dude. You guys have been rad today. This has been super fun. Thank you for joining me today. If you have a question, I'm happy to answer it. After I recap here. Part one, which is where do I play digitally? We started with Facebook and LinkedIn because they're the easiest platforms to understand the easiest language to understand. And when I make a connection to you and you accept, we are now connected on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram, Tiktok. I make, I make a connection to you. You don't, you're not going to see my stuff. We're not connected. It's a one way street. They have to find you and connect back to you. Different strategies there, but like, start on Facebook, baby and LinkedIn right? And then what do I do once I'm there? We talked about the I.C.E. strategy, identify, connect, and engage. Identify who do you want to have in your digital community. Past customers realtors, influencers, community builders, politicians, local restaurateurs, entrepreneurs around you, like all the people you want to do loans for right? Those people. And then set up a strategy to connect with a specific number every week. And then grow, grow, grow, grow, grow, and carve out time every week to actually be a human being on those platforms and say, hi. Think of it as a networking meeting. Go network. Let's say, how often should you be networking? It's like: All the freaking time. Go network all the time. Build relationships all the time. That was part one. If you missed it, it's on the website. Dig in. Part two. What do I say? And don't be weird. There's so much to say. There's so much to say it's crazy. There's literally unlimited topics and you get to repeat topics because not everyone just pauses. And it's like, Holy crap. You're live. Let me go watch this. They don't do that. They watch it on their time when it matters to them. And those of you carving time for me right now. I love you. There's literally unlimited topics to talk about. And yeah, Pam get help. Ask people, like you're not alone. Be like how, how, what, what should be good? Ask your friends and family. Ask past customers. Ask your realtors. What do they want to hear about? Ask, ask, ask, ask, go to Google and say what are the most common mortgage questions being asked in 2020? And then talk about those. Unlimited content. And then this part, part three, when and how: Often. Always. Video. Video. Lives. Articles. Lives. Videos. Talk. Get out and share a message that burns in here. You will self curate your audience. If you're posting every day, And someone's like, I hate Alex's face. Guess what they do. They stop hanging out with me. That's that's good. That's awesome. Would I rather have a bunch of people hanging out with me that don't see the world like I do and don't believe this stuff. And like, I try to lead with optimism and try to lead with enthusiasm. And someone's like, I don't like that. Okay. I'm not your cup of tea. Good. But for everyone that closes out and mutes or deletes or hides you because you post too much, if you're passionate and you believe what happens is you get you gain so much more, you gain so much more and you don't want that person to begin with. It's the same way with real estate professionals. When I was prospecting the same thing for you, the harder you prospect the more you meet, the more you build relationships the faster you come to the point of, I don't like this person or they don't like me and then I don't have to waste my time with them anymore. Neither do you. But you gotta be focused on the passion of your message. If you're like, "Oh, Alex like Gary V says to post 64 times a day across four or five major platforms" I'm like, "Whoa, 65 times a day across all these platforms? Like that seems crazy." It's only crazy. If you think what you say doesn't matter. And you're not like burning from the inside to share the stuff that you're passionate about. Then yeah. Then, then, then it's garbage, absolutely garbage. And there are people that are falling into that trap right now. And you're watching their stuff and you're like it's garbage. I hate it. It's garbage. That's because they're trying to do a script that somebody else told them to do. Yeah, Josh, I that's the thing. Right? Like they're they're operating off what someone said to do it. You have to post every single day. Okay. I'm posting. I'm posting. No, you idiot. No, that's not how it works. Post every day. Things that burn in your soul and, and is the reason you're in this business. Then people will reflect and see it and engage. They'll feel the heat coming off the video and they'll want to be involved. They'll want to know what's going on. But again, remember, remember, remember, remember 80% of the people who are going to get fed your content are going to see it and not like, and not engage. They're going to let it go. It's going to go right by them, which is perfectly acceptable. Remember, take a lesson, take a lesson from these trillions of dollars in this industry that has spent repeating content and pounding you with it because they know you're not going to just like see the commercial and be like, Oh yeah, I go, yeah, that stuck in my mind now. Take a lesson from the people that are professionals. All right, my friends. Last series is tomorrow. I mean, next week, Tuesday. We are going to go in to the final part of the dig in series. And we're going to talk about why do this at all? Now are arguably, some people could have said "Hey, why don't you start with, why do this at all? And then go into what and where and how and all that stuff." But no. We're going to do the why at the end. And we're going to kind of go through the whole process and launch, hopefully a lot of you out into a see actual strategy about this space. An actual thing you can do over and over again, to drive forward in this digital space because this is not going anywhere. This is where we are. And even as COVID opens back up and we become more, we can see each other and hug and all the fun things. Guess what's not going away. This box. It's not, it's not. It's where business is happening now. It's where relationships are building now. It's your opportunity to play big in this space and absolutely dominate it in the great, in the fun way. I'm blurry again. But that's what live is. Who cares if I'm blurry? who cares if the, if the thing doesn't work? Who cares? All that matters is that you heard me today, which means when you put out this message and your message, and you're talking to people, someone's going to hear you too. Have a great day everybody. See you on the internet.

Part 4 | WHY build Digital Influence? 

We're closing out this 4 part series with the WHY. WE went through WHERE, WHAT, WHEN and HOW. They WHY is the most important part of this equation. Come join me as we recap the first three parts of the series and hit it home with the importance of WHY. 

Part 4 Transcribe

- What's up, everybody. Welcome to the final installment of our Dig In Digital Influence Series here in September.

Man, it's been a really cool journey with you guys.

If you've been a part of it and you're watching right now, throw up a comment that you've been digging in September, I'd love to hear it. And if you're watching this in the future, you have with #bypassed. Brings joy to my life to know you carved a small part of your today out to hang out with me. So thank you. Man, this should be fun today. We're gonna get through the core. Like why did we do all this stuff? I'm gonna take you on the path of what, when, where, how, and then just really just land here, land here. And people just think I should start with this, why? But it's on you. We're gonna end with it because I know some of you already get it. And it's just a fun conversation to have and a fun place to be. So thank you for hanging out with me today. Join the text community. Lots of fun happen there. I promise not to blow you up with stupid, annoying things. Let's talk about it. Let's talk about why we're here and what's going on. This is the conversation. So why did we focus on this? Why did we focus on digital influence in September? What's going on? Why is this important? Why is it important to show up on the internet and play this game? The old method of doing business is extremely viable. Realtors matter, their influence matters from them. Your referrals matter, why play in social media? Why play in digital? Why play on video? And we're gonna have to talk it through and start from the basics. This is something nobody should be surprised with. But when you want information or a service or a product or education, where do you start? I mean, look at yourself personally, right? 'Cause you're the consumer. You're the perfect person to start with. Where do you start? You start on your phone, I guarantee it. Or on a computer 'cause you're sitting there and working all day and that's where you start. So you search for things. This is the foundation of digital influence. Is when you want something, you start searching for it on the internet. In fact, we've become such a ratings generation. How many of you as mortgage professionals are so proud of your ratings? I know that you are because I see you sharing your ratings every five seconds about your latest Yelp review, your latest 300 Zillow review and all the things. Like we've become a society that looks at the digital ecosystem or digital world for validation and for ratings. Are you a Yelper like comment, like Yelp, if you Yelp all the time. My wife does, she's like the biggest Yelper ever. She's like a professional helper. And she doesn't actually leave reviews. She just looks for other people's commentaries. Is that kind of weird? Like I feel like you should leave reviews. But this is a real thing, right? So today this stuff matters. We look things up online and we make decisions. In fact, in the old days, we used to ask people for their viewpoint. We used to be like, "Hey, how do you do this?" Or "Why do you do this and who do you know that does this?" We used to ask people. That today is secondary. Check this out, you're gonna love this slide. I pulled it off the Internet. How screen time is spent ranked by average minutes per day, boomers and millennials. Facebook, almost spending 70 minutes a day. An hour. How long are you on Facebook for? Look, Instagram, four hours a day. Texting and mail, phone, messenger, internet, podcasts. Snap, music, Twitter, YouTube. My friends, how many of you guys feel anxiety when this comes up? Like be honest. In fact, if you think you can beat the record, if you think you can beat me, 'cause I have a serious problem on this. If you think you can beat me in your screen time, this is not my actual screen time. This is Bush league. This is rookie numbers. You gotta get those numbers up. Comment your numbers if you can handle it. Has it gone up in COVID? Has it gone up historically since you've owned the device? Where is the trend line here? And it's obvious it's going up into my green screen. By the way, I'm fully in the green screen room now 'cause I'm a sales rally and it's odd. I'll take it off at the end and show you where the chaos of this room that I'm in. Like my garage is now literally this green box behind me. It's hysterical. But look, how much screen time? Okay, I'm gonna show you mine right now. I'm gonna do it, I don't care. You can't embarrass me if I embarrass myself. Woo, daily average and I don't know if it'll show. Nine. It's inverted. That's a nine, ladies and gentlemen. That's somebody who's got issues. You're welcome. So if you're beating me, let me know in a comment. 'Cause that's hard to do. Like congratulations, I'm impressed. But this is real. This is real. This is not going the other direction. Even if you think that it's unhealthy and you're trying to put guidelines on it, like I only let my kids have 30 minutes of screen time a day. They turn it into little toxic trolls if they get more. Doesn't matter what you think or what health... It's happening. Like it's happening. Especially in COVID, how many parents have been like, "Screw it, just play Fortnite. At least you can talk to your friends. Just go, just go, go." It's happening. So if it's a trend and it's happening and now all of the people are here, right? If everyone's here right now, what does that mean? It means human behavior is dictating a change in how we needed to respond. And now it's really laying the why of this conversation my friends, right here. This is it. This is a sales funnel. This is a sales funnel and a six hours pan. Yeah, up 25, of course. Of course it's up. 'Cause we're stuck in COVID land still, so yeah. Checks out. Well, this is a sales funnel. I'm gonna go real old school on you guys right now. For those of you that don't know, but the multiple listing services was private. It was private, you couldn't access it, okay? In 2003 and 2004, my first years in the business, I had a Nokia brick phone with snake on it and thank God for MapQuest. Then I didn't have to have a Thomas guide in my back of my car. I would print out on MapQuest all of the open houses that were open on a Thursday for broker preview. One house to the next. One page would take me to one house and I put it at the bottom, and the next page take me to the next house. And I would drive around to find these houses. And the only reason I knew they were open was because I was a member of the board of realtors in my city. And they would give me the pink sheet in the morning. I'd have to go by the realtor board in the morning and get the sheet. Later, it actually got online, I could just download the sheet. This is real talk. This has set the habits of my entire generation of 90% of my salesforce have been trained in this way because of how the world worked. No, no . Did you sleep? That's amazing. You have to understand that what was available set the habits of the entire sales training playbook because the multiple listing services was private and if you wanted to access it, you had to talk to a realtor. That meant the top of the sales cycle. This part right here was talk to a realtor. If were a home buyer and you want to buy a home, where did you go? You talked to a realtor. Why? 'Cause you didn't know what houses were for sale. You don't know what was coming for sale, you had no idea. In fact, it was tribal knowledge. It was verbal knowledge, audio knowledge being passed down. I'd go to these events and realtor would say, "I have a listing coming on this street," to the other realtors at the caravan. But it wasn't on the internet. It was being passed down by oral tradition. Like I'm not joking, this is how this is set. But this set, the sales strategies of everyone in the mortgage industry, all the coaches you see that are 50 plus years old, this is how they learned the business. This is their tribal knowledge. Was this kind of stuff because of how information was contained. So the top of the sales cycle right here was the real estate professional, because you could not find houses. You can open up the newspaper on a Saturday and look for open houses, like real talk. So we built an industry off it. We built coaching sessions off it. We built everything off of this. And it was purely a relationship game. You find realtors, they like you, they send you their clients. How did they get clients back in the day? They door-knocked, they farmed, they sent mailers. They walked the streets, like this was... Okay, thank you, thank you. That was freaking me out. They didn't have Zillow, they didn't have lead aggregators. So they actually hurt. They walked the streets. They door-knocked. They drop mail every month. They still had a specific farm, which was the only place that they mastered that area. So they could be like, "I know every house in this community." It's how it worked. But what's happened since 2003 and 20 years, 17 years what's happened? All of the information, the world has become public. Lead aggregators have popped up and started intercepting the customer at higher levels and the realtor was he able to? Forcing realtors to evolve. How many realtor professionals do you know today? They don't door-knock, they don't work the streets. What they do is, they buy leads at scale. They feed them through a dialer system from ISA, which is the new word for dialers, in the Philippines, whose whole goal is to carve through these leads, to set appointments for listings. It looks radically different than how they got business in the past. Now, by the way, it's a blend, okay? For sure. You have some realtors on the hyper scale that are just pure Zillow-lead by people and grinding through dealers from the Philippines. And you got people that are old school with relationships and door-knock and do all that stuff. And you have everything in between. Everything in between. I'm not being super aggressive, like that's all they turned into. They've changed because the consumer behavior has changed because now there's more paths to home ownership. There's more information that's public. We've already established that every one in the world is basically staring at their phone on digital and social media. Now, if you think that they're not at that degree and you live in a place where they're not, and you're like, "Oh, I don't agree," then just look at the trend lines and look at where it's going. It may not be there this second, but look at where it's going. There's ample, ample evidence, overwhelming evidence that the majority of home buyers today are going online to start their process. And how do you know this? Because the number one lender in the country has no local professionals. They're just a digital marketing agency, effectively. Yeah. It's overwhelmingly obvious what's happening here. So if the realtor was the top of the scale, and now it's this thing called the internet, now it's this thing called social media, now it's this thing called websites, then how do you play? Because if you just sit around and continue to do what you've always done, the problem is that you're gonna get less and less results. Now, stay with me here 'cause this is where people get lost sidetracked. They always think I'm crapping on real estate professionals. I'm not crapping on real estate professionals. Their influence to push a customer to you is extremely powerful. If they built an intense amount of rapport and trust with a customer and they say, "Call Alec Hanson," man, that means the world. Some of the best realtors in the world have that level of influence with their customers. So let's put those realtors over here, right? These guys have massive amounts of influence. And when they say jump, the customer says, "How high?" And they call that loan officer. And then they just slide the spectrum of realtor influence over all the way to this side. Let's just slide the spectrum. I'm telling you, and you know I'm right, that there's a spectrum. There realtors that control the entire transaction, that their influence is massive and important, and then the realtors over here that's like, "I don't really care where you get a loan. I don't even refer anymore." You know this. One officer all the time went like, "Oh, my realtors are so powerful, they would never accept a quick an offer." And then I pull the data and they'd accepted four quick offers this year and I'm like, what are? And you go to the realtor and they're like, "Oh, I just didn't wanna mess up the transaction." I understand, by the way. I'm not judging you. I'm just stating the fact. Some realtors control the whole show because their influence is so massive and some are just like, "I just wanna tilt close, I don't care where you get the loan." And then there's everything in between. And so if that's our reality, we understand it to be true and we believe it, then we understand, "Hey, wait a minute, there's now multiple paths to the consumer because the consumer is getting awareness and I have an opportunity to attract them at a different level way up here." This is the power of digital influence. When you have it at the top of the sales cycle, right up here, you can attract and build awareness at scale. One video can reach 1,000 people. You can start converting them with your authenticity. Meaning you start building rapport and trust. The word convert is such like a 90s, 80s term, it's kinda crappy that it's even on this little thing I ripped off the internet. But you can understand, right? Like converting really is just building consistency and building trust with somebody. And then you're so easy to engage 'cause they've already been engaging with your content. 80% watch your content and don't actually comment, but that doesn't mean they're not engaging mentally with you. This is massive unparalleled opportunity. I don't care if you're mortgage banking or you sell hardware parts. I don't care, it's the same thing. But in mortgage banking, we've been shipped, we've been so trained. If you watched Duncan's Sales Mastery thing, you can see the people there that see this and you can see the people there that don't. They'll knock on Todd, top it on one of the best events I've ever seen digitally. But you can tell, you can look at loan officers and you can tell who gets this and who doesn't. If someone's like, "Go deeper with realtors and be more deep with realtors," I'm like, "What are you?" Yes and no. Both. That's not going to save you. Your personal relationship with a realtor is not gonna save your business. You're not in control of it. This is how you get in control. This is why we started talking about digital influence in the beginning of September. This is why we laid out the what, where, when and how. And this is the why. Let me unpack it. By the way, thank you guys were hanging out. There's a bunch of you guys online now, it's super awesome. When we talked about the when, we talked about the where first. And the where was simple. Where are the people? Where are the people? And I went right back. Look at this, I'm gonna go right back to here. Where are the people? They're right here. Now, I don't know why this doesn't have a LinkedIn on it 'cause LinkedIn is massive. But I told everybody Facebook and LinkedIn are the easiest platforms to start on. And what did I tell you? What'd I tell you on how to start? It wasn't about making videos and putting out your own message. It had nothing to do with that. It had to do with building a digital community, do you remember? If you don't remember, go back and watch part one. It was literally about doing the ICE program. Identifying, connecting, and engaging with customers and potential referral partners every single day. Being part of the conversation digitally, being in the conversation. This is awesome. My son and daughter in-law are 24, I went and friend requested all their friends. I want them to remember that Jonathan Haley's mom is the loan lady when they start buying. Absolutely, this is about building connection. This is about building up visibility at the core of it. And so if you start in the where, it's Facebook and LinkedIn, and then you go to Instagram, that's fine. That's where tons of people are. But you remember, they have to follow you back. Or else, you're just following people and they're not following you back and your message is not getting heard. But all of a sudden, if you go out and you'd make five to 10 to 20 requests a week to people to connect in with you, this thing snowballs. The average loan officer in retail has 2000 past customers in their database. 2000, why aren't all of those people friends with you on Facebook? This is insane. I get mad, I shake the camera. I know. Whatever, don't judge me. Once you understand where, and you start building digital community and you should actually talking to them, instead of just yelling about your Yelp reviews that no one cares about, then you have the opportunity to start to talk. We went through that in part two, which is what do I say? And you gotta get on fire on this. You gotta tap into your why, you gotta find out what makes you passionate and what gets you up in the morning. Because as soon as you do, now you know what to say. And then we talked about how often to say it. And the answer is all the time, as often as possible, just talk all the time. Not because I told you to, but because you care and you're passionate about it. If you're doing it as a chore, you will fail, people will hate you, 'cause all they do is post all the time. But if you do it with authentic passion, 'cause you're stoked about your message and you wanna help people and serve people and you're just on fire, man, talk all the time. And the last part is why? Why? Because the consumers change. You've changed, you've changed. I didn't change, you've changed. You know how I know you changed? Because the world's changing and you're part of it. I know you changed because you're looking at your phone for nine hours a day. I know you've changed because your friend requesting your kids' friends to get some influence out there. I know you've changed because look at the world has changed. And it's your opportunity. It's your opportunity. This is like the gold rush. I feel like I'm the guy saying there's gold out West. I feel like I'm the guy being like, "Get on the wagon, we're going West." And people were like, "Why?" "Because there's gold out there." And they're like, "You're crazy, it's safe here." And I'm like, "It's not safe, it's boring and you're losing." Out there in this digital space, on the camera, this is the crazy, this is the wild West, and this is where the opportunity lies right now because everybody is clamoring for this space, you just don't see it. The big brands are doing it in massive ways, and what are they doing? They're telling the world that your concentrated value is irrelevant. That's what you're telling them. They're Amazoning the loan professional. And what do I mean by that? Amazon said, "You don't need the local hardware store. You don't need the local bookstore. I got everything you need here." You used to go into a bookstore and used to talk to the book store owner and be like, "I like this style of book. I just finished this, what should I read next?" And those people knew. They knew everything about their store, didn't they? They knew all the books, They knew all classifications, all the places to look, they go pull that book out for you and go, "This is the next one for you." Today, we look at reviews and comments by people we don't even know. And we make our decisions that way. When you look at the future of digital influence for the mortgage professional, don't let them take away your concentrated value. They're trying. You don't have to let them. The way you don't let them, if you show up in big ways on the internet in front of your friends and family and coworkers and past customers and realtors and influencers and business owners, you show up in big ways digitally where they are, is you're building trust and relationship. And you start educating people that there's a reason to talk to a sales professional. Don't go self-educate and pick a loan. That's like going to WebMD. You're gonna walk out thinking you got all sorts of weird cancers. Don't do that. Go talk to the actual doctor who will tell you what's going on. Who will prescribe for you the right solution. That's what digital influence is about. That's what this game's about. I think you need to play. I think you need to play big. And I think when you start showing up with your authentic voice and your own passion, no matter what you think you look like or sound like, you're gonna be shocked there's gold in those hills. This is the future. There's no going back. Look at the technology. More and more knowledge is gonna continue to be released into the world via phones and internet, more and more knowledge and information, more and more power for the consumer to make their own decision. Why would you let anybody else control your message, your position, your authority, your advice, your concentrated value? Why would you let anybody else control that? Show it off. Show it off for everyone to see. When you play that game, destiny is in your own hands. There's nothing to be afraid of. This is a stupid virtual world. Look at this. Watch this. This is my world right now. This is my world. Just a bunch of green screens stapled to the ceiling with this stupid staple gun . None of this matters. None of this crap matters. Put your phone on and walk around in the street and talk about the houses that you used to live in and why you're passionate about your job and helping people. Screw the stupid mics and the flashy lights. Just hang out with people. That's what makes the impact. Go hang out with people. Go share your message, what you're passionate about. Turn on the freaking camera, show the world your face. Because you are so much more important than a generic brand that no one can connect with. The mortgage industry and the value you bring is not in a transaction. It's in an experience through your knowledge, through your skill. It's time to show that off. Thanks for digging in with me this September, my friends. This has been fun. If you missed one, two and three, go back and watch it. It's on my website, enjoy it, check it out, start building best practices around it, habits around it. This world's not going away. It's time for you to show up in a big, big way. See you guys.

RECAP | Let's Review all the Parts

FRIENDS! We ended the my 4-part DIG IN - Digital Influence series. I want to hit it home with you all and do a recap of all the parts. This message is too important to me to not drive the point even further. Come join me for the recap edition! 

Recap Transcribe

- What's up everybody, happy Tuesday.

Welcome to another LiveTime with Alec.

Where we're going to dig in and recap all the really cool stuff we got done in September.

My friends, let's bring that music down a little bit. Man the month's over, the year's over like what's happening? What is happening with our lives right now? Like I cannot believe that the world is spinning this fast. My kids went back to school today at least my daughter does. Her brother goes back at the end of the week. Anyway, we spent all September on a concept of digital influence and I made a stupid, terrible pun called Dig In. And a lot of you hung out with me and then it was a life-changing journey for a lot of people. That's my hope because you see the things you used to do to be successful are not gonna help you be successful in the future. And it's super evident but let's just kinda go through the recap. Let's talk about what we did. Let's talk about what the challenges were. Let's talk about what the opportunity was. Let's talk about what I called you all to do. And let's just kinda break down the entire campaign for the month of September. First, let's talk about why. Now we ended on why last week. What's up guys. If you're watching right now, love it. And if you're watching in the future hit me up with a #bypassed or a #digin. It makes me happy to know that you've carved a little bit out of your day to hang out and listen to my crazy antics. But let's talk about it. Let's talk about why. Why did we do this series? Number one, I'm a big fan of not just being like motivational like I'll get excited, like make videos but also being like, well let me tell you how or let me give you like the tactics so you can go execute on this if you think it's a good idea. And so we started with... We ended with the why but I'm gonna start with it now. And this is my favorite example of this. How many of you guys have seen this before? This Netflix versus Blockbuster? I mean, it's like... I feel like it's an iconic moment in like our history. Our evolution as consumers is like this moment. It's so defining to me and let me... And by the way, a lot of people right now are like feeling nostalgic when I put the Blockbuster logo up. Like for sure and if that's you let... Like give me a comment, let me know that you'd like Oh, like, right, like this was kind of a thing. And like, you go out Friday nights and you take the family and get the new movie and you get "Total Recall" or "Armageddon" and you get the popcorn and the kids get a video game or whatever it was. Like, this was a thing. It was a thing to do. It was a cultural, like iconic place in our memories. And if you're a millennial, you're like I don't know what that is. But then like what happened? What happened to it? There's a great book called "That Will Never Work." Mark Randolph wrote it. Who was actually the first CEO of Netflix. And you can hear their story in his own words If you're an audiobook guy, download it. 'Cause then you could listen to him, tell his own story. I think it's always fascinating. What happened? You see, here's what happened in my opinion. Now there's lots of other viewpoints on this but I think this is indicative of the experience we're today facing today as local mortgage professionals. I think we can learn a lot from this situation right here. So what happened? Well Netflix in the '90s got you to put your credit card into the internet. Ooh. That was like a big deal right? Like now your credit card's everywhere. So maybe you're like, I don't get what you're saying Alec. I don't understand. In the '90s, that was like AOL. Like you didn't put your credit card into the internet. It was not safe, it was no good. Don't do that now, by the way your credit card's everywhere, you don't even care. You just fling out your credit card every which direction. So okay they got that. What else did they get? What else did Netflix get from you? They got your data. Meaning you gave them a queue of movies you wanted to see. So when you gave them that, they now had information on you, right? And then they would mail you DVDs and they be scratched. And it's fine but you know, the whole thing was... That was the thing and you'd return 'em. But then you got to keep 'em forever, right? But in the beginning what you forget. 'Cause we all forget. Our memories are so short. There was late fees in Netflix in the beginning. They basically copied Blockbuster's model except they just kinda shipped you the DVD. So instead of having the instant gratification of walking in the store and getting it, they shipped it to you and... But even then people signed up. And then they had this aha moment where they basically hit on all cylinders. They took away late fees. They said, you can keep the DVD as long as you want. And they made shipping free or something like that. I can't remember all the things but they push out all this stuff and... But what happened? Like, okay, got it, what happened? How did Blockbuster gets so destroyed? Blockbuster had tons of money. Blockbuster had tons of brand recognition. They had stores in local markets kinda like you, the local mortgage pro in your office that you used to have. pre-code what you still have you just can't go to it or whatever. Right? COVID whatever. Blockbuster looks a lot like local retail mortgage companies, doesn't it? Then what happened to Netflix? How did they win? And people don't get this, but it's important that you understand it 'cause it's gonna frame the entire conversation of digital influence and why it matters. Streaming technology arrived and not just the technology to stream, but the infrastructure that could allow bandwidth pushes to houses arrived. What's up everybody, a bunch of people just joined in. Good to see you guys. By the way, let me know where you're watching from. I never... If you don't comment, I can't hang out with you, but I like to see it. So streaming technology arrived but so did the technology to push the bandwidth down to local houses, so you could actually stream at your house. You didn't have to download for 17 days. Which if you're like the Napster friends, you understand what I'm talking about like, I lived that life. So technology arrived. Now that same technology arrived with Blockbuster. Everyone had streaming technology, it came. So what did Blockbuster do? They started a streaming network, didn't they? And what happened? It was too late. I mean do you even know that Blockbuster had a streaming option on their website? It was too late. You see the dominoes were lining up. You put your credit card online, you got more comfortable with that. You got in a queue, you got the DVDs by mail. You got the... They got your data, what movies we wanted to see. And all of a sudden, as all those dominoes lined up, streaming technology entered, and it was over for Blockbuster. But what does that mean for digital influence? Why is this important? Why does it matter to you when you have loans falling from the sky, smacking you in the face all day right now? Because if you're not paying attention and you're just buried in a mountain of loans and refinances unless your retiring at the end of this little trout run, you gotta pay attention to what's going on. The mega players are positioning to try to take your customers. And they're doing that because they're paying attention. You see Netflix was lined up and when streaming technology landed, it was over. The dominoes just toppled Blockbuster couldn't catch up no matter what. So who has the attention of your customers and your potential customers now? Who is building goodwill and brand recognition? with your customers and your referral partners right now? Let me give you a great example. Quicken Rocket. They're an astoundingly powerful, strong company. In fact, they want you to think that. They went public and you're seeing all the numbers and you're like, wow, they're worth so much. How does that influence a customer? How does that influence a realtor's decision making when the customer walks in with a quick and pre preapproval now? Well man, they're public, they're powerful, they're big, they're successful, they're competent. Maybe they're gonna accept that prequel now. When before they would push back on the customer. You see the war is really a war of awareness. It's a war of brand recognition. That's the game. And that's where marketing has to get flipped on your switch a little bit to go, yes, I need to continue to build tons of influence and brand with my realtor partners of course. But what about the consumer? What about this digital influence space? Where's there other war being fought? I'll show you. Being fought right there. It's being fought right there. That's the war. How many of you guys think you can beat me on screen time? You can't. I have a problem. But this is where the war is being fought today. And if you're so busy staring at loans and not focusing on where the future battle is being fought, and developing musculature, and talent, and scale in a whole new dimension, then you are going to lose. In another way, you're just gonna have to go work for a company that can provide you the influence. Okay, that's not terrible. That's just, but you're not gonna be able to do what you do today to the same degree and the same level of success, because you will not have played the right game. Look at this, another great chart you're gonna love. Where's everyone's spending their time Facebook weird. And so in chapter one, when we talked about in Dig In, in where do I start? Flipping back here a couple things. Where do you start? You start where the people are, my friends. And where are they? Online, on the phones, online, right here. So where do you need to start? A 14 year old likes the challenge of screen time. Anytime. I'll pull it up right now. We can go. We can have a battle, I'm fine with that, I have no shame. Daily average, eight hours, 57 minutes. Whoa, nine hours, six minutes. It's inverted, you're fine. You can do the math, you can see it there, nine hours, six minutes. You're welcome. I don't know, It's a problem. Okay so, this is where the humans are. Now the LinkedIn isn't on here, because this was probably done by millennials who don't understand what LinkedIn is but this is where it goes. So when I started off, where do I start? You start where the people are and you start on Facebook and LinkedIn period. Start there, that's again one, but what about Instagram? I'll explain why you don't wanna start on Instagram yet. If you're brand new to this place or if you're not getting consistent leads and influence out of these platforms, go there right now and start. And here is literally how you start, I.C.E. I.C.E all day. My whole point in the Dig In, in where do I start was this? This was like the whole landing platform. This is what you have to do to start. Number one, you have to identify who you wanna connect with on LinkedIn and Facebook. And really quickly the reason you wanna pick those platforms is because if I go out, and I go to Josh Leary, right here and I'm like, "Hey Josh, let's connect on LinkedIn." And I send him a message and he says, "Yes," then we're both connected. I see his stuff, he sees my stuff. Same with Facebook via personal profile, I go to Josh, I'm like, "What's up Josh?" And he's like, "What's up weirdo" and I'm like, you wanna hang out on Facebook? And he's like, "Yeah." And we become friends, then he sees my stuff, I see his stuff. I'm not even getting into business Facebook, business pages and the ads or any of that stuff. Just connect to human beings. So identify who do you wanna be connected to? I'll tell you right now, it's all your pass customers, all your community relationships that you physically have in reality, all the real estate professionals in your market. You know, the average retail mortgage professional has 1,000 to 2,000 pass customers in their database. And I look at their Facebook and they have 100 friends. I go make the... Go to 2,000. So here's the best practice. Here's the habit every single day or every single week, pick a target and go find 5 to 10, to 20 names from your database. From the real... You can pull realtor data, can't you? Yeah, you can pull all the realtors. You have this big bucket of people so just... You've identified them. Now spend 5 to 10 minutes a day or a week, whatever you can do to, "market and prospect by connecting with them," increasing your digital community. And then that... So that's a daily thing. While you're getting your coffee, connect to 10 people, connect to 20 people, of the people you want to be connected with not randos, but the people that you wanna be connected with, you wanna build influence with, you wanna market to. And then the last thing, the E is engage. So part one of where do I start is Identify, Connect, and Engage. And when I say engage like comment, don't just drop likes everywhere. Like weee, you get a like, just, but like, hey, this is... Like when you see them post something about their life, their business, their success, a challenge, get in the mix and say, "Hi." Think of it like going to a networking event every day. So yes, they know you, you do business. I get it, but you also network and you talk to people, you don't stand in the corner. And don't do this on social media. Don't start doing I, C and E and then all you do on social media is post your stupid Yelp reviews. Like I don't care that you have 200 Zillow reviews. No one cares. That's just a humblebrag. It's like going to a networking party and be like, "Hey, what's up I'm Alec, I have 200 Yelp reviews." You freaking weirdo. Like don't act like that in the internet space. But be a good listener, be actively engaged, be commenting, be part of their lives. This is how you start. And it's like prospecting. Let me translate it to working out and prospecting realtors. 'Cause we all know that, right? So what was the handbook? What was the game? You'd go out on... For me, it was Thursdays and Fridays and I'd go to broker preview, and I'd go to the caravan, and I get the list of all the open houses, and I'd go to the agents that I wanted to see, and I'd go introduce myself and say, "Hi" ask them how their day is, I would network. That's the E part, I wouldn't go in there and be like, "Why haven't you give me a loan yet or a lead, why?" No, of course not. It's awkward. But yet we do it online. Instead, just go up to people and be part of their communities, see how you're doing... Work the streets, digital streets. And this was really the, where do I start? And so nothing in this has to do with your Yelp reviews or any videos or any messaging from you, anything, nothing yet. 'Cause you have to remember, the online community, just like the real life community, is a two-way street. I talk to you, I ask you questions I'm curious about your life, I'm engaged. And then I can share what's going on with my business and my life. And guess what? You're gonna reciprocate because we have a relationship. If I just sit online and go, "My Yelp views are amazing, I'm the best mortgage guy in the world, I close on time, super fast at best customer service." Shut up. Do you all have those people online that you hate, who posts all the time and they drive you nuts, why? 'Cause it's probably in this vain of, I have great Yelp reviews, and great customer service, and great close on time, and look at my next thing, and look at social survey, and look at me. And that's probably why you hate them. So don't do that. The second part of the second week, we jumped into, what do I say? And this is hysterical 'cause now after you're engaging, now it's like, it's your turn now. So that's like, you got into a networking party. You're talking to people, you're meeting everybody. You're shaking hands, they collect these cards. All the old school stuff and then somebody's like, "Well Alec, what do you do?" Now it's your turn. So what do you say? This is where everyone freaks out and panics because now, I'm wearing the same shirt as this guy. That's good. I only have like two shirts. Now everyone freaks out and panics. Oh no, no, no I can't. I, what do I say? What do you mean what do I say? Turn the camera on and say something. Oh no. Oh my God, the camera. Like I know it's a new skill, it's uncomfortable. Yeah, yeah, I'm not gonna do that. Well, but do you wanna win, do you want digital influence, do you wanna build a community? Yeah, but I don't wanna do the counter. Like you gotta... You can't stunt double your life. You have friends, they see you. They know what you look like. Some of you are married. Guess what? Your spouse, they know what you look like and they still married your ass. So like, whatever you're afraid of is just a lie. Just this thing is not gonna expose you. You're not gonna say something dumb 'cause you're not... You're a competent and wonderful human. You're gonna say cool stuff. Trust me, just turn the camera on, start talking. I did a national sales rally last week with all my team and an impromptu moment of gratitude hit me. And I had everybody who was willing, of the 600 people on the call to hit the Live button on their Facebook app and go live and, share gratitude for one minute. Just thank somebody, do something. And it was crazy 'cause a bunch of people did it and they were like, "I didn't die." And then I go back and look at all the people's comments that like engage with it and it was just all love dude. It was just spreading love. I'm like, this is what it's about, this is the game. So what did you say? How about some of this stuff guys? Oh my overlay crushed it. I can't see it. Look at this. How about some of this stuff? Okay. How about some of this stuff? There are so many questions that your customers have that you know the answer to. How about you talk about this stuff? How about you talk about the reason you're in the game? How about you be an educator? How about you be a therapist? How about you help people? 'Cause that's what you do for a living. So for example, I know it cut off first time home buyer, but can you do 10 videos that tips and tricks for first time home buyers? For sure, for sure. There are so many questions. First time home buyers have, can you do 10 videos? What's an inspection? What's an appraisal? What are my fees? How much down do I need? What's my FICO score? Can I get a gift? What about down payment assistance? On, and on, and on. Can you make 10 videos about first time home buyers? Can you make 10 videos about FHA loans? What are they? Are they bad? Do they take longer than other loans? What kind of insurance am I gonna pay for a low down payment option? Are they more flexible in guidelines than other loans? Why should I consider this? Can you make 10 videos there? Can you make 10 videos about VA loans and how you use my VA benefit? And can I reuse it a second time? And what is it really? Can you get a 100% financing? And is there really a VA renovation loan? And then you can run into renovation loans two or three K's how do they work? Is it really one close? Is it multiple closes? Do they take a lot longer? Can I get an offer accepted with a two or three K loan? Like is it? How about COVID issues? How are appraisers doing their jobs right now? What if I wanna see houses? How you... Can you close loans in COVID? What if I got a forbearance? Would I just pay out the forbearance? What if I got laid off, I got furloughed but now I'm back? So many questions. How about just explain the process? Like how do you get a purchase loan? Like how many people are involved? What can I expect to pay? What are turn times like today? What should the pro... What am I gonna expect with a refinance? Same thing. What are fees and rates and APRs, and down payment requirements? And how to improve my credit score, and how to select a realtor. I probably just gave you over 50 topics. I'd like literally just in this 30 seconds, there's over 50 topics. There's 52 weeks in a year. You now have a video a week. You're welcome. You'll find out the secret of this game in digital influence, there's actually unlimited things to say I didn't even get into like, why work with you and what do you do? And why do you believe about like, you're good at loans? And all the things that matter there. When we talked about what do you say? We just unpack the fact that it's just... You're just not posting 'cause you're looking for more excuses. And so one of your excuses is, I don't know what to say. It's just an excuse. Then part three, we talked about when and how much do I stalk? Like how often should I post? What vehicle should I use? Should I use video? Should I use articles and blogs? Should I use... Should I go live? And the answer is, all of it. All the things. And then you go right back to Google. I hate the guy that posts all the time. Yeah, you know why you hate that? Because they're doing the humblebrag crap. They're doing the look at me crap. They're doing stuff that you think is lame or inauthentic and you hate it. Don't do that. But this is where I got... I yelled at everybody during this session. So if you wanna go back and watch it, you can. But I yelled at everybody and reason I yelled at them is because they said, you clearly don't think your message... You clearly don't think what you bring to the conversation, that your knowledge is valuable. You don't think you matter enough to be part of the conversation. 'Cause I shared the fact that we have to look at like what the professional billion, trillion-dollar marketing industry does, what do they do? They hit you over the face with an ad all the time. They're always hitting you with the same ad or a variation of the ad. Nothing's changing in their messaging. They're not even coming up with new content. They're just hitting you again with the same content 'cause they know you're not hearing it every time. And so if you wanna do a message for first time home buyers, about how much down payment, and you can get a gift, and you could buy a house for zero down. If you wanna make that your message, you can say that every single day. And if you're passionate and excited, people will never wanna hear the end of it. 'Cause you have to realize sometimes they're just scrolling by. They're not listening to your message. Many of you have not listened to this far into my segment, have not stayed for 20 minutes 'cause I'm watching people come in and out. Or you just popped in right now. And you're like, oh, what's he talking about right this second. You didn't hear anything before this. So when I do another session on Digital Influence, I can start saying the same stuff again. So can you. So can you with your topics. So talk all the time, get in the camera, get the light in the face, and start talking because your message matters. And if you don't think it matters you gotta go reconnect to the why you're in this game. You gotta reconnect to why you're in this game. That was my message about how much should I talk? Often, every day, every single day. Put your message in the world. Every single day, it's called marketing. It's called prospecting. It's called building relationships. Do it every single day. Why? Because your why should matter. And if it doesn't matter it doesn't light you on fire on the inside. Then you should go find another job that does for goodness sakes. Or just be prepared to fight a tough uphill fight. Because you're like, now making videos and putting your message out is gonna feel like, you know, work and you're just grind and you're gonna hate it. But if you're on fire 'cause you wanna help that first time home buyer, you wanna help that single mother buy her first home. Whatever it is, you'll be on fire every single day. And it will come through in your core messaging, it will come through in your voice, it will come through in your passion. I want us to mention... Passion triggered me on something I gotta do this, I gotta talk about this real quick. What do I say? I gotta talk about this. A lot of times I hear people say like, I have a face for radio. Just a nice excuse to say I'm insecure, that's fine. Or they say, "I'm just not a good public speaker." You know, I don't have the gift of public speaking. And so the video thing, I'm just not good at it. Okay, gotcha. And so I think I'm not attractive. I don't like how I sound and I'm not good at it. So I shouldn't do it. I mean... Friends, it's all learned. It's all learned. First of all, you get better. Second of all have you ever taken a personality profile test in your life? Have you ever taken a personality profile test in your life? What did it tell you? It told you, you got cool stuff going on. It told you, you're interesting. It told you, you got layers to you. It told you that you connect to different people, different ways and some people are gonna connect to you 'cause they line up to this and some aren't. Let me use my dumb dumb explanation of this 'cause it's the easiest. I like the DISC test 'cause it's simple. D-I-S-C. D's are drivers they're like, if you think of like the businessman, I want results. That's the D and sometimes they can be jerks 'cause they just kind of steamroll people. But they're like, I don't care about your family. Tell me how we're closing this next deal. That's a D. An I is more of the inspirational person. But when you hear inspirational, think more of like fun, playful. They wanna hang out, they wanna go drink mimosas on Sunday. They wanna go to happy hour with you. They're like life for the party sometimes. The Is. The S's, these are the collaborators. This is my wife who wants to clean while holding hands and talking about her day. I'm like, well, I'll clean the bathroom. You clean the kitchen. No, we're gonna clean both at the same time together 'cause we're collaborators, love it, so good. That's the... Okay great, you know the collaborators. and then the C's, the C's are the engineer brains. If you will, they're the detail-oriented people. They're the customer that's gonna ask every single question on, every single line item on your LE and your CD. And what does this line at mean and show me where this is. And every one of those personalities connects differently to all the other personalities. You see for me, I... A lot of realtors are I's. I'm not an I. I can fake being an I. My second highest thing is an I but I'm an introvert and I get tired very easily. So I'm a D meaning, I wanna realtor to sit down and be like, "Here's an egg-timer" tick! "You got 30 seconds to tell me why I should work with you." And I'd be like, "Great here's the 30 seconds. Are we good?" Like, I love that crap. I wanna get right to the point. It's not that I don't care about your family. I just don't... I'm not gonna ask you about 'em right away 'cause I don't like small... These don't like small talk, all that fun stuff. So guess who I connect with the best other D's. 'Cause they're just like, "Yeah, let's get the job done. Let's go. Let's figure this out together." Bang! Bang! Bang! The I's they just wanna hang out. They wanna party, they wanna talk. They wanna ask about your kids. How's your life? How's your family? That's how they... And so think about each of those personalities and put them on a camera. Guess who's gonna connect each one differently. If you are a detail-oriented, dry, crusty engineer, guess who's gonna love your message, your content, your videos. Other people who process information and think the same way. This is huge. I talked to a scientist on a call who was like, I'm kind of a boring scientist. And I'm like, yes perfect. You know how many other boring scientists are out there that don't wanna listen to me? Like yell and hand motion all over the place. They wanna have somebody sit down and be like, explain something to them in detail, with knowledge, thoughtfully versus the crazy guy, this is awesome. So when we talk about what to say, use your authentic voice, leverage it and just go nuts. Share your message, share your story. There's an audience waiting for you. My friends. Here's how I would kind of land the recap on it. First of all, if you want to see all of these videos, Whoa, there's the big one right there. If you wanna see all the videos just go to Go to I got blurry and you'll see all four videos. But here's what I want you to do. I don't want you to go watch all those videos. I don't. I don't care. I want you to make an intentional effort to put in your calendar every single day I-C-E. I want you to go and add 2 to 5, to 10 people from your database and from the real estate community, into your Facebook and LinkedIn community every single day. Five minutes, while you're drinking your coffee or going to the bathroom, they won't know. Just, just carve it out, make it a habit. It's called prospecting, it's called marketing. It's called building a digital empire, a digital community. Do it every day, that's one. Number two as your... I want you to carve 10 minutes to 30 minutes a day of your nine hours of screen time, which I know you're doing. I want you to carve a little bit of that time to go out and check-in on your community to engage. To see how they're doing to comment. To tell people you're thinking of 'em. Even as simple as this go in every single day and find the birthdays of the day on Facebook and send each of those people a video message through Messenger saying, happy birthday. That could be you're engage for the day. Do that daily and weekly. Put out one video a week. I'm just putting your toe in the water my friends. If you do that, if you start there, you're going to be blown away. From where that small effort, icing five to 20 minutes a day. Yeah, one video a week. It will blow your mind. It will blow your mind. And it's important. It matters. It's part of the new game. It's where success is in this new place. And you don't have to have the TextMe's and the digital influence and the dig... You don't have to have graphics. No one cares. Look bye. Just be you. Have light in your face for sure. Have a camera, at least at your eye level. So you're not staring down at it. And then just say, "Hi" ask what's... Tell people what's going on. Tell 'em... Describe to them a story about a loan you just did. Tell 'em about somebody who bought a house for zero down and how they were able to do that. Tell about how someone who got furloughed and then came back and you helped them. They got their job back and you help them get a loan. How about the story about you saving a customer a 1,000 dollars. But it's gotta be video. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You can't, hide from the space. My daughter's screaming in my garage. You can't hide from the space my friends, you gotta play here. All right.'s got all the videos. I hope you enjoy the Dig In series with me. I hope you actually got some action. Some fishing, some lures in the water. You started to work on this stuff. When it becomes a habit it'll compound. You'll be so shocked. Thursday, I'm bringing on a good friend of mine. Saram Savakoli who works in the component industry, hardware component industry like microchips. And he went all in on digital. You think wait, why? Why would he go on into digital? What happened? He started a podcast, started doing all this stuff and it blow... It's blowing his business up. 'Cause the game, the whole game has always been about human connection. That's the game. And the mega brands, you know what they're trying to do? They're trying to build human connection to their brand, trust to their brand. You can win in that game all day long if you play thanks friends. See you guys on the internet have a wonderful.

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