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Part 1 | WHERE do I start and with WHO? 

Part One of my September long, 4 part series called DIG IN! We will be going play by play through the strategies you need to be doing to build DIGital INfluence! Part 1 covers the WHERE and WHO. 

Part 2 | WHAT do I say? 

OHHHH MAN! Part 2 of the DIG IN | Digital Influence Series is coming at you hot this coming Tuesday. We discussed the WHERE and the WHO to start with last week, this week we are going to dive in the WHAT. WHAT to say to your digital community. 

Part 3 | WHEN and HOW much should I be posting? 

HERE WE GOOO! Part 3 coming at you. We went through the Where, Who, and What in parts 1 + 2. Now we're going to tap into WHEN and HOW much you should post. Your message is important and we are gonna dive into how to get it in front of everyone. 

Part 4 | WHY build Digital Influence? 

We're closing out this 4 part series with the WHY. WE went through WHERE, WHAT, WHEN and HOW. They WHY is the most important part of this equation. Come join me as we recap the first three parts of the series and hit it home with the importance of WHY. 

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