The Yearly Download

A lot has happened in the last year and here are the highlights!



Here are the Top 5 LiveTime with Alec, Take a look at a couple of series and some LiveTimes that are crowd favorites.

#Bypassed Deep Dives

If you need a more in-depth look at what my #Bypassed Series means then take a look at these episodes to get a little more clarity.

Video Matters - Loan Officer Edition

Video is a medium that will help your customers build a relationship with who you are before they work with you.

Fine, I'll Tell You What to Do

Whether you are a new up and coming or a seasoned mortgage professional, learning new skills is a hard task.  I'll sit down and tell you what to do.

#Bypassed Series

Enjoy my quick 1-minute videos to help inspire, motivate or clarify the mortgage industry in the digital world and how the local pro can thrive.

Attention is the Endgame

What should you be striving and building for to position yourself for a maximum level of opportunity for success? I'll give you a hint, whomever has the largest megaphone and can reach the most people wins in the end! Let's talk about Attention!

Top 5 Modern Lending Podcasts

Click any of the banners to go to the actual podcast with these great coaches or the link below to the Modern Lending Podcast home page for other great episodes

Podcast Home

The Road to 100 Million

I launched an opportunity for you to grow your business and for me to help you with modernizing and honing your digital skills and tactics. Click below for more information and to apply!

Breakthrough Event AZ

Also, for those who want to come in person to broaden and learn more digital skills to progress your business in the coming 2022 year and beyond. I will be speaking at an amazing event called Breakthrough in Phoenix, AZ on Feb 18th. Would love for you to join me and these other amazing speakers!

Click Here for more Info

My Book, Bypassed

I also wrote a survival guide into this new digital era we are in for the modern lending pro.