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Alec’s Bio

Hello, my name is Ashleigh Sweetman. My boss, Alec Hanson, asked me to write his bio for him. As a strong leader, he believes in giving credit where credit is due. Therefore, I will be writing his bio from my point of view since I am, in fact, the one who is writing said bio.

I must, however, give him some credit. When Alec asked me to write this, he knew that there was potential it could backfire in this exact way. And yet he still allowed this to happen. Welcome to the roast of Alec Hanson.

This is the bio he originally wrote for himself, with my edits in (bolded parentheses): Alec is a (self-proclaimed) contemporary leader within the mortgage industry. He began his career in origination in 2004, funding over $85M, and was named Rookie of the Year by Scotsman’s Guide. (He left out that in 2003, he was a receptionist – I can’t even imagine a more uncomfortable welcome into a building). Every subsequent year, Hanson landed on Scotsman’s Top 200 Originator List finishing his best year at $185M (humble brag). From there, Alec began coaching + growing a successful branch network in Orange County, with his peak year in 2010, funding over $1B at the branch level. Alec has received Housing Wire’s Rising Star award in 2017 and 2019 (kind of a big deal, huh?) and served as Senior Vice President of Production for loanDepot for the West Division, overseeing approximately $8B in annual production (I had to pull all these numbers for him). Currently, he is the Chief Marketing Officer at loanDepot. A dynamic coach and thought leader (is that really a thing?), Alec believes in leading and coaching within the trenches of the mortgage business. He is the author of loanDepot’s Modern Lending Playbook: a strategic and tactical tool designed to equip, train, and evolve the traditional mortgage professional’s skill sets into the modern era (this has to be a run-on sentence). Alec is also the author of “Bypassed: A Modern Guide for Local Mortgage Pros Left Behind by the Digital Consumer,” which details a systemic approach to help Mortgage Professionals succeed in the digital world. (No way this man edited the publications stated above – please see the “Shortcomings” section below). Alec is married to his beautiful wife of 17 years, Erica, and is the proud dad of Phoenix (11 years old) and Scarlett (9 years old). He can be found on IG rocking the #DadLife hashtag most nights and weekends. (Also, his family used to have a strong and regular feature on his social media platforms but have since been replaced with heavy content of his two English Bulldogs, Tank and Scout. #DadLife is now #DailyTankandScout. Priorities.)

Skills: Bullying people to create video content; wide variety of facial expressions that will always keep you guessing; pretty strong to quite strong public speaking skills, can type 41.5 words per minute, he says he’s super good at video games (who knows), and his superpower is irrational self-confidence. As much as I hate to admit it, his social media content is actually wildly entertaining….but don’t tell him I said that. You can join me in mocking all his posts at @alecthehanson on all social platforms.

Shortcomings: proofreading anything; color schemes; sending out a calendar invite; checking into flights; detests Jan’s Health Bar; owns a pair of Crocs; giving his admin the power to write his bio

Ways to make him like you: pretend to be interested in comics, movies, dressing up for Halloween, or neon colors.

I’ve also included my favorite headshots of Alec, which have not surfaced in the public eye until today. You’re welcome:

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