A modern guide

A modern guide for local mortgage pros left behind by the digital customer.

Local mortgage professionals are being bypassed because the consumer is operating differently during the home financing process. The single-most important characteristic that will define the success of future mortgage professionals will be their ability to develop influence in their communities and online.

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Bypassed is an easy to read, yet powerful, guide to help Mortgage Professionals ramp up their business to meet the demands of the digital world. Alec Hanson gets it! He walks you through the step by step plan to build your brand today and into tomorrow.


Alec Hanson has a special ability to see how tech and leadership are reshaping the mortgage industry landscape, and Bypassed is a must-read playbook for modern mortgage advisors. The book breaks down the new skills and tools needed to win in the digital shift era. It’s a must-read!

DAVE SAVAGE – CEO Mortgage Coach

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100% of the proceeds from the sale of the book are being donated to our Veterans through Freedom Alliance. An incredible 30 year old Non-Profit dedicated to serving our veterans and their families.

Come hang with me and the President of Freedom Alliance, Tom Kilgannon as we unpack the purpose of this great Non-Profit and what they are doing to support our amazing veterans