Alec's Tips and Tricks for Content Creation

I know a lot of you out there are always saying that you don't have a team behind you to create cool content, but I'm here to show you that it's pretty quick and easy to create some fantastic content for anything you need using the tools I outlined in the tutorial videos below.

Easy Graphic Creation Tutorial

Fun little tutorial to help you up your social media and youtube thumbnail graphics game! It's easy and fun!

How to hack the Instagram Carousel

Want to know how to make the coolest IG carousel images without mastering photoshop? I got ya covered!

How to make yourself into a GIF

Simple, easy, fun, and great for Instagram

How to grow your Social Media channels

Make it a habit to I.C.E. everyday and your social media channels will explode! just need to be a Potato

You need to be spud-taneous and then all of spudden, people will start rooting for you

How to multi-stream LIVE

Come learn the basics of LIVE streaming with me and my favorite website tool, Streamyard.

Video Basics 1.0

Lights, Camera, Action! Come learn the basics and build some confidence.

Video Basics 2.0

Let's go deeper down the rabbit hole and become better at video editing. 

Make your YouTube Channel POP!!

Today, your YouTube channel needs to stand out. Come learn the basics of what to do to make your channel stand out from the rest! 

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