Audit Time with Alec #2

Friends! Revisiting one of my favorite LiveTimes! I went LIVE and performed a live audit on local pros’ social media accounts and give recommendations and encouragement on what they can do to improve! Let’s GO!

In this edition of LiveTime with Alec…

  • You can showcase your humanity
  • You should also showcase your professionalism
  • It a battle on the google and how you win is with content
  • Your customer will google search you before even talking to you

Episode Transcribe

-Oh, yeah. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, to Live Time with Alec. 

And today, today, we’re going to do some auditing.

This is one of my favorite things to do. I did it three months ago. I did this three months ago and I had a absolute blast. Here’s the deal. Bang. So, one of the things that is crucially important to our business today is that we have to show up the right way on the internet. Hello? Like if you raise your hand and ask yourself, like how many customers as a percentage, how many of your customers are going to look at your digital brand? Look at you online, Google you, before they do business with you. The answer is like all of them, like all of them. And if the answers, not all of them for you, it’s going to be all of them very shortly, because that’s just how we live, right? Like, woo. Thanks for joining us, guys. Four people, four people signed up for me to audit today. We’re going to pull up the social media feeds. We’re gonna do it live right now. And we’re gonna talk through all of their stuff. So if you want to jump into the pool and we have time, you can type it in and hashtag audit me right now in the comments and I will get to you and we’ll just do it. We’ll just wrap as long as this is adding value. And, one of the things you’re gonna notice, cause I did this before. Some of the things repeat, there’s themes, there’s common mistakes. And so, I’ll point it out for one person, and then the next couple of people I audit, it’ll probably have the same mistakes. We won’t dive too much on those. We’ll move on to other stuff because how you show up matters on the internets. So let’s just play, right? Let’s just play. Here we go. First person that got me, Jeremy, I’m talking to Jeremy for awhile, become buddies. He’s a great dude. And I’m gonna move this screen over here so we can pull his social media stuff up. He asked to be audited and come on, get over there. There we go, and by the way, if you’re watching in the future, I love this. Hit me up with a hashtag by past, not by pass, by past. And it gives me, I just smile, because I know somebody is watching this later. I know that, oh my god, no one’s pausing their entire life because Alec’s live right now, but those of you that are joining me, I appreciate you. So let’s jump in. Let me share my screen here. And let’s talk about Jeremy. You can see, I went ahead and already, oh let’s drop the branding off here for a second. Cause there’s a thing logo on my face. There you go. All right. So let’s, let’s get rid of this. Okay. So Jeremy jumped in, so I Googled him. That’s how you start with the branding process, right? So Jeremy, if you’re watching this in the future, here you go, brother. By the way, if you’re watching this right now, Jeremy, you can comment, cause that’ll make me happy. But if you’re not, hopefully you couldn’t handle the audit. We’ll do it. You can watch later. Alright. So the first thing I got out, I could see you’re Executive Licensed Lending Officer at Loan Depot. You got to LinkedIn. So I’m gonna open that. You got a Facebook, I’m gonna open that. Why not open that? Facebook, got some pictures. Okay. See ya. ZoomInfo, at Twitter. Vimeo, what’s this Vimeo about? alright, so I’ve got a couple of things opened up. Let’s dive in and look. Okay. First thing I noticed when I look at this page, mortgage professional 500 plus connections. Okay, he’s got some connections. First of all I’ve got to clear my notifications. Sorry. I can’t. Oh, it’s me. That’s live. That’s my own notification. There are two types of people in the world. Those that have 10,000 unread notifications and those that have zero I’m in the zero camp. If you’re in the 10,000 notification camp, like my wife and her emails just type in hashtag 10,000 emails, unread emails. I get a panic attack when I have the unread emails. All right, sorry. You’re not here for that. Let’s zoom in a little bit. Get a better view. Okay. So there’s Jeremy. Good picture. Nice background. I can tell he works at Loan Depot kind of scroll down committed leader. Okay. Helps people. Does anyone ever read the about section? I don’t know. I look, I maybe scan it for two seconds. Okay, he’s got 1,100 followers. He’s got some stuff going on. Some comments full time loan officer, okay. Nothing else. Oh, he does have some endorsements. Okay, got it. I’m going to go ahead and check out his activity. I’m always curious. What’s he posted? All right, he’s got a video. Looks good, comments. By the way, this is the power of videos. I know this cause Jeremy and I are buddies, but like this guy first, he just started videos. Like, how old is this? This is five days ago. Look at the view count on this. Will you look at the view count? Look at the, look at it. Look at it right there. Look at that. I’m just going to keep zooming. Look. Look. 887 views. Can you imagine getting in a room with 887 people? That’s crazy, videos look similar, so I’m not getting much of a differentiation, but got some Nike’s, okay. All right, so that’s about all I’m going to do on that channel. Let’s jump over to Facebook. All right, so, business page, must’ve found the business page. Got the same thing, audit day. Yeah, baby, Here we go. We’re going for it. Same banner here, okay. I’m not seeing, it looks clean. Not a lot of personalization. He’s got the same videos going on, and he’s got 215 people. So, not a huge following yet on Facebook, but let’s be honest, I don’t really want to see the Facebook. I want to see the personal. If people go to your business page, you’re lying. They go to your personal page. They want the real meat. The real goodness, dude. Ooh. Okay. Not much going on here yet. This is fun family. Very, very cool, little picture, outdoorsy. But then I got one photo here, bang. one photo here. Bang. Nothing else. I don’t see any personalization of you now, I got the videos going, okay. I’m good. I’m liking that. But I want to see more. I want to see more of Jeremy. I click the profile pic. Nice, two profile pics. So, what I know about Jeremy right off the bat is he’s new to Facebook. He’s not very invested in the platform yet, hasn’t really gotten deep on it yet, and that’s okay. I like where it’s headed. I like where it’s going. Vimeo, nothing. So, my first hint guys for what you’re seeing with Jeremy is he needs to go deeper, right? I need more personalization. I need to see more about who this person is. When I Googled him, I didn’t get much, ’cause there’s not much content out there for him. A couple of pictures, but this guy needs to go deeper on all these platforms and get more action going. In fact, let’s go to YouTube, and let’s go to, doo doo doo. Let’s look him up. YouTube, nothing. doesn’t exist on the second largest search engine in the world. So, we got work to do. We got work to do. We’re not showing up enough yet, but all in all, I give Jeremy a passing grade. This is a good start. It’s not going very deep yet, but we’ll give him a little bit of a benefit. Let’s talk about Anthony. Okay. This is cool. So, now. oh, I didn’t, let me show you what’s different here, ’cause you’re missing it. When I brought up Jeremy, notice there’s nothing here on the right side, blank page. But when I Google Anthony. Hey, I see a Google business page added. This is a big differentiator when you’re stepping out, you want someone to Google you and see this. Now, right away, by the way, I know this is wrong, right? ‘Cause look right her, he’s at 2,600 Michelson. This says he’s at Foothill Boulevard, Rancho Cucamonga. So all of a sudden I have a conflict, and as a customer, as a human, I’m going to be like, Hmm, what’s what’s real here? Who is this person? Dive in, Loan Depot page. Got it. Just, no one really goes to there, tell you that, tell you the truth. They’re just gonna go here. Ooh, Instagram, nice, and Yelp, Yes, and Zillow. Okay, and there’s a LinkedIn down here. All right, so I opened up a bunch of stuff. By the way, immediately, I like this. I just got hit with an auto popup from Anthony. That’s why I looked at my phone down here. I’m like, what’s vibrating. He set it up where auto messages come when you come to his Facebook page, business page, I like this. I’m going to tell him, what’s up? auditing you right now. You right now. Let’s see if he responds while we’re on this. He might even be watching, hold on. No, I don’t think he is. All right, so, close this. This looks good except this is one of my first call outs whenever I see somebody professional page. This. This banner, man, okay. I get it. You work at loan Depot. You don’t need to smash me in the face with it. Like you could, you could I have a Loan Depot shirt on, but I’m not beating you in the face that I work at Loan Depot. This is something that I really see a lot of people doing that it’s an, it’s an accident. I love that you work at Loan Depot, this is great. But I want to see you. This guy. I want to see who this guy is. I don’t want to see just the Loan Depot. Two profile pics, get some more. I want to see more of who you are, but the page looks clean. 884 people like this, good job. You got some stuff going on. Now, immediately I’m noticing there’s some personalization and photos here. Stage one of my keto fast, okay. I’m getting to get – this is, this is good. There’s a home buyer here. I like this, COVID friendly. My favorite F word funded, okay. So, I’m seeing more personalization. I got a video right here.- [Anthony] Alright guys.- [Alec] Okay. Okay. I’m seeing a lot more personalization, I dig this stuff. Oh, Reid’s jumping in. If I have time Reid, I’ll get to you brother. I like the personalization here, but I’m going to do my favorite thing here, is I’m going to leave the business page. Again, I know this is all business. Your customer knows it’s all business. Where’s the real deal? Is this the real one? Ooh, yup, found you. Okay, now. Notice that the real one, the personal one, and the professional one are all looking very similar. Don’t do that. This is the same profile pic from your business page. I like the consistency, but I want to know you as a person. Ooh, Yeah, the selfie, mirror selfie. I want to know you as a person. Second, the cover, I don’t care about Loan Depot. I said this before. If you want to use this graphic because you’re proud of the company stats. I like that. Go to Canva, put your face on it, and then use that. So, now it’s you it’s you on the corporate branded stuff, and I dig it, a lot more connection to you. Anyone else getting stressed out by my notifications? It’s stressing me out. Gone. Woo. All right, now this is a common mistake. I see this all the time. Please, pay attention. Where does he work? Right here, I’m going to zoom in on it. Okay, it says Mortgage Loan Officer at Loan Depot. So when I click Loan Depot, I’m on Loan Depot’s Facebook page now. That’s, wait a minute, but he has a professional page, right? We just saw it, Right? Remember? Let’s go back and open it up. He has this business page, right here, where he gets reviews, and he has questions, and he had the auto popups. See? What’s your email? Would you like to refinance? No, thank you. See? His chatbot’s talking to me. So, why does he say he works at Loan Depot and goes to the Loan Depot page. Quiet now. Thank you. It should be going to his professional page. Hello? Everyone connect with me on this? Like, this is an easy, you’re going to see this all over the place. This professional page needs to be here, where he works, so people can go to it. Okay, sorry, rant done. Now, let’s check out his friends. I like this, because I like to understand how deep these people’s connections are digitally. Like, are they putting in the work to make a lot of digital connections? And I think the answer is going to be yes. I mean, look at this. Yeah, this guy’s spending time building out. So good. You get a check box. You win here, Anthony. This is good. Personalize the banner. Let’s go to your timeline, you’re posting about work. Got it. Work. Got it. Work. Got it. Lots of comments by the way. Good engagement. Good engagement. Okay, little throwback, memories, now I’m getting some personalization. Work, work. Someone else is picking the trend up right now. Work. Finally something personal. Anthony, you’re a human being. Like, I don’t want to just connect with professional Anthony. I want to connect with fun Anthony, or Anthony that’s running for Keto, or what you’re doing with your like, you can showcase your humanity. It’s totally acceptable. So let’s jump into Instagram. Okay, 1500 followers, Senior Loan Officer Loan Depot, lots of Loan Depot stuff, this isn’t bad. Oh, there’s finally like a meme. I like this, like finally something, still mortgage related. It’s fine. But I think the there’s opportunity, Anthony here, to personalize your.- [Man In Video] Oh, we official official- [Alec] Oh, yeah look at this ring light, bro. See, I like that. I like this, some personalization.- [Man In Video] Oh, we official- [Alec] This is just a commercial. Fine. Commercials are fine. I want to see the real you, man. Real you. And then here we got the Yelp review, good. Oh, it’s old. Ah, see, this is the trap of social media, man. You’re gonna play the game, you can’t have old stuff. You don’t work at Franklin Loan Center anymore. When I jump in here, you got weird hours. This is not, you don’t work here at this address. Oh, that was the business address that popped up on the, when I Googled you. See, this is a conflict for a consumer. Don’t show consumers conflict. When I jump to Zillow, what do I see? Yes. The old Franklin stuff still. Again, confusing. Plus, there’s no reviews. So, this means it was set up. And I don’t think there’s any reviews here. So, Yelp and Zillow, I mean, in my opinion, burn ’em down. Like, first of all, burn Zillow down for sure, cause you’re just paying a competitor. Go to Yelp, or Google Business. Burn this down. Open up a new one, re-skin it. There’s nothing lost here. There’s no branding, there’s no reviews. Make sure that all your stuff across multiple platforms is succinct. And this is you on, on LinkedIn. I don’t even know if this is you. It just came up. So I’m gonna to, I’m gonna to look for you again. Wait in order to spell. I found you, another one, cause now it’s your face, but it’s not the right company. Look. Look. So, again, incongruency will diminish customer connection. You can fix that. No big deal. All right. That was a good one. I hope you guys got some tips from that because that was honestly like that’s so many of you guys. All right. So I got Lambros. So I got basketball. I’m gonna open it up. Uh-Oh. That’s all I can find. Let me, so now, now, because it couldn’t find enough, I’m going to have to do mortgage. Okay. I got this, nothing else. Oh, here’s finally I got Loan Depot. When you don’t have good, strong SEO like this or you have somebody else with your own name. Which is hard. You’re going to have to out kick it with content. Okay? Let me give you an example here. Watch this. So let’s do a new tab, a new incognito window, ’cause I’m going to Google myself. So I’m going to Google, Alec Hanson new incognito window. Why? You’re gonna understand why, this isn’t vanity. Okay. So, this is incognito. This is me. It’s just what shows up. Check it out. You got my Loan Depot page. Good, the SEO is working there. You got LinkedIn. You got my personal website. You got my Twitter. Keep going, keep going. HousingWire, Facebook. All me, all me. Scotsman Guide, me. My Audible books. All first pages, me. Okay, keep going down. Articles, CrossFit Games, Athlete back in the glory days. I wasn’t a games athlete, but whatever. Pictures. Me, me, me. Keep going, okay. I’ve been actually working hard on this. Here you go. Now you start getting into the other, Alec’s. You see, I had to push down other Alec’s. We’re in a battle for like, there could only be one Alec at the top. Like, this Alec Hanson track guy. I’m like no way, you won’t, you better run faster ’cause I’ma push you down. See, he’s an N.C.S.A. track athlete. And I gotta make sure he can’t play with my stuff. This is, I’m serious. This is what happens if you have somebody else with another name, you got to out do them. Yeah. This is a U.K. Just Do Property. I’ve been competing with this Alec Hanson for awhile now. And so, if you got somebody famous, you’re competing against for supremacy on the SEO. You’ve got to fight the fight, man. Like get in the game. It’s hysterical, but where is it, where? Yeah, there he is. Oh no. Yeah. I think so. Anyway, I’ve been, I’ve been battling this Alec, so enough of that, but hope you get my point on that. Okay. Let’s look at Lambros. Okay. Got him up on LinkedIn. Gotta clear the notifications. Please, go away. I can’t, I can’t do it anymore. Okay. Big corporate background banner. Again, you’ve heard my thing on the background banners. I like them. They’re branding. They’re easy. Quick, get ’em up there. But please like show me you, yourself. Check out the profile pic. Looking clean, nice. I come from very humble beginnings. I like the first line of anybody’s about section that needs to hit. ‘Cause otherwise no one reads the rest of this stuff. But now that I come from humble beginnings, I’m like, tell me more. What were the humble beginnings? This is what I, this is a really good about section like, tip. Strike hard, strike fast and make sure you pull me in, or else I’m not going to read it. I want to look at pictures, but I’ve got a featured thing here. I want to highlight this so many professionals don’t have a featured thing. Let me open up David Lee. No. Okay. Let me open up Ken Lewis. I don’t know. Great. Another guy, no featured, no featured section. Look at, let’s look at me. Look at the featured sections, right here. Do you see this? Like, my featured C.E.O. with Steve Sims interview, social media. This is what I mean by featured. You can showcase things here. It’s right underneath the about section. But, when I go back to Lambros, there’s nothing under the about section. It’s just this feature. He does feature himself in the testimonial, but I think we can go deeper. All right. So, let’s go to Facebook. Okay so, look. Same exact branding and image. Same exact branding and image. Two different platforms. I think there’s an opportunity to make this pop. Right? Don’t just sell out and put the generic banner over there. Like I said, at least go to Canva, and throw yourself on top of this. So you need to get some personalization, but let’s look at his content. Loan Depot content, Loan Depot content. Nice picture. Good engagement already though, on the business page. Okay. All Loan Depot. Can’t do it, dude. We gotta get you into talking about yourself. We’ve got to get you on video. I need to meet you. I want to see you. Let’s find your personal page. Oop. I think I found you. Let’s go to the personal page. Okay see, personal page. Professional. Likes cigars, Same mistake, Junior Partner at Loan Depot. Nope, Junior Partner at your business page. Please, write that down immediately. But, good cover. Now we’ve got some mortgage stuff. Oh, you’re sharing your business page. Got it. Sharing your business page. Sharing your business page. Same mistake. Same mistake. Where are you bro? Where’s Lambros. I got to see you. I want to know what you care about. Why you’re in this business. Finally. Look at 11 comments on a Nickelback post. There we go. There we go. But when you go back up here, look. No comments engagement. One share, one like, two likes on a fishing thing. Three likes, nothing and, 11 on the, I think you’re getting it right here. Right? Like clearly there’s an angle for personalization. There’s a desire for it. Clean that up and you’ll be rocking. All right. So let’s see what else I found. No, random stuff. Alright. So. Sue, Sue hit me up. So Reid, we were going to have time for you, brother. We’re going to get there. Again, you got Loan Depot, LinkedIn, Yelp, Twitter. I’m just going to open these up as we’re going. Facebook. Yep. Looks about right. All right. Let’s check out Loan Depot. So first thing, generic banner. Okay, I mean I have one too. I’m not going to beat you up too bad anymore on this. 1992, she’s been in the game. So, she’s a seasoned pro. Activity, some followers. We’ve got some activity. Let’s see what she’s doing, let’s see her posts. Thanking a coworker, I like this. Loan Depot post, Loan Depot post, Loan Depot post, thanking somebody, Loan Depot post, something, a link? I’m just gonna click it. I wanna see. Ah, me. Shared a link. There, okay, okay. Now we’ve got down to some customers, but this was two weeks ago, two weeks ago, Sue. Like where are you on my platform? Hang out, give me some information. I don’t want to hear just about this. Let’s dump out. Yelp, okay, this is a great one I see all the time. So, Sue, as you can see, is using the same photo across her platforms. Fine. Okay. But look, Yelp, jacks it up. Yelp like, over blows it up, and pixelates it, and this is not the view that someone wants to see. Right? Plus, it’s an unclaimed Yelp. I think you go in here and burn this down and either start a new one where you can clean it up, get the right pictures, get the right pixelation gone, ya know, corrected. Otherwise, you know, there’s no point in having this floating around. Again, a consumer, so, this is why this is important. If someone is shopping Sue, and they’re getting to know her, and they clicked all the links, like I just did. And they come here and they see no reviews, and a pixelated photo. The first thing is a turn off, why does this person have no reviews? Are they not any good? Do they not get reviews? Like, so you’ve got to control that, which is what online branding allows you to do. Shut it down, or clean it up, and then start leveraging it. Asking your customers, please, review me. Please, review me. And build up that social proof. Twitter. Okay. Lots of tweets, 4,000. That’s good. That means she’s playing the platform, but in media, when I looked at the pictures over here, look what I see, Loan Depot stuff. Again, Sue, and everyone else, even if you’re not Loan Depot, you’re so much more than a billboard. And I’m going to talk about this on Live Time next on personal branding versus corporate branding. It’s a really important, or company branding, It’s a really important topic. But, we can do better, right? So here’s the latest news, she’s using Paper.Li, everyone knows, if you don’t know Paper.Li is, you can check it out. It just pulls in different news stuff that you think are important, allows you to share your own version of a newspaper, cute. Loan Depot, latest news, loan Depot, latest news. So, I’m not getting very much of Sue on here. I’m getting some stuff, she has a website. I gonna click that. Sue For Loans. Ah, look at this. This is a great example. How old was this tweet? August 14th, so relatively recent. And when I click Sue For Loans, look where it goes old company, not found. This is what consumers will do. They will click this stuff, my friends, and they will go through deep on this stuff, while they’re talking to you, they will do this and they will judge you. All right. I found her business page, same photo, same banner thing. Clear that. And again, Loan Depot, Loan Depot, Loan Depot, Loan Depot, Loan Depot. Sue, where are you? I don’t want loan Depot, I want Sue. There you are. There’s two of you. Ooh. This means you have an old account. A lot of people have this too. You gotta clean that up, but let’s go try to find Sue. All right. Senior Loan Officer at Loan Depot, again, same mistake. But now I see something finally personalized, right? Like, look at this, this must be a wedding. It’s beautiful. Like, look how, look how beautiful. Sue, like, this is awesome, I love this. Now, I’m finally seeing Sue. Dogs, animals. So there’s a lot of passion for Sue around animals, immediately getting it right away. But that’s all. Look, animal, animal, animal, animal, four animals. So, my first comment is Sue, you probably have more to offer than your care for animals. You’re probably a rounded human being. That’s got lots of things, and complexities, and viewpoints, especially on the professional side, personal side. I want to see a lot of it. I want to engage you personally. Right now. I’m getting the animal care side of Sue, but I want, I want more than that. You’re a deeper person in my opinion. So, but I’m getting a lot of cute animals and doggos. Which I love. So you know, how do you not love doggos? But see, there’s an opportunity on her page here because the next thing I’ll do is check how many friends she has. Does she have a deep enough base? And yes, look at this. Yes she does. She’s worked hard. She’s got a community on it. This is a digital community. Now she should be playing. So you should be playing at a high level here, killing it and, showcasing all the complexity of you, including your professional side. And you will reap the benefit of that. Alright, so Reid, you ready, dude? It’s time. It’s time, you held out. So, we’re going to go now. Gotta make sure I can type. Within old Google. Spell it right please, Alec. All right. Yes I did, Yes I did. Go. Okay. This is going to be interesting, we have a Reid McKee fight, potentially. So, let’s open up some of these, okay. I found a Loan Officer. I found a Senior Behavior Interventionalist. Open up that. I got a Redfin Reviews. I got another Loan Officer page. All right, that’s enough for me, so let’s go check it out. Ooh. Here’s who you’re battling against. I don’t think this is you Reid, cause I think that’s you. Yep. Fullerton. Are you the-, Hm. Learning new things, learning new things, Reid. So as a consumer. Oh Cindy, I got you. I’ll get you. I see you right there. I didn’t, if, I must have I must have missed it. But you’re on the list. I got you. So, let’s get back to Reid Mckee. There you are. So now we’re going to connect, ’cause we’re buddies. Six mutual connections, Loan Officer at George Mason. La, la, la , no featured stuff put here. So, if you remember that, we need featured. Oh, you got to get a banner bro. Banner me up, man. Play the game on this platform. Okay. If you’re going to be on the platform, play the game on the platform, that’s my 2 cents. Whatever. I don’t even think he made any, oh, we’re not connected yet. So, let’s jump over here though. Alright. Okay. George Mason, same thing, big old banner about George Mason. When I really care about Reid, but that’s okay. 716, 717 people following it, looking like you’re trying hard. Right away we got try the VA loan. Zero down, zero down. We got Linda, Linda listen. And we got some house esout. We got a video. I’m gonna play it. [Alec] Okay, Minions. Alright, I’ll give you that. Okay, so now we’re getting to some of your content. So we’ve got debt income. We have some education material going on. By the way, I’ll give you a like and a follow. You deserve that for jumping on the audit. This is funny. It’s not necessarily appropriate, but it makes me laugh. So, you got a fan from me. Anyone who’s been a retail loan officer in the street knows like, this is hysterically accurate. Sorry. So, your content. So I got some memes. I got some fun stuff, but let’s get out of here and let’s go to the personal let’s find out who Reid really is. This is what your customers are doing. Oh yeah, at a friend, The Mortgage Dude. Alright. So a couple of interesting things popped out for me. First Reid, likes to party. He got the party cups, he’s out getting a good time. Happy birthday, to my grandson. This is what people do, man. They skim through. Okay, he’s got some tats looking good, dude. Right? Same issue here, Mortgage Loan Officer at George Mason, nope, put down your business page. But, let’s talk about what’s going on. The Mortgage Dude is sharing some rates information. Yeah, I get it. It’s a good time. Don’t miss the boat mortgages. Okay, somebody else’s, this is the first person that actually showcasing another, a listing for probably one of their partners. This is the first one I’ve seen at all. Everyone I just went off the first person actually sharing stuff for their listing. Like hello? Do you have business partners on these platforms? Share their stuff. This is great. More mortgage memes. Decent engagement, four comments. Where’s the real? Is there? One has a bunch of engagement, 10 comments on the rates. Yeah, good. All right. Finally, a video. [Reid Mckee] What’s going on, yall. Reid Mckee here in George Mason Mortgage, and today we’re talking about how much money down you need to put on a house. [Alec Harmon] See, this is it. This is great. This is a good piece of content. Seven shares, that’s interesting. I’m gonna check that out. Real estate shares. This is g-, so this is s- So, you can obviously tell, like, I always tell. Like, this is should be self evident, But video is King. Right? Look at that seven shares in that reach. So, Reid’s falling in the same trap, although he’s personalizing his mortgage content a lot more, he’s not just smashing you with like corporate, corporate, like banners and stuff. But like, I want to see more about, from Reed. Definitely more videos for sure. Because, I’m just, I’m getting just mortgage jargon, but I want to see like real stuff. He’s funny, which is good. So your, your personality is showing through, I want to see more. So now we got Reid Mckee over here at Redfin. We’ve got, it looks like it’s accurate one review. So if you’re gonna be playing on Redfin, you got to get more reviews. You got to push that up. And then this is the corporate site, corporate sites are corporate sites. I gotta be honest people don’t really look at these. They jump to here. So, 7:00, 11:00, always opened. Yeah, I’ll call you at 2:00 AM, Reid, we’ll see how open everyone is. Reid gets some points here except for LinkedIn where he’s not playing at all. Sorry, I’ve got to clear my notifications. I think that Reid’s got some game. And doing a good job. All in, just more personalization, more of, We need to suck out more of his content, and he see himself more. Alright, Cindy, let’s go. Cindy Saunders. Now, I’m not going to put in your, I’m going to hit this first and see what comes up. I don’t even know if this is you Cindy, but we will find out we’ll start with actually LinkedIn, ’cause I see that’s where you made your comment and that’s where you’re hanging out with me. So thank you. So let’s go to, Cindy, there you are Okay, first thing about Cindy that I love is this personalized banner right here. Leaders rise. This is great. It’s exactly what she does. I have, the profile pic is clean, like has the light blue background, like this is, this is good. About, hits right there. Oh, she’s crushing the featured section. Yes. Yes. I like this. I’m going to click it immediately. This is what people are going to do, they’re gonna write down the featured section and they’re going to click the first thing. It looks like her personal website. It’s it’s got clouds moving. It looks nice and clean. It’s kind of defining what she does. I like this a lot. Here’s her article that she wrote. I like this a lot. This is, guys, this is exactly what you should be doing, because it’s showcasing her professionalism. She’s written articles. They’re featured right here. I like this. Let’s go look at her posting activity. Stop calling me. By the way, aren’t you in love that phones tell you when it’s spam risk now, just, love it. Okay, So. Quotes. How to rise above a difficult work environment. This is a thoughtful post. By the way, when you look at this, you can tell, she spent time on this post. She bolded parts. It’s deep. It’s got links out. It’s got a quote at the end. I like people that make thoughtful posts. She must be, Oh yeah, she’s doing a series. So I get it. Now, two, three, you’re going through a series. I’m lost in the series now, though. Oh, I’m out. Hopefully I’m out. Six steps with an unsupportive boss. I like it. And I’m, oh, 10 laws of trust, yeah, that’s different You know what I would, I would offer on this, the color, it’s on brand, Cindy, so I get what you’re doing, like this is the color scheme you’ve chosen, but when I’m scrolling the colors are blending like this post, and this quote, are blending to this post and I’m not seeing like, I want it to pop different, potentially. So just thoughts for you on that, like, live your dream, right? If you’re like, Alec, that’s stupid, I’m really like dialed in on my brand. Like that that’s the color. Then, then live your life. But as I’m kind of popping through, I’m like, I want it to hit different. And then, Okay, so she’s, rocking this platform for sure. So let’s, let’s go look at the other ones. Once I put in the coaching stuff or the acronyms, I got some more hits on who Cindy is, but when I just do this, I don’t find her, because it’s not there. I don’t even think this is probably her. So, Nope, definitely not her. So again, this is just brand confusion, right? You’re going to have to fight the game here to get this, to show up on the first page. Bingo. Oh, she’s in something else. Okay, let’s see if we can find her on Facebook. Doesn’t look like I can find you Cindy, on Facebook where a lot of people are, which is fine. Meaning sometimes don’t go into platforms, if it’s not gonna be your jam, but I want to find you on Facebook. I do a bunch of cool stuff on there. And then let’s check YouTube. Nope. So my big engagement with Cindy was going to be on. Got it. Makes sense. Yeah. You’re awesome, Cindy. So you’re doing really cool stuff on this platform, but what’s happening. I think your opportunity is going to be to get into the Google SEO more and you can do that through a couple of ways, right? You can take your articles you’re publishing on LinkedIn and you can go to like Medium, right? So, you can like make a free account at Medium, the blog post site. Get smarter about what matters to you. Sign in and start sharing your content there on your personal website. You can share a lot more content, cause it’s not getting picked up on by Google. So, like I want to see it on Google. Here’s an example, so if I, and I Google myself all the time, this won’t help. But when you go to and you go to like a Live Time, which will be, this was last weeks and then you’ll see the rest. So, this stuff is getting scraped by SEO. That’s why it came up because inside each one of these, that one’s probably not done yet, but if you go to podcasting and you look at like this one, I think captioning’s done. Yeah, here’s the transcription of the entire conversation with Steve. So, because this is transcribed and it’s here, SEO is pulling it in and now that’s why you can find it. So maybe look to your website to see if you can add your articles to your website and maybe go to Medium, or an external blog post and start creating some stuff, Cindy, ’cause you’ve got a lot of good things to say like clearly, like, look at these more articles, articles. I mean, Cindy you’re, you’re writing a lot, which means you’re producing a lot of content. So, we gotta find a way for Google to like grab it, but this is really good. Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we’re wrapping down here. Thanks for hanging out so long. Here’s a couple things I want to leave you with that will hopefully help you really dial into the next step here. So let’s just, just do this. Boop. All right, so as we dialed back the audit time, the 35 minutes auditing you guys hung. I appreciate you guys. Here’s the main conversation. Number one, one of the themes that you’re seeing, hopefully through all of this is there’s a lot of people not showing up with their own personality. That’s a mistake. Like, leverage corporate branded stuff, that’s all good, But like, don’t be afraid to showcase who you really are, and what you really care about. It’ll make a difference. It’ll make an impact. People will notice it. They’ll see it. They’re going to Google you do. You need to show up on all these platforms in a really authentic way. I saw some people using the same profile pic for their personal and their business page. Those could be different pics. They don’t have to be, but they could be. Also don’t underestimate the power of investing in really good photography for a lot of your pictures. You’re going to use them for a while. Some of us are still using our high school picture. But when you do that, you get like eye contact and connection. Thanks, Cindy. You’re awesome. Thanks for playing today. So, don’t be afraid to invest. Like even in Cindy’s, like, look, you can, this is a good profile picture. Like I can see her clearly the colors pop, like that’s solid. So don’t be afraid to play in that to really show up. How you show up online matters. It builds brand. It builds human connection, and you need to be intentional. One of the other things is, is I saw some people being unintentional with their brand. They had old companies still connected to old websites, Yelp sites that weren’t developed or under performing. Like you gotta be, you gotta be vigilant, because your digital online brand is your representation. Think of it like showing up to a meeting where you’re trying to like impress the meeting, the people that you’re meeting with, you’re going to show up early, definitely on time, if not early, in a nice suit, ready to go. But then that’s the same thing with Google and all this social stuff. When you’re slacking. Like, you want to show up your best foot forward. You’ve got one chance sometimes to make a good impression. And if you’re talking to somebody and they’re Googling you and they’re losing respect for you, because of what they see or they see disparity, or they see zero reviews and they see a website that’s old to an old company, they’re automatically discrediting you. No matter how good you are. Does that make, do you hear me? Like, I don’t want them to discredit you. Not when they have the chance to see you like show up, like, and like, oh, and then be like, oh my gosh this person’s definitely worth doing business with, Okay? We are an internet first society. You are going to get looked at and reviewed, and if you are a ghost, you’re not going to win credibility. If you’re not intentional, you’re not going to win credibility, and it’s going to crush your ability to build a relationship. It’s that important. Okay. Tune in next week, 9:30, same time. We’re gonna talk about personal brand, versus company brand. Are they synergistic? Are they in conflict? What’s going on there. And it’s a very important conversation. If you haven’t joined the text community, This mic. Join the text community. Get more insights from me. I hope you guys have a killer week. I’ll see you on the internets. Take care.