Audit Time with Alec

 I personally pull up some viewers digital brand , give them a full review, and made custom recommendations for them. Now is the time! If I pulled up your brand, what would I see?

Switch of pace in this edition of LiveTime with Alec;

  • Alec goes through some business professional profiles
  • Have a good mix of personality and business on all social platforms
  • Keep things up to date…banners, activity…IT’s GLOW UP TIME!
  • Get Real , Get Authentic and Get people excited about what you do.

Episode Transcribe

What’s up everybody, welcome to another LiveTime with Alec.

Glorious Tuesday, hope you guys are doing wonderful.

Today is going to be an interesting conversation. For those of you that have just clued in or those of you who have been waiting with fear in your soul, I put out a challenge last week when I scheduled this. The challenge was to see who was brave enough to get audited, a social media audit, live right now, and just put themselves out there because that’s how you get better, is you look for feedback, you ask people like, “Hey, how can I be doing this game better,” and you look for feedback.Now, I will start with a couple disclaimers. I am self taught. I didn’t go to school to figure out how to audit people on social media or what’s good or … I’m just learning alongside everybody else. So, everything I’m going to say today has a little bit of personal opinion tied through it. But that’s okay, right? You’re here for a little personal opinion. So, welcome to the channel. If you want it, yeah, you got it. It’s free, so you’re not paying for it, so deal with it.Yeah. So I asked everybody if they would be willing to be audited, and we got some takers. And so, I’m pretty excited about it. The first thing I’m going to do is dump the banner here, the brand, so I can show some stuff. And let’s start with the first person who said, “Yep, audit me, and across all my social media.” And that’s Cassie. This is going to be fun. So Let’s look at what we got going here. I’m going to go ahead and share my screen. I pulled up all of her social media, and we’re going to look at it together right now. Is anyone else getting nervous? Because this is exciting time. This is cool time, so hold on. No I don’t want to share this, cancel.Where is she? There she is. Pull this up. And just as we started this, my Google Chrome has glitched. That is the life right there. So we’re going to wait a second for this to kind of buffer and get ready, and then we’re going to go after it again. All right, hold on friends. Yeah, Brian on LinkedIn, I feel like I’m looking at her diary. Yeah, this is vulnerable time. Oh man, I’m still glitched out over here. We’ll come back, slowly but surely here. All right, I’m fully glitched out, so here’s what we’re going to do, I’m going to close out and get right back in with you guys in two seconds, so hang tight.All right, we’re trying it round two. Whoo, that was exciting. I’m pretty pumped on that stuff. When you go live like this, you never know what’s going to happen, so you got to keep rocking and rolling. All right. I’m kind of waiting to see if LinkedIn kicks back up. Can you guys see and hear me now? Am I back live? I know there’s a little bit of lag, so if you can see and hear me now, give me a little bit of a comment and then we’ll do this thing again. I think we’re back.Okay, let’s do it. I’m going to start off, share my screen, share a tab. This is the new tab, share. Here we go. All right, so first person that raised their hand and was willing to get audited, Cassie. First thing we’re going to do is we are going to give the old Google a chance. That is the first thing your customers do when they are looking for you, is they Google you. Boom, there we go. Okay, we got a Facebook, Facebook business. I’m just going to open up some these tabs, so we can take a look at these things.We got LinkedIn, which I don’t think is her, but we’re going to go for it. CrossFit, and some pictures. Look at this. Oh, there she is. We got an image. All right, I’m looking at who we’re talking to. I think I know what’s going on here. So let’s pop over and check out … She made a comment on a dog post. Okay, well let’s get over to her page. There we go.All right. Look, we got a website up. We got a Facebook page. Looks like a beautiful family. Looks like she’s a loan consultant at loanDepot, former at First National Bank. We got some posts. Okay, this is like a … If I was talking to her right now, I’d be like, “You know what? This is kind of a … Let’s get rid of some notifications. “This is kind of a good deal here.” Thanks for everybody on LinkedIn, saying you got my back. I appreciate you guys. We’re in. Okay, so I got a real person, that’s nice to talk to.Now if I click on where she works, loanDepot, loan consultant at loanDepot. Oh, that’s not her, that’s loanDepot. I don’t want loan depot, I want her. So how do I find her? Well, let’s search again a little bit. Where’s her business page? Can’t find it very easily, so I’m going to go one step deeper and say mortgage. Now let’s see if I can find her business page. There she is, business page. Okay. So, first pro tip, where you work, if I’m on your personal page, don’t say, loan consultant at loanDepot. I know you work at loanDepot, love it, but I want you to link to your business page. This one, so I can see you.Kevin, not seeing my screen. Okay. I see what you’re doing here, Kevin. So I’m going to stop this, and I’m going to get the whole thing on. So check this out. This is going to blow up everything but we’re just going to go with it. Share. All right. Now you have the portal of death, Kevin, but we’re in. Okay. So, what I was saying is, when I look at Cassie right here… By the way, is it Cassie or Casey? Because I’m dying here. I want to say it’s Cassie but I don’t know. I’m an idiot. So you just got to go with it.When I click loanDepot, I go to loanDepot’s page. I don’t want to go to loanDepot’s page, I want to go to her page. That should say loan consultant at, this page. They should be connected so I can easily find it. Now, one of the cool things about looking at this page is, it looks professional, it looks nice. I got the NMLS number, I got this, Cassie@loanDepot, but this banner, this banner, I don’t like it. I’ll tell you why I don’t like it. First of all, you’re beautiful, this is a wonderful headshot, very professional, but this makes you look like a, and by the way, I’m loanDepot guy, like Mr. loanDepot … It’s impersonal.When I come back here, my loves, I have a personal connection to this one, but when I jump to the business one, it starting to look a little, pushed off a little bit. I want to engage, I want to know what’s going on. When I click reviews, not much going on here. I got to get some reviews going here. I got 143 people that follow this, that’s not enough, we got to get more. And we can talk about strategies to get more, but you want to grow this because you’re a wonderful human being. Look at your posts. She got the posts.So, this one, okay, happy Mother’s Day, but again, it’s impersonal, it’s just from loanDepot. It doesn’t really connect me to you. This one is kind of cool. She’s sharing a house she likes. I like this. She is kind of showing case what’s going on. Okay, another loanDepot post. I like this, sharing again, kind of what’s going on. Another loanDepot post.So I want to see a lot more personalization. I want your personality to come through in your social media here. Let’s kick over to LinkedIn. Operator truck at Freedom Carwash, clearly not the right person. So I’m going to search again. I’ve already searched. There she is. Awesome. Beautiful profile pic, same thing though. I want a personalized banner. I want your banner to tell a story. And then on your about thing right here, let’s clean this up. Let’s check this about, and let’s really personalize it. Like what’s your message to a person?So if I’m reading this and I’m talking to you on the phone right now, I’m a driven individual, I’m sure, I love that, but speak to the customer. Speak directly to them in their heart and let them know what’s going on. Good morning, guys. Hey, Dan. Oh, hey Caroline. This is great, thank you so much. Yeah, we’re getting real. This is just an audit. And then I really don’t want to scroll much further down from here, so there’s that.And then let’s do the old YouTube since YouTube is the thing. We’ll search by name. Not finding much. Let’s see if this is even you. No, it’s a doggy. Could be you though. But let’s go a sense step further and look for mortgage, nothing. So we got to get you on YouTube. It’s the second largest search engine in the world where all the video content needs to be. Get over there. Put your face, put your content on the YouTubes, and start building out a channel.Some of the people we’re auditing later, I actually have examples of this, so I’ll share with you. But that is my encouragement for you. So let’s kind of close these out, go back to here. I hope that makes sense. I love your willingness to put yourself out there and let’s get some work done.Pam. Okay Pam, let’s audit Pam. So first thing we’re going to do is share this, and boom. I know you got to fill your screen, let’s go in here and let’s search for Pam Mender. All right, loan officer. Got a Facebook, let’s open that up. Got a LinkedIn, let’s open that up. Got a Twitter, let’s open that up. Instagram, open that up. Nice. And then some old stuff from other places. Oh, YouTube, open that up.All right, let’s see we got Pam. Oh, awesome. Like this, family, good profile pic. You’ve got some mutual friends, I sent you a friend request. You got some general posts. Let’s see your job at loanDepot. Works at loanDepot. Again, right here guys, I don’t want to see, works at loanDepot, I want to see your business page. All right? So let’s see if I can find a business page Pam. Yes, I can find one. Let’s go check it out.Okay, I like the background video. Even though it’s a loanDepot commercial, I’m digging it. It’s something to draw the eye. I’ve got some three decades of mortgage experience, good. 820 people like this, you’ve done a good job. Let’s kick it over 1000. This is really good. You should be proud of this. You got some infographics, cool. That’s not necessarily a loanDepot commercial, I like that a lot. You got some hashtags going on here, some videos. Oh, I like this video, to uncomplicate the mortgage. So this is …If I go down to posts, let’s check it out, posts. Kind of what she’s been talking about. Let’s look at some reviews. Got some reviews. I’m digging it. Now, it’s only five out of five, based on three people, but we can get some more, right? All you have to do is start asking, but this is wonderful. And then we got some videos going on here and I’m sure we’ll see more on YouTube. So, let’s kind of kick over to LinkedIn. Awesome. Continuity of headshot. Looks clean, I know it’s you. I know it’s you again. The about section does not look personalized. Let’s tighten that up. Let’s add some personalization. Why do you care about this? Why are you in the game? Let’s change the banner. You’re not a commercial, you’re an authentic, amazing human being. Let’s put that up here. Let’s make that known.And then I don’t see many posts. Let’s see all your posts. Let’s see what you’re going on here with posts. Okay, good. Yeah, you’re seeing some posts, but not much engagement. So, we got to figure out why there’s not much engagement going on here. Not much engagement. Not much engagement. Even though you’re posting pretty consistently. A week, five days ago, three days ago. So let’s see your connections. 351 results, that’s why there’s not much connections. We got to get you more connections. And while we’re here, I’m just going to connect a little bit to some people. See, that’s how you do it. You just lop it in there.Let’s check you out on Twitter. Continuity, I got the banner again, let’s fix that. I got the same post. So it look like we’re multi posting across … It looks like we have a service posting for you. So, now that I’ve kind of humanized you a little Pam and looked in, this simplifying the market seems to be a continuing post across the thing. My gut tells me you’re not logging into every profile and posting, my gut tells me you’re using something that’s posted across all mediums for you.If I go to Instagram too … Oh, yeah. Okay. We got to increase some followership, and you do that through engagement. Joseph Duncan, how do I get audited? You had to have commented on this when I posted it, and then I have a bunch of people to go through today. Five. Let me log myself in here. It’s airing, yeah, whatever, it doesn’t matter. But I like this. And then videos, yes. Okay. First person who’s had a YouTube channel. This is a great start, Pam.So first, we got to work on your subscribership. You got to request this from your friends and family. You got to ask people for more information about this, get them over to your channel. You got some good stuff, time to start setting up some playlists. All right? Playlists organize your videos by topic so that somebody can come in here and go, “Oh, okay, I see what’s going on.” So for example, you should do a playlist on refinancing, you should do a playlist on first time home buyers, you should do a playlist on FHA, a playlist on VA, a playlist on renovation. There’s like six or seven playlists right there. Do a one to two minute video in a micro topic, in each of those places, and start putting them in here on YouTube. This is the second largest search engine, let people find you. And again, fix the banner. You’re not a billboard, you’re Pam, and your wonderful.All right. So, how are we doing so far guys? I see people saying, I’m down, audit me.” You’re too late. You’re too late, I got more people to audit. Stacy Chevalier, this is going to be fun. I love auditing people. She asked for it, so here you go. By the way, Stacy, if you’re not watching right now, because I can’t tell, go ahead and somebody tag her, because let’s get real here. All right. Let’s open up a screen here, and let’s start looking for Stacey.Okay. Stacy Chevalier. First thing you do is you just Google the name, you see what comes up. All right. Loaner at loanDepot. Facebook, LinkedIn. I got some pictures. Awesome. So now I’m starting to see who Stacy is. I got an Instagram, which is probably not her, but we’re going to go look around at Instagram. Open up a couple of these, and I got a YouTube something going on, so I’m going to open up that. Sorry, don’t do that. All right. Let’s go to Facebook.I’m friends with her, so I found her. Let’s check it out. All right. Studied at St. Mary’s. Beautiful family. Looks like a wonderful person. She’s got some pics of her kids. This is awesome. Looks like lots of comments are flown around. 39 comments. Wow, because she’s connected digitally, she’s getting good engagement, but I cannot tell where she works. About, I don’t know. No workplaces. What’s going on? Who is Stacy? Does she have a job? She looks like she’s doing cool stuff. Let’s see if I can find her by searching for her business page.Stacy Chevalier. I don’t see a business page. No business page Stacey. Boo, I’m going to come at you. You got to have a business page. Seriously, business page. You’re a business professional, have a business page. Okay. Let’s go to LinkedIn. Found her. Okay, we got the generic loanDepot background. We now know that that’s a no no. I want to see some heart, I’m want to see some souls, some personalization.Stacy is a branch manager. No, you’re not. Your about thing is wrong. Boo. This is what an audit is. You got to cut it. You’re not a branch manager, says up here you’re an area manager. What’s your story, Stacy? What’s your story in Washington? Feed it to me, right here. By the way, featured, we’ve got an AI mortgage old thing. This is very normal for people on social media to have old content linked on. Get rid of this and I want to see some videos in the featured section of you Stacy telling about how much of a badass you are and what you’re doing in Washington.All right? Sorry, I always have to clear my notifications. I have massive ADD, so I can’t help it. All right. So some things have to clean up, but we’re looking like we have a lot of activity going on here. So if I look at all activity or posts, she was on Chad Anderson’s Beyond The Loan podcast, it was actually posted today. So she’s active on social media. Come join us. This is great. She’s got little emojis floating around. I like this. 66 likes, seven comments.All right. I’m digging Stacy. Cancel. That is not Stacy on Instagram. So we’re blowing that out. Okay, it looks like I found, loanDepotpugetsound, which looks to be like it’s Stacy. So this is likely her Instagram. And I can’t log into Instagram for some reason, it’s glitching me out so I’m over it. But we got a little Instagram account. 10 likes, 13 likes, 72 likes and … So we got some stuff going on here. It’s got 141 followers, probably need to get a little bit deeper there, but got we activity. I’m not opposed.Ah, So this one, let’s look for Stacy. So the first thing that pulled up on YouTube is actually her interview with Chad Anderson. So, there is no Stacy YouTube channel, and there needs to be because Stacy has an incredible story to tell about what she’s doing in the state of Washington, how her team’s doing, and I can’t see any of her story right now. So if she’s recruiting me, and I’m looking her up, I’m finding some stuff, but I can’t tell that she is one of the number one teams in the country for loanDepot. I can’t tell that people are coming to her office and just wanting to work for her from all over the state. I want to see that stuff because it’s awesome.We have a lot of comments here. So Rosie, I’m loving this, so practical. Thank you. Yes, Skip, audit me. You’re too late dude, but we’re going. Okay, so that was Stacy. So, audit me, Tammy. Let’s do it, Tammy. Let me close down these things. Let’s open up a new deal here. Add there. And let’s look for Tammy. All right. I Googled, found her, loan officer. I’m going to look to learn off the page. Twitter. I got a LinkedIn. I got Facebook. I got a Yelp. I got some videos. Okay. Okay. So let’s check out this page.There’s Tammy, looking good. Okay. Goodbye. Twitter. Senior loan … Okay. So first thing Tammy, you got the old banner still. We got to fix that up on tweet. You have 966 tweets, so you’re actually playing the Twitter game, which is good. I’m not good at the Twitter game. I’m trying. But you got a banner from 1992, with Mortgage Masters still on there. Come on. Come on. Get rid of that. But grab your favorite cocktail, join me. Wonderful. Retweeting loanDepot stuff. I like this. So you got an active Twitter going on, a little bit of cleanup needed.All right, LinkedIn. The banner, this is the LinkedIn banner, that’s not you. That’s not you Tammy, you got to get that cleaned up. Get the personal banner, make sure it tells your story. Headshot. I don’t know. I can’t see you very well. It’s a little dark, a little grainy. It looks like you’re at a work event, which is natural. Like that’s maybe you like the picture. But no, I want to see you dude. It’s glow up time. Get out there. I know it’s hard in COVID land when we don’t get to wear makeup very often, but … I’m literally in shorts, but you can’t tell, so it’s great. But let’s get a better profile pic.Let’s clean this about section. Why who cares? Buying a house is stressful. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Get real, get authentic, get people excited about what you do. And then let’s go down and see your kind of activity. All right. You’re sharing some real estate. You’re liking some comments. Yeah, I love this too, that someone made a custom skin for this. This is amazing. So yeah, you’re engaging, you’re talking but I don’t see many posts. Why aren’t you posting? Where are your posts? Three weeks ago, that’s why I haven’t seen it. There you are, three weeks ago. So not enough frequency. All right? You need a higher frequency.And then let’s see how your followers are, your connections. 500 connections. Yeah, we need more connections. More connections, grow yourself out there. And let’s pop over to Facebook land. All right. This is your business one, let’s see if there’s a personal one first, because if I’m a customer, I’m always looking at your personal one first. There you are. Oh, doggos, super cute. Mortgage rockstar, I love that. That’s more personal. And you got some core training you’re showing off, which is good. You’ve got some, supporting small businesses. I like this. You shared the live … You did a watch party, you hosted it, that’s cool.But again, I can’t click to your work thing here. You said your NMLS number at loanDepot. I don’t want to go to loanDepot. There’s loanDepot. I want to go to you. Sorry, I got to clear notifications. It’s just a personal problem. Look, leave me alone. All right? All right? It’s a personal problem. There’s two types of people in the world, the person who has zero unread emails, the email box is zero, and the person who has 30,000. There’s no one in between. Come at me.So, I want to get back to your business page. I like the banner. It’s a little commercially but it’s not as like, just loanDepot, it’s actually talking about the digital loan experience. So I’ll give you kind of a pass. I really like this right here, about Tammy, it says a lifetime guarantee but then you’ve got the boring … I think this is cut and pasted. So I really like this, but man, write something that’s a little more you, not commercialized. Let’s go to reviews, because humans check reviews. Good. Okay, nine reviews. Good. Good start. Can boost that up, should be 90. Got some interesting photos.So when I click on photos, look, I’m seeing, because it’s on your business page, but I’m just seeing a lot of the corporate jargon. By the way, I’m in. I love it every now and then, it’s good, it’s graphical, but I want you to really lean into, personalize your work content. You’re not just a billboard, you’re Tammy. I want to see Tammy, I don’t want to see this. Videos. We got videos. Good, good, good. So I’m going to go to YouTube in a second, but I like these videos. Look, these things live forever. I mean, closing costs, 148 views. Because you have this posted here and you have a mask, I want to click it. This is like, I want to know what’s going on here. I love it.So this is the kind of stuff I want to see more of. So let’s pop over to YouTube and see what you got there. I found you, good. This is great. So you got five subscribers, eight videos. Let’s check your channel out. Continuity of photo. The photo’s the same everywhere. You look great. Again, banner not personalized. I don’t like it, I want a personalized banner. And then you’ve got some videos. Okay. So back to my original comment, you need to have some playlists, so you could organize your content, right? So I know kind of where you’re talking about. You were kind of quiet for two years then you started to come pop back up. So we got to get you going here, and that’s going to kick your views up.The last thing you can do is you need to start working on your bumpers. I’m going to talk about this and I have video training on this that I’m going to send out, but I want you to look at my channel. I’ve been working hard on this. So I’ve got a custom banner. I’ve got a custom little face. We’re live right now, with this, audit time live. And then look at my playlists, modern lending podcast, live in 2020, 100 videos in 100 days, show up evolve series. And then I’ve got my bumpers. I made all these bumpers, you see, so it’s not just my face, it’s my face with some graphics. Makes a big difference when you want to click on something. So, throwing that out there for you Tammy, everything else here so far is really, really good. So you’re on the right path, you just got to keep leaning into it.All right. Craig Stamler, don’t choose me. That’s like asking me to do it. You can’t put that out there and be like … Because I’m going to … You’re poking the bear dude. I’m going to Google you live. Okay, but other people have actually asked, so I’m going to go. The last one was … Not again, no, no, no, no. It was, hold on, stay with me. Stay with me, I got this. It was … I wrote it down. I know, I know. Nathan. Nathan Nelson. Nathan Nelson.Awesome. Nathan Nelson. Let’s go find you, buddy. All right, let’s share the screen. Get back up here. Good. Nathan Nelson, here we go. This is a good one and a good example because there’s more famous Nathan Nelsons the Nathan Nelson Mortgage. So all of a sudden I’ve got a bunch of Nathan Nelsons popping up. It’s hard to deal with. You’re going to have to figure out how to differentiate yourself before I have to type in mortgage, because people aren’t going to do that. There you go. Got your LinkedIn, Zillow, we got a Facebook. Let’s see if that’s you. Got some Yelp stuff, and then more pictures and aces.So let’s go check out … All right, found you. First things first, get rid of my notifications. All right. Same trend here. Got a generic background. I don’t like it. Great profile pic. Looks professional, look sharp. Got a bio that I don’t think is really that personalized, got to fix that. Same thing with down here, loanDepot, blah blah blah. No one cares, they care about Nathan. Let’s see what your activity is like. So you’re liking some stuff, you’re liking some stuff, it’s good. I like it. You like my stuff, that always get you big points. Looks at some postsOkay. So you’re posting a lot of loanDepot stuff. By the way themes, right? We’re seeing themes. This dehumanizes you. Turns you into a talking head. Coach Steve is editing my online profile right now. Yeah before I start looking at it. I want to personalize this stuff man. Personalize, that’s the key word. There’s nothing sticky here, there’s no videos here. I want to see what’s going on with you, dude. I want to know what makes you tick. Awesome. Look at this.So, great profile pic, great family. Look at this, exec MLO at loanDepot. Relationship loan officer at his business page, which I’m going to open up. I get lots of links here, this is great. Look, he has a video of Marble Madness maze. Looks good. So as a human, if I’m talking to Nathan right now, I’m like, “Hey, dude, this is a good man. Good family man. I like this stuff.” Get out of here. Let’s go check out his business page. Yes. Look at that, personalized banner. Like in the game, it’s an action shot, right? I like this stuff. I like it. And you’ve got 70 people like this. You got to get deeper and get more on there guys, that’s just the game here.And again, I’m seeing a lot of loanDepot posts. Oh, no, no, no, I see a video. My man, this is solid. Okay, we’re getting more personalized content not just reposting kind of commercial stuff. Let’s look at your reviews. One person, at least you’re on the board dude. Hey, on the board. Better than some of you who don’t even have a business page. Stacy. Just going to call you out like that, right here, live. Just calling you out.So, let’s check you out on YouTube dude. Let’s see what we got. Nathan Nelson, bummer, you got a bunch of famous people and a song that’s named Nathan Nelson, so you got problems. Not going to find you very easily, you’re going to have to put out more content, you’re going to have to out shout those people. I know that’s challenging. But now I found you, five subscribers, 16 videos, when I search for mortgage. Unified headshot, I know it’s you. I don’t like the non personal banner. But again, same issue that a lot of you guys have, no playlist, no organization, no bumpers, so they look a little chaotic. And then we it looks like we’re throwing a personal video on to this thing, which is fine, not judging, but you can see how it kind of breaks up. If this was a playlist of like, my family and personal stuff, mortgage stuff, et cetera, you see how that could kind of guide me as I’m looking at this stuff.But all in all, Nathan, this is a strong social media, kind of showing more ways to improve. So, now I’m going to show you guys. Yeah, it is work to do guys. I mean look, Cajun lender, Nikki, it is work, you got to really put it in there. But it is what it is. I’m going to do one more on LinkedIn, since these comments don’t show up on this thing. So, it’s Michael, and we’re just going to do it right here. Boom, boom. He’s being brave. I know some of you guys have been brave too. So Michael, I want to make sure I spell your last name right. Did I get it? Michael Faraci.Okay. Okay, I’m finding you here, Michael. I like it. So, I’m trying to figure out which one we got here is you. But we got some different stuff going on. I don’t think any of these are actually you. This might be you. So we got to get some more posts going, because I don’t think LitCon is you either, but I’ll look it up. Nope, see, not you. So let’s go find you on LinkedIn.Got you. Oh, look at that beard. I have such beard envy right now. I hate you, bro. All right. So we’ve got 500 plus connections. Let’s see how many connections we got on LinkedIn. About 1000, 933 pretty good. I like that. That’s working hard to build connections. Really great banner. Look at this banner. He’s got his podcast up there. He’s got a specialty team, non QM. I mean, this is like, I’m liking this dude. You got a great … Let’s see your engagement. Yeah, I mean, obviously, I’m a fan of your videos, but look, the first thing I see on your post is the authentic videos. Your background tells a story, nerds for life. And then you’ve got a ton of personalized content going on, and video content.So this is looks like, so far an A+. Let’s go down and look at here. I should see like, you know how you can tag videos in your profile, I expect this from you Michael. You got to put your best videos kind of in here, about you, so people can see them. Right? And I’ll give you an example so we can kind of talk through it together.If you go to mine, my featured stuff. So I’ve got some of my featured live streams, my 100 videos, a meet Alec video. I want to see this about you guys. All right? So this is when I go back to Michael’s page, he does such great video content, I want to see it like right here so I can engage it. But we’re looking good here. Let’s see if I can find Michael. Is this you? Works at I will never tell. No. Maybe, I don’t think so. I can’t find you dude. I want to find you. Oh, I found … No, that’s Michael terrace. Michael Faraci. Let’s do mortgage. Michael Fisher. Can’t find you on Facebook, where all the humans are right now. Let’s see if it’s AFM, nothing.My limited Google skills cannot find you on Facebook, and I want to find you on Facebook, because you got good stuff to share. You should be all over that. Let’s go check out YouTube. By the way, I’m going to get a little bit of judgment for saying this, but you know what? If we’re auditing everybody and being live let’s do it. We got a lot of interesting things here. But there he is. Okay. So let’s just go his channel. It doesn’t stop, does it Mike. Hey, by the way, maybe your Mike over here. Nope, nope, nope. Really ripped guy right there.So, got some videos. Oh, dude, okay, so you’re the video fricking King. First of all, give you a little subscribe. I want to see a much deeper and richer YouTube channel. You’ve got tremendously powerful content that should be showcased. I mean, I want to see custom bumpers, I want to see a banner, I want to see some playlists. I mean, you’ve got amazing content. I’ve been a fan of it. So you’ve got to get it here and play the game. Right? You got to play the game. Let me show you. So Michael, thank you for being brave, by the way and just jumping in there. That was epic.So, let me show you some examples of where we can go. All right? So, first things first, let’s share and look up my buddy. He’s not here to defend himself. So Sean Uyehara, in Las Vegas. Got a bunch of stuff that popped up here. If I actually search for Las Vegas, it gets better. Now I see immediately his Google business with 46 business reviews. This is what should show up for you, when you’re googled. I’ve got a way to make an appointment. I got phone number. I’ve got information. Request to quote. 46 Google reviews. And then I’m like, “Huh. Wow. Okay, this guy is putting some effort into his brand.” Right?Let’s go ahead and open up Facebook and LinkedIn and Instagram, and take a little quick look. All right. So, in fact, let’s go to his personal first. There he is. I’ve got a custom banner, got a bunch of his self social media handles. I like all this. I got tons of links here, of where I can access him. I’ve got a video here, where he’s being interviewed that looks professional and awesome. I’ve got another video that looks personalized and cool. So I’ve got a lot of good stuff happening here. Let’s go ahead and click some of these links.So let’s go to his YouTube. Dead link. This is normal though. This is normal guys. This is what happens. You have to check yourself. I’m a customer talking to Sean, I want to see his link and I got a dead Link. So now I’ll go in here and look for him on YouTube. There he is. There he is. And I’m going to come back to that in a second. Let’s go down look at his LinkedIn. Boom, link. Dead link. Man, now I got to look for Sean on YouTube, I mean on LinkedIn. Okay, so I found him pretty easily. I’ve got, again, a banner, his same picture, I see continuity of image and brand. I don’t have any featured posts here, that’s a shame. Get me some featured posts. You’re too good for this, Sean. But I bet he’s …Let’s go check out his activity. Okay, he’s liking my stuff. He’s liking other people’s stuff. Let’s see his posts. A personal video content, my early struggles on social media. What a good topic for this. That’s incredibly good. Michael, thanks for doing this brother. Yeah, dude, of course. This is how we get real, right? So he’s got a lot of authentic creative content here. I like it. Let’s go see how many connections he has. 682. Brother, start clicking the button more. Come on. Got a lot of people to connect with here. Speaking of which, so do I. So let’s just go ahead and be a little selfish right here and hook it up. Sorry, if we’re here …All right. So back to Facebook. Let’s go check out Instagram. Wow, 4000 followers on Instagram. Okay, so he’s super active on Instagram. This is a pattern … Look, by the way, same continuity of headshot. I know this is Sean when I find him here. So I’m digging all this. And he’s got a little link tree, so I can see … This is good. There’s a lot of links to where to go, mortgage do’s and don’ts. I like this. This is good, guys. This is good. His podcast.So let’s look at his YouTube channel. I see some playlists. Create a playlist. Facebook Live videos. Okay, seven step home ownership guide. Yes, yes, I preach this all the time. Self made podcast. Okay. Six podcasts in there, I like it. 13, 12 Days of Christmas videos about loanDepot. This is good. Now I’m starting to see some stuff. I see some custom bumpers that are kind of like Vegas strong. Like look at that, that’s a strong video, strong bumper. His channel is telling a story. Now he’s only got 37 subscribers because he’s not pimping his channel out as much as he could. But he’s got the content already built on here. All of these should get bumpered at some point, because they look chaotic. Like this. But I’m sure they’re great, but you got to bumper them, put that little cover photo on it and get it all cleaned up, so that you can have kind of the image and the brand you want, with such a professional effort you’re going through here.So all in all, Sean, this is exactly how you should be doing it. And there just probably ticky tack cleanup stuff in my opinion that he could be playing with. All right, that was a lot. I appreciate you guys for hanging out for 40 minutes on this audit. I went fast. This is available on YouTube. When the live is done, you can go to my YouTube channel and you can watch it, so you can kind of go through it again and see what you should be doing and not doing.By the way, use the YouTube and just do the same thing, like social media audit. If you are a leader at a branch or of humans in the mortgage business, I absolutely encourage you to do it. Brenda one of our managers did in, Tustin. She sent all of her loan officers names and kind of some general information over to her friend in New York and said, “Please, Google these people, do exactly what I just did.” Like I’m on the phone call with you, I google you, we find out what’s going on, and then you get the results back and let your results speak for themselves, and share them with your team that you’re leading. Share them.Be like, “Here’s how I look online.” Guys, you go on a first date, okay? You go on a first date, what do you do? And It’s COVID, so let’s … So it’s a video date, and you get dressed. You do the makeup. You get the beard tamed, if you can tame it. I can’t tame mine, it’s turning into an actual animal zone. But when you go out on a date guys, you put your best foot forward. You go to a interview, you go to an appointment with a realtor, you don’t just show up in flip flops and just mail it in. You come ready to play. The same thing needs to happen with your brand on social media and on the internet. You need to just come to play. Okay?I want you to show up in big powerful ways and you can’t do that if I google you and I get nothing. Okay? You with me? It’s not hard, it’s just hard work. It’s my quote for the day. It’s not hard, it’s just hard work. All right? Go out there, clean yourself up, have a wonderful rest of your week. Oh, there’s one more comment. Great stuff, thank you. You’re welcome. Thanks for being bold and putting yourself out there to get better. That’s how we do it. As Coach Steve Frezinger would say, “Feedback and self awareness is key.” Rock on everybody, have a wonderful week. I will see you on the internet. (silence)