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Come join me and Dave Savage, CEO of Mortgage Coach and Industry Leading Collaborator as we discuss best in class tactics, strategies and scripts used by world class originators to thrive in this digital world. 

Your snippet into this episode of the Modern Lending Podcast:

  • Be the guide not the hero.
  • Get out there and just do, get in front of the camera.
  • Grandma know what zoom is now. Now is the time.
  • Find out what mortgagecoach and Dave Savage is all about.

Episode Transcribe

Alec Hanson:What’s up everybody. Welcome to another live episode of the Modern Lending podcast.

I am stoked you are here with me online live and I’m also stoked if you’re listening to this later on, as it gets rereleased as a podcast.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be a fun conversation. I try my best to bring a lot of value to you guys on these podcast days on Thursdays. And a lot of you know, and this is a little bit of a humble brag, but I wrote a book and it comes out May 28th. So that’s in seven days. So thank you for all that have pre-ordered.But one of the chapters in this book is on consultation and quoting, and I almost literally dedicated this chapter to the man that we’re going to bring on in our podcast, Dave Savage. This guy has been leaning in to contemporary consultative practices for what feels like a decade. I mean, honestly, Dave will correct this, but it feels like forever from video technology and leveraging the web to make an online digital presentation. And guess what? That’s all we got now. So let’s bring on Dave Savage and have an incredible conversation about digital consultations.Yes, here we are. Dave Savage, the man. I’m super jealous of your digital background. I want something as cool as that. Because I just, I got wood and yours is like an actual like Mortgage Coach, like domain.Dave Savage:Well, there’s the logo up there, but yeah, it’s a pretty sweet background and a hats off to the Mortgage Coach product and design team.Alec Hanson:So good. Hey everybody. We are live on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube. If you are there drop a comment from where you are listening in from, we’d love to engage with you. All of your comments are live. We’re seeing them, we’re experiencing them. So any questions you have as we’re going through this live podcast, we want to engage. So jump in. Dave, thank you. Number one for hanging out with me today.Dave Savage:Thank you for inviting me to hang out with you.Alec Hanson:Well, for those of you that know Dave, like this guy, you are the one of the busiest guys in the game. You are consistently putting out enriched content to drive our industry forward bringing new conversations. And so I know how busy you are not only in just running Mortgage Coach, but just an also producing a lot of stuff for everybody that’s in our community. So thank you for that.Dave Savage:Well, I love doing it and we have an amazing community and the mortgage industry is an amazing industry. So it’s a gift and a pleasure.Alec Hanson:I love that comment because even when I started in 2003, the mortgage industry had a taint to it. It was not necessarily thought of as this amazing industry, this amazing platform, it’s kind of like used car salesman and mortgage people were fighting for superiority. And here we are though in this incredible industry in this unparalleled time and the mortgage industry is actually going to be one of the amazing industries of the United States that help pull this country out of the COVID recession. And I’m just really proud to be part of it, proud to be part of it.Dave Savage:Yeah, there, there is no doubt. This is a tremendous opportunity for our industry, the house and the home is the center of the universe for a family. And most families need a mortgage to experience that amazing wealth building opportunity. And guys, I do not think we’re competing with used car salesman. I mean the quality of loan officers in America has elevated and it just continues to elevate. It’s one of the things I love about your book is it’s a blueprint to being that modern, elevated mortgage professional. And I think it’s a very bright time to be in this industry.Alec Hanson:Well, look, we’ve got people from all over. We got Jersey Shore, we got Colorado, we got Oregon, we got Texas and we’re already getting some of your fans jumping on here. Tammy’s quote is the best, “Woot, Dave Savage doing digital before it was a thing.” And that’s actually like Tammy, that’s dead on like one of the conversations I want to start with with you, Dave, which is it’s crazy to me Mortgage Coach as a platform, as a technology was leaning into digital conversations and digital consultations literally before it was cool. Because now you don’t have a choice. Like we were just talking about this two seconds ago guys, before we went live, as a local real mortgage pro, like one of the things I loved doing was getting face to face with my customers and explaining an LE or explaining a CD or explaining the costs and the fees and the whole stuff. You can’t do that anymore. You can’t do it anymore. So let’s just ask this question. What’s subscribership and what are you experiencing for Mortgage Coach?Dave Savage:Well, I mean the virtual mortgage experience has exploded. And I think Zoom and the results that are putting out is into the public in terms of their user base, how many more people are doing virtual experiences has exploded. And the Mortgage Coach network has exploded. We almost hit a million families a year last year getting a TCA. We’re going to crush over 2 million families a year getting a TCA this year. Between our integrations and the number of families that are clicking on it it’s exploded. And then our users loan officers that are creating a total cost analysis. I mean, it’s up multiples of percent. I mean, it’s a virtual explosion.Alec Hanson:And it’s so funny. You talk about skating to where the puck is going, right? The great Wayne Gretzky quote of like, “I skate where the puck is going.” And I don’t think anyone would have predicted that we were going to this place.Dave Savage:Not this fast. Not this fast. Not this fast.Alec Hanson:And man, but when tipping points happen, when things come up, when things happen like this, I mean the mortgage crisis was no one thought how fast, that happened fast. It was like, “Oh no, oh no, oh no.” And then just total destruction of the industry in our world, everything was going digital. And then all of a sudden COVID hit and then it’s like, whomp, now we’re almost purely digital. And so one of the things that I love that you do and that I like to kind of maybe have you unpack for a few minutes, you connect to a lot of top originators. You share their content, you host things like Scriptapalooza by the way, which is epic. If you guys haven’t seen that on the YouTubes, it’s amazing. But the Dave, what are you seeing like real talk live happening around us right now that the best loan officers are doing leveraging Mortgage Coach?Dave Savage:Well, I think there’s been at least a five year acceleration in digital adoption. And I do think we’re entering this new phase, which I had been calling all of last year, the digital shift era. And I think we’re in this new phase call it new chapter of the book called the virtual shift era where we need to connect virtually. How realtors show homes and market homes, they’re doing virtual listing appointments. So there’s just an explosion of professionals creating content. The webinar wars, I call it the mortgage industry. I used to be kind of like-Alec Hanson:Dude, I like that.Dave Savage:… the guy that was doing the most webinars [inaudible 00:07:15] content.Alec Hanson:What is the webinar wars?Dave Savage:Now, we got this show going on. There’s another show. So there is that people have stepped into this stage and they’re there on virtual stages. I think now there’s the skill, the skill level. I love how you played off of Rene Rodriquez is digital body language. And the people that are like looking in the corner of the picture are the people that are over here. So there’s different people show up at different levels. And the best of the best are just learning quick.I was on the phone the other day with Shayla Gifford, rockstar mortgage professional. And she wasn’t, I’m talking into the eye, that’s the camera. She fixed it like the end of the day. She’s like I did three meetings and I’m on it. And so I’m seeing the best of the best. They’re just getting good rapidly. They’re unlearning their bad habits. They’re relearning new habits. And guys, the mortgage industry is leading housing virtually in America. We’re teaching realtors how to do it. And the best of the best are just learning really fast. That’s what I’m seeing.Alec Hanson:dude. You know what that tells me too, it’s it’s not just that their skill and learning is probably maybe above average, but they’re willing to make mistakes. You can’t learn to stare at the camera and get that feedback from you unless the camera’s on. So that’s a wonderful point. So share a little bit about your total cost analysis, because there are some people that by the way, may have never heard of Mortgage Coach.Dave Savage:What? Watching this call right now. You think there’s some here.Alec Hanson:Yeah, not true.Dave Savage:If you’ve never heard of, let me know, like, “I’m hearing about Mortgage Coach.” I’m just kidding.Alec Hanson:That would be fantastic.Dave Savage:But I do want to know.Alec Hanson:Well, because here’s the reality, Dave, new blood’s coming into our industry, brand new blood is coming into the mortgage space right now because we’re hiring like a bunch of other companies that we’re going to hire like 3000 people between now and the end of the year and a bunch of other mortgage companies are going to have rapid growth. There are not enough loan professionals in our industry today to handle the volume that’s coming at us. When rates go into the twos and they’re seven to $6 trillion of opportunity out there, there’s not enough humans in our industry to manage this influx. We’re going to need new blood and they’re going to never have heard of Mortgage Coach. They’re going to come in from wherever they came in. And I want you in the simplest way possible. What does a TCA analysis do?Dave Savage:So when I founded Mortgage Coach and the TCA, I always came from this concept that, I want to make money. I want to be successful, but I want to be valuable. And that was always my guiding light to create tangible value and to do it in a way that was unique. Like, if everybody’s doing this, I need to do it a little different. And so a couple things that I think are common sense that I discovered early on in my career was that every loan officer is quoting rates, payment and cash to close, which are essential parts of a transaction. But there there were some things that loan officers weren’t doing and they weren’t showing families the total cost over time. So let’s face it people don’t just get a loan for a monthly payment and they don’t get the loan and keep it for 30 years. Usually there’s like, “Oh, I want it for three years. I want it for five years. I want it for seven years.” And so to me, that was just common sense that if you’re going to get a loan, look at it over windows of time that irrelevant to you.And then I don’t remember where I first saw it. It was probably at a Todd Duncan sales mastery onstage. Someone talked about, “Hey, if you make an extra payment a year, you’re going to pay off your house in 18 years.” And so that was another thing like common sense.And I didn’t want to just say that conceptually. I wanted to be able to say, “Hey family, let’s say you did a refinance. And it’s going to save you this much per month.” Which every loan officer in America is, they got that right.Alec Hanson:We can do that.Dave Savage:They know how to show monthly savings. But I thought like, “Hey, what if one, I blew up the savings over time?” Like, consumer, “How long is it important to have it?””Oh, it’s going to save you that much over five years.” To me, that’s good salesmanship. It’s good advisory. And then what if we took that extra savings and applied it to your principal, to the penny, how much is that going to reduce your interest costs? So the Mortgage Coach was born from that like a couple common sense principles that are not common sense and automating them so that any loan officer, whether they were new in the business and they just got of the business for being in the food service industry, they could implement these common sense ideas. So that was what gave birth to the total cost analysis.Alec Hanson:Now this is where I love when you took it to the next level and talking about skating to where the puck is going, you incorporated the video. And we even rapped about this on another one of my 100 videos in 100 days thing where you introduced video. And so remind everybody, when did that feature go live?Dave Savage:Gosh, well, it’s been a long time.Alec Hanson:I know.Dave Savage:I mean it’s been a few years. I think this is one of those things when I think back at why I embraced video, this is where a weakness I have. I mean, I am real deal ADD. So I was that kid in high school, not high school in grade school that took Ritalin, so that’s real. And then I’m dyslexic so spelling is not my gift. So I started using video very early on. One, I’m always looking for the differentiator, but really why did I use video? Because I can’t spell anything wrong. And it’s faster. What would take me too long to type and write and would have errors. I could just use a video. So I was an early adopter because of a personal gift. Some people would call it a weakness, but a gift that I had. And then I just saw the speed advantage. So I just started like, “Oh, I’m going to bring video to the mortgage industry because it’s a way to personally connect. It’s a way to save time.” And for all my dyslexic, brothers and sisters out there, it’s a way to not spell any words wrong.Alec Hanson:But I really want to take a tangent here because what you just said, number one, thank you for showing that vulnerability as strength and just sharing something that you used, you thought of, or maybe in the world and interprets as a weakness and figuring out, “Hey, this is actually going to be a strength later.”And here’s my story on this. So I have massive call reluctance and massive insecurity from being bullied growing up and all that stuff from being wanting to be accepted and all that fun stuff. Right. So that’s all lives in here. And so when I was told in 2003, I’m 23 years old. They’re like, “Hey, you need to go out and meet realtors. I want eight business cards a day. I want you going out on broker previews, open houses, eight cards a day.”And I was so terrified of getting rejected. But I knew I had to walk in there cause calling them out of the blue was even more terrifying. So screw that. But I knew I had to get in there. And so I didn’t sell because I’m like, if I don’t sell anything, they reject me for anything. So I didn’t sell. I just walked in and introduced myself, asked a couple high level, whatever questions. And it’s funny, I hacked my own success because without selling, I became nonthreatening and nonthreatening I became a friend or a colleague, an industry professional, fellow industry professional. And all of a sudden now I had permission to start asking like, “Hey, did you ever think about using me as a mortgage guy?” Because now I had a relationship with them, Dave. And they saw me for who I was and I got honest feedback.And a lot of people were like, “Yeah, I’d love that.” Or like, “Yeah, I was waiting for you to ask for business and you never asked.”And I was like, “Well, I was too terrified that you’d say no.” And it’s incredible. It’s like with your dyslexia and going into video. I mean, you hacked your own success because if we’re honest guys, sometimes our greatest fears and weaknesses are actually the things that are going to empower us to the next level. And Dave, you’re a living example of that. Because you brought video out and look at the world now. Isn’t it crazy?Dave Savage:Yeah, it is crazy. But it’s so important. And I still see way too many loan officers not leaning into the video game. And I see too many loan officers thinking video is making a show like this. And this is an example of video, but guys, text video send a 15 second, 30 second text video to a realtor after meeting in Mortgage Coach the easiest video to the two used videos you’ll ever do are the thank you. Because you know how to do that hopefully. And then the voice memo on a Mortgage Coach TCA where you have that conversation with people on voicemails put it in a digital format so that everybody who is helping that family make their mortgage decision, gets to connect with you. They get to see you, they get to hear you and they get to connect with you. It’s the biggest no-brainer there ever was.Alec Hanson:So I think Dave, this is going to be the best kind of recognition of what you guys do. So let’s, let’s show some comments because we can’t see them. If you’re on Facebook, you can see the Facebook comments, but you can’t see LinkedIn put Shawn’s comment up.Dave Savage:Yep. By the way, the tech that you’re using here is pretty sweet.Alec Hanson:Dude I’m geeking out everyday. But look at this, “Mortgage Coach has changed my business forever. The TCA is a major game changer when my clients.” Scroll up a little bit, Mikey, throw Erica’s up there.Dave Savage:Thank you, Shawn. Appreciate you brother.Alec Hanson:Keep going. You’ll find it. Erica had a quote about how Mortgage Coach has changed your careers. Oh, there’s a good one. Yep. “Mortgage Coach saves me deals. Weekly takes the fight out of rate.”There’s Erica’s, “Mortgage Coach has changed my career.” I mean, Dave you’re making impact in this industry.Dave Savage:Wow, wow. Thank you, thank you.Alec Hanson:And you deserve a lot of thanks, because you’re making massive impact in our industry.Dave Savage:Well the Moore Good Coach team. I mean, I am a guy who started the fire, but I have a partner that helped create the first version. Greg Waxler, Joe Patura our head of product. And we just have an amazing team of innovators throughout the entire company. Jacob Gibbs, everybody who’s part of Mortgage Coach knows Jacob’s voice from all the videos he’s done and all that support. So we’ve got an amazing team.Alec Hanson:Now here’s where I want to take the rest of this conversation. Obviously you have a tremendous product and it’s serving our community. It’s serving our loan officers. There’s social proof right in front of our faces on this live podcast. But you also do something different to kind of brand yourself and market yourself. And this conversation, or this question is going to be universal to every single sales person, mortgage professional on this live or listening to this pod. Which is, you don’t just produce content saying, “Look how great Mortgage Coach is.” Which you could, you could have video after video testimonial, after testimonial of, “Look how great Mortgage Coach is.” Instead, one of the things you do, which has always impressed me and I took a page out of it. And it’s kind of what I’m doing with my strategy is you bring collaboration and best practices and conversations to the industry. Like Scriptapalooza. How many of those have you done?Dave Savage:Well, that was the third Scriptapalooza, but I put everything I do when it comes to creating social media content under the category of leadership. And the only force I know that changes the world more than technology, it is leadership. And I started creating content using video, started with GoToMeeting coming out of the mortgage meltdown because nobody was doing sales meetings. And if they weren’t doing sales meetings, they were not motivational and great. And so from a Mortgage Coach standpoint, I always learned that when it comes to learning to use a new piece of technology, or I looked at the branch managers that had everybody using the tech right. And you know, different companies have different levels of adoption. It’s all about leadership. And so my, why is I create content because I want to shine a light on other people in our community that are incredible leaders that are actually doing it. And it was just the best way to make the change I wanted to make in the industry was to do interviews. So that’s why I do it.Alec Hanson:And guys, the reason I asked Dave, look, we can all take a page out of that book right there, guys. I literally had a teammate today, send me a LinkedIn note saying, “I want to get out in the game. I want to produce content at scale. I want to be on video, but I’m afraid that I’m not going to enough content and I’m going to fizzle out and I’m going to disappear.” And the reality is there is so much content out there. I mean, Dave, your strategy of just interviewing people and sharing best practices alone could go on forever. And I hope it does. There’s a comment right here. Again, Shawn basically said that, “His weekly calls are my personal sales meetings.” And this one, “The weekly series of masterminds. I learn something every time.”Dave Savage:Thank you Shawn.Alec Hanson:And what I love about this is, Dave, you’re not just selling your product. You’re contributing at scale with leadership. And that to me, everyone should write that down and take a page from that book and integrate it into their own strategy Dave. It’s exceptionally cool what you do.Dave Savage:Well, thank you brother. And I do want to comment the person who said, “I’m worried that I’m going to run out of content.” I think that’s a very legitimate fear.And when I started creating content, it wasn’t like, “Oh, I am going to do this for the next 10 years. And before you know it, I’m going to be doing two live calls a week and I’m going to be interviewing multiple loan officers weekly.” I mean, that was not a plan. And it’s still not I’m committed to doing the amount of content that I do forever. So I think anytime that you’re fearful of something, you need to step over that so, “Oh, I’m fear.” So I just got to step over that and take it one day at a time, take it one video at a time.And either one, most people aren’t going to judge you the way you think they are. And the people that are going to judge you the way you’re worried, who cares about those people? You’re worried about the wrong folk. So whenever you reach fear, you just need to step over that fear when it comes to video, because we are in a new world guys, it was a virtual economy. And while we will be living in the real world, again, we will have face to face meetings again, guys, grandma knows Zoom is. That’s like a household name now. And grandma likes Zoom.Alec Hanson:Love it.Dave Savage:We had a birthday party on zoom. My mom loved Zoom. She’s like, “When are we going to get on more Zooms?”And I’m like, “Okay, mom, the phone’s still cool. We can’t Zoom it out every time.” But if you are serious about your success as a mortgage professional, you need to use virtual tools like Mortgage Coach. I do think we power the ultimate virtual mortgage experience. I do think Zoom or competitors of Zoom are essential to your tool kit. And I think whether it’s Vid Yard, BombBomb, video automation platforms, guys, these are essential tools that you need to learn how to play with and you need to do it now. There’s no more time to wait.Alec Hanson:Well, and this is where we were chatting a little bit Dave before we went live. It’s funny. What’s the saying about when the ocean recedes, you could see who’s wearing shorts. When the water level goes out, you get to see who’s naked and who’s wearing clothes. We’re in this moment, COVID arrived. We’re all forced to shelter and home. We’re all retreating to our home offices and our garages and wherever. And to me as I look across the social world, it’s so evident to me that people that were equipped, they had cameras, they had lighting, they were already doing stuff. And now they’re accelerating in their business. While some people are up and that’s unfortunate, but it’s also going to drive this industry forward to the next space. I mean, we’re not going back to business as usual. We’re going forward into new business and new opportunity.Dave Savage:Yeah, new chapter. It’s a new chapter.Alec Hanson:I love that comment. Yeah. It’s absolutely going to be a new chapter.Dave Savage:Yeah. Could you imagine what life was like before we had these mobile phones, smart phones.Alec Hanson:I do remember because I had a Nokia brick phone and I had to go and MapQuest was around. So I could print out all the maps from location to location to see which open houses I was going to go hit when I pulled the hot sheets up and I’d have them printed out on my seat next to me and I would drive. I do remember what it was like.Dave Savage:Here’s the point I want to make, what’s different about this. So when Steve Jobs stood on stage and showed the smartphone, here’s what I know. I know I wanted one and I know I was one of the first to buy one. But I did not know the world had changed forever. I mean, it took some time for us like, “Oh my gosh, that is when Zillow started. That is when the arms race in the mortgage industry. And everybody has to have a digital experience. That’s what it started.” But we really didn’t know it for a few years because here’s what’s different now is after eight weeks of quarantine, grandma knowing what Zoom is, we all know it. We know it’s different and we know we need to step into that. So I think it’s different. This is an innovative moment, a moment of innovation and acceleration of digital technology that I think is obvious to everyone. And so are you stepping into it? Is the question I think we all need to ask ourselves.Alec Hanson:well, here’s a way you guys can step into it. Shawn made the comment on Facebook. It’s a long post, so we’re not going to show it necessarily. But what you do on Facebook with your Mortgage Coach group is incredible. And so I would encourage anybody who’s listening to this later or live right now to flick over to Facebook and join this Mortgage Coach group. Because you’re going to find 10,000 something members who are collaborating and leaning in to new skills. And Dave, you post constantly with relevant content in that place.Dave Savage:I try to make that my social media hub, it’s Mortgage Coach Productivity Mastermind group. And I do check into it multiple times a day. And I love our community of mortgage professionals. I believe that the Mortgage Coach loan officer is the most valuable loan officer to the family. And I want to grow that. So yeah, it’s a great community. Check it out. We also have a YouTube channel Mortgage Coach on YouTube.Alec Hanson:I was going to say definitely the YouTube channel.Dave Savage:Check it out.Alec Hanson:And here’s some encouragement for some people that are struggling with content. Cause Dave, you triggered me a little bit because you said we’re in an accelerating environment, but when you decide to jump over the fear and start creating content and putting out your message, there’s also an acceleration that happens. And so I’ll give you guys a quick little anecdote. When I realized I was not executing what I was preaching, I was telling everybody to get digital and get social, I wasn’t doing it myself. I turned around, went, “Why haven’t I gotten all in on this platform?” And so I put my personal challenge of 100 videos in 100 days and I put an Google doc drive up and I got 40 pieces of content for 40 videos. And I’m like, “Dude, if I got 40, I can get 100.”And then I powered through that. I got my 100 done. And then I realized, “I can do a podcast and take this to the next level.” And my podcast is going to be one a month. That was like my goal. I got one a month, 12 podcasts. I’m like, “I could do 12 podcasts.” I’m doing one a week now because this whole thing continues to accelerate forward. There is no shortage of content to talk about and it definitely accelerates. And that’s why when you look at the stuff that Dave’s done on YouTube with 10,000 subscribers, someone said, I’m calling you out right now. I’m calling everybody out right now. Because I want you to win. And that’s what Dave’s doing. We want you to win. We want you to play big and I don’t want you to be invisible to the world because you’ve got so much to offer.And look I got to hit it again. The fact that you can use a total cost analysis, that you can put your face into the living room of the customer you’re talking to, they can see your intention. They can see your eyesight. They can see you go over the numbers, it’s a mandatory tool. You are not going to win unless you’re playing that level of game.Dave Savage:Well, I think there’s also just a time saving benefit to when you’re using technology to deliver. And again, Mortgage Coach deliver options to families, deliver quotes, deliver advice. But every time, I mean, you’re seeing a massive number of people figuring out that Calendly or scheduling meeting using scheduling automation makes sense. Doing interviews you are using Stream Yard right here to do interviews and guys a content idea for every loan officer. You get it, you need to do text video, you need to do email video. You need to put Mortgage Coach TCA. But if you want to start creating content, interview local rockstars.If you want to be a mortgage rockstar and you want to be the most well known loan officer in your market. And by the way, if you are, referral-based like, hey, I live off of referrals and I live off of referrals within an hour of where I live, I call you a local referral based mortgage professional, I would tell everybody watching this right now. I want you to write down the 10 or 20 most well known professionals that are also referral based that live off of that on social media. So who are the realtors? Who are the CPAs? Who are the financial planners? Who are the restaurateurs? In every market you live, there are people that are playing this game and then I want you to go interview them.And maybe if you’re afraid to interview them in a way that’s a show, interviewed them for your own curiosity. Reach out to them and just say, “Hey, I want to can you jump on Zoom for 10, 15 minutes? I want to shine a light on you and your business and what you do.” And if you’re too afraid to like interview with them, the purpose for the purpose of promotion, which I would recommend you don’t, I recommend you just get after it and do it. But at a minimum, interview them for yourself and see what it feels like. And guys, it’s a huge opportunity. It’s a massive opportunity for everybody watching this right now.Alec Hanson:Massive opportunity guys, because right now think about what Dave said. I mean, rewind it and listen to it again on YouTube. Just write down exactly what he said, it’s 100% right. And here’s what I would add to it that hopefully gives you guys some more juice. There are a lot of businesses suffering right now. They’re suffering. Whether they’re local restaurants, mom and pop retailers, whatever they are, they’re suffering because they can’t open. They can’t run their business the way they want to. They’re doing takeout or whatever they’re trying to do to survive. You having an interview with them about why they started their restaurant or their little boutique store or what they’re doing, how they’re thriving, how they’re getting through this and how the listeners can help. I mean, this is your opportunity to say, “Hey, look, how can we help you as a community?” And let them tell you how you can help.And then take that piece of content, take that interview and blast it to your past customers and your community about this local place that you love. And now you have a way to help them. Whether it’s a gift card or come by on Thursday or whatever it is, this is incredibly cool. One of the things LoanDepot did that, I was like, Oh my God, it was so good. Anthony Shade decided to give away a million dollars worth of stuff to first responders and to people that are suffering and dealing with COVID. And he went to the local restaurants that our employees eat at all the time. And it was like, “Hey, can I pay you to bring the food?” And single handily dropped a huge check on that local restaurant. Who’s like, “I was suffering. I had no customers.” And now they’re that. Now that restaurants delivering food to the nurses at like CHOC hospital.And I was like, “That’s it that’s the right thing.” And even if you don’t have a million bucks, you can still do that with a limited resource.Dave Savage:There’s so many. Yeah. And guys, this is where in the mortgage industry, we could be the light. We have jobs, we’re having record breaking success. We can help restaurants, small businesses. I hope everybody on this call, that’s watching, this is tipping at record levels. I hope you are doing everything you can do to support your local businesses. If you have local service providers, I hope you’re prepaying for services. You’re doing anything and everything to help local communities. But these interviews are huge. And guys have Bill Gaylord on the team there. So if anybody’s watching this guys follow Bill Gaylord, he’s part of the American Dream network.Alec Hanson:Man, he’s the man.Dave Savage:Yeah, and by the way, Craig Sewing, who’s a good personal friend of mine. He’s getting ready to come out with this new thing that is Elevate. I think he’s calling it Elevate where it’s taking interviews and then editing them and producing them, elevating them. Guys, it is just such a massive opportunity to do these interviews and do them in small ways and do them in big ways, but get out there and do it.Alec Hanson:Yeah. And please don’t be afraid of it having to be super produced content guys. Just be humans. We all recognize authenticity when we see it. So just be humans and you’ll kill it. So Dave, we’ve got a ton of comments, a ton of engagement going on. And this could take a longer time, but I usually like to kind of end the segments I do with advice advice, you would give local mortgage pros. And you’re the perfect guy to ask because it’s like, hey look, let’s say you got a 30 year old rookie to the industry. And you’ve got a 30 year veteran sitting, sitting in front of you. And they’re both said, “Dave, what should I be doing?” What do you say?Dave Savage:So, I’m going to play off of something. You just said, don’t worry about editing them, producing them, putting bumpers on them. Be raw, be yourself. I think I’ll look back 10 years from now and one of the most important books I read last year was Story Brand by Donald Miller. And the central theme that I pulled out of that book and really why I think I will be referencing that book 10 years from now, is be the guide, don’t be the hero. I think real estate agents, mortgage professionals. We’re always trying to be the hero, “Look how many loans I close, look how smart I am. Look how many years I’ve been in the business.” And I think first of all, it’s important too, we’re competitive, we like to win, we like to crush competition. Every single loan is a war. Every family is looking at different lenders there’s a competition taking place and one loan officer walks away with that. So we are a competitive breed and I think we need to be, to be successful, but we need to, we need to be the guide.And so if I had one piece of advice, I delivered a keynote to a bunch of new loan officers this week. I think it was about 50 new loan officers entering the industry. And I had put in a couple hours of thought, like, “What do I want to tell them? I want you to be the guide.” And I also, for all you guys that have been doing this for a long time, I want you to really think about your conversation, I want you to look at your website. I want you to look at how are you showing up? Are you the guide or are you the hero? I don’t think we celebrate families success in us. I am seeing a lot of people where they’ll like take a screenshot of a testimonial and they’ll push it on social media. Guys, I don’t think that’s being the guide.I think showing a picture of a family and putting a little story like taking a minute to tell their story. And then not just talk about how you closed their loan in 23 days. Like, how fast you did it and how low the rate was. I want you to start talking about the ripple effect of what you did for that family. I helped them get their loan. I helped them do a refi that will allow them to unlock $343 a month, which equals $6,350 over five years. And because they’re going to prepay their mortgage, they’re going to pay off their house eight years earlier. Tell stories and tell stories that have the ripple effect of the lifetime value.We are just too transactional. We’re cutting and pasting testimonials. We’re bragging about low rates, we’re bragging about how fast we can do it. Guys brag about the ripple effect of your advice. And I want to see more stories being told, and I want to see more mortgage professionals being the guide, not the hero. And if I was talking to you, if my kid was getting in the mortgage business, I would just be talking about if you’re the guide, not the hero, you guys got to work your ass off, you got to put it in the hours, we’ve got to grind, we’ve got to be intentional with our time. But the strategy is be the guide, not the hero. I repeated that five times, I think. I think that’s enough.Alec Hanson:You should, because I want everyone to hear it and I love it, Dave. So look guys, we’re going to leave it at that. We’re going to drop the mic right there. That was incredible. That was the exact message everyone should hear be the guide, not the hero. And in a world of heroes, we need more guides.Dave Savage:And by the way, guys, timeout, I did interview Donald Miller for the mortgage industry. Check that on our YouTube channel. And I did write an article on it with Kristin Messerly, it’s on LinkedIn. Don’t just take what I said. By the way, get his book, read the book, look at the interview and then execute. So sorry I just had to do those breadcrumbs.Alec Hanson:All right, brother. Peace out. See you guys next week.Dave Savage:Take care.