Earning Headspace

You want the secret pill? The magic equation? HERE IT IS! But don’t worry about everyone knowing it. Very few will actually do anything about it!

Here are the  main points while watching this LiveTime with Alec:

  • What  headspace is in this industry.
  • How you can earn it with anyone.
  • Why headspace is important to you and your customer.
  • Alec actually gives you the formula for this.

Episode Transcribe

What’s up everybody?

Happy Wednesday and the craziest market I’ve ever experienced.

It’s literally bananas and wow. I can not believe that we’re back in this market. I haven’t been in this market since 2010, 2008, after the post-crisis when the rates were just bananas. The market’s insane. I don’t know, we’re here together though. And that’s what’s important. I do have some thoughts and I do have some content I wanted to share today that was all queued up, but I’m also kind of going to go a little bit of a different direction as well, in the beginning of this.Thanks for joining me. We’re on Insta. What’s up everybody? First time on Instagram live, we’ll see how that goes. YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn. And we’re going to talk about Headspace today and why that’s so important. Hey, what’s up Blake? The [inaudible 00:01:28] team. And hi Ivan. But I also really, really want to talk about perspective for a couple seconds.Look sometimes, in this insanity, it’s hard to close loans. And it’s frustrating because things are moving all around you and things don’t always make sense. Sometimes the companies that we work for respond in certain ways to the market, it’s not always in our control. Sometimes it can be frustrating and sometimes there’s fulfillment issues. Man, I remembered working … What’s up, David? I remember working at a very, very, very large bank, to remain nameless. And man, we were apping, in 2010, a hundred million dollars a month at my branch. And we did that for six months, and the whole time we were doing that, we only were funding 60% because of our capacity issues. It was causing so much frustration and stress that I really had to get everybody to focus back on perspective.Man, our life is good. Our life is amazing. Yes, there’s chaos in the world. There’s coronavirus scares, trips are being canceled, events are being canceled. It can all be really frustrating. But I want to encourage you guys a little bit that the world’s good. Your life is good. Things are good. If you’re watching this on Instagram, or on social media, it’s good. And take that for a second. And what I’ve always found that helps me, in these moments of stress and frustration, when there’s so much abundance and I can’t capture it all, is just to go serve other people. Figure out how to find somebody who’s less fortunate, who’s struggling, serve them. It will change your perspective. If you’re a leader, take your team out and serve some people. Trust me. It’s going to help you.But today, we’re talking about this, Headspace and when there is so much … The world is moving so fast around you, this is so important to stay focused on, and I’m literally going to give you the secret keys to reality here on how to dominate your space, dominate influence, grow tremendously. And you don’t have to worry about everybody knowing it. Hey, what’s up David? Thank you. You don’t have to about everybody knowing it because they’re not going to do anything about it. You can have all the secrets in the world, and rest assured, no one’s going to do anything about it.Let’s break it down. First of all, what is Headspace, when I say that word? What am I talking about? I’m talking about the fact … I’ve seen a lot of you guys posting rates are at all time low. Okay. Everyone seeing that, all of your customers are seeing that, everyone’s seeing that in the media, everywhere else. Why haven’t they called you? That’s a good question. The reason is because you don’t have Headspace with them. You don’t have that mind platform where when they’re thinking about a mortgage refinance, they think of you.I love this example, and I just want you to play with me right now … And you can throw it in the comments, it’d be fun to see everybody’s view on this. But if I said insurance, what company comes to your mind? Seriously, insurance. Tell me. I’m ready. I want to see a couple of you guys write in what you guys got when I say the word insurance, because … What’s up Rod and Nathan?When I say the word insurance, a lot of people immediately go to Geico. They go to Geico because Geico has funny commercials. And when you have funny commercials, they earn Headspace. They have the gecko and the camel, and all this funny stuff. And when you see that stuff, it burns into your mind and it creates Headspace. You and me, we don’t get to have multimillion dollar commercials on TV and radio, all the time, earning Headspace and trying to do all that fun stuff. But we have actually a better tool to do that, to grow your business. And I don’t care if you’re in mortgage, if you’re a gym owner, if you’re selling insurance, I don’t care what it is, this is the equation.First, going broad. You got to go broad and you got to go big on social media. You don’t really have a choice anymore. In order to get Headspace with people, you’ve got to be absolutely … Yeah, I’ve got Allstate over here. You’ve got to absolutely be going broad. I’m a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk, for several reasons. Number one, he’s living his best life and anybody doing that, I’m like, dude, you live your best life. He’s so happy. It’s awesome. But the other reason I appreciate him is he’s literally laid out the playbook on how to create content at scale, to create influence on social media. He’s written the book, it’s downloadable, it’s free. And all you have to do is go check that out and understand how to define your brand and then just start creating content at scale. And you can create influence. Now, if the content sucks or if you’re boring, you can get better. And that’s really the game there.But going broad means having an aggressive, macro oriented, content scat strategy that allows you to be posting on a regular basis, through a variety of mediums, all of your messaging to reach your customer, right? This is not posting your company’s generic social media graphics. Sure, maybe throw a couple of those in every now and then, but I’m talking about posting about your brand, posting about your efficacy, your value proposition, sharing what you do on a macro scale and educating the customers that you’re trying to influence. That’s what’s going broad is.I’ll just say it and then you can deal with it, you need to go online every single day and post content. Every single day. If you don’t want to do that, you’re just not building influence very fast with the digital community. Someone else is, and that’s your threat and problem. Because if somebody else is doing that, and you’re not doing that, that means they’re outpacing you in that digital space. You have to post every day. That’s overwhelming. I know it’s overwhelming, but it’s also your opportunity. It’s your greatest opportunity to be in front of people. And don’t worry, I’ll throw a couple of pro tips out, they don’t care what you look and sound like, they only care what they look and sound like so get over your own insecurities, get over yourself, and get in front of people every day. And you will be blown away.First of all, they’re also not listening. Look, I’ve put out a ton of content, and I know for a fact, not every single person is just sitting there devouring all of it. There’s not enough time in the freaking day, but what they are doing is they’re being exposed to me, my brand, my messaging, and they’re hearing things. I’ve talked about Headspace six or seven times and for some of you, you’re like, “Oh, what is this Headspace thing?” Because it’s the first time I’ve ever heard about it. This is what going broad’s all about. And I do not care what business you’re in, or what you’re trying to accomplish, you’ve got to go broad, every day.Okay. That’s that’s secret tip number one. And just to hit it again, you’ll get better so don’t worry. Don’t stress like, “Oh no, every day, what am I going to talk about?” There’s a million things to talk about in this crazy world that are relevant to your business. You’ll figure it out.The next part is going deep. This is the one, two punch to the equation. I do not care if you put out incredible content on a daily basis, multiple times a day, I don’t care how great it is, how pretty the pictures are, if you do not go deep with human beings in your community, you’re screwed. Because you’re an ad at that point. You’re not a human, you’re an ad, even though it’s a pretty ad. I like your ad. What’s up Neil? Yeah. Oh my gosh. Unlimited topics. A hundred percent right. If you do not go deep and relational, you are an ad, and you are going to be bypassed.But let’s understand what it means to go deep. Okay. I’m going to use a couple of simple examples and then unpack a little bit how they can be extrapolated and use easily on a regular basis. Let’s take a past customer that you did a loan for, you did an amazing job for them. You took six months fixing their credit and therapizing them through the process, and explaining everything, and you give them a tremendous loan at the end of the day. And then you throw them in a CRM campaign and they get a generic piece of crap, drip campaign email from you until they die or block you. And that is the end of your relationship. But you’re posting every day. You’re posting every day and they’re seeing it, but you’re letting your relationship with them stagnate and dissipate because they’re not going to have a relationship with your content. They might be like, “Oh yeah, there’s Alec again. That’s awesome. He did my loan. He’s a great guy.” But every single day that I am not in a personal relationship with them, they’re falling further and further away from me.Stupid example, but powerful example, I have a realtor I’m connected with on social media. And a lot of you are connected to everybody on social media, it’s all good. What’s up? Easy 714, I love people’s handles on Instagram. Anyway, this realtor is connected to me and I see their content and I’m like, okay, they’re posting stuff, that’s cool. But we’re not connected. I don’t work with them. And as everyone knows, you have your birthdays on social media and you get pounded, right? Actually, I don’t like it because Facebook makes it a button, and LinkedIn’s a button, and it’s just so generic and [inaudible 00:11:07]. And even in the messaging app on LinkedIn, it gives you the three options to generically respond. And I’ve seen like, how long can I keep this person on by only responding with the generic like buttons? Because that’s hysterical. And I know they’re doing it back because they do the thumbs up and we’re relegating ourselves to this BS relationship. Don’t do it.This realtor, on my birthday, was the only person on my birthday, besides friends who send me personal text messages and all that great stuff, the only person on my birthday didn’t do the Facebook happy birthday stuff that is just annoying. He took the time to, in his car and I could tell because it’s in his car, turn the camera on and just say, “Hey Alec, I wanted to wish you happy birthday. I saw it was your on Facebook. I hope it’s a good day today. Take care.” That was it. Didn’t pitch me, didn’t say, “If you need a real estate partner, I can sell your house in two days.” Didn’t do any of that stuff. Just simply said, happy birthday on a video. Used my name so I know it’s not one he just keeps posting.That is what going deep is about. Yes, you can post content every single day on all of your mediums. I’m getting a request to be in your live video, no. Next time though, on Instagram. I’m just figuring it out dude, give me a second. It would give me a second. I’m going to just say this. I don’t know, you got to try new things. Okay. There you go. I don’t care how broad your strategy is and how amazing you are, if you’re not making personal connection with human beings, you’re not going to create the influence. Guys, that’s the game. There’s the equation. The magic equation. Post every single day, relevant, great content. And if you don’t know what that is, you’ll get better. But just play in the space, play in the space so you can get better. You can’t get better on the sidelines.And then from there you can never forget … And this is where I’m actually not very strong, I’m the first person to say it. I don’t have everything figured out, come on. But I will tell you, that going deep is the magic, because the more you can take your self out of your own head and go to where other people are and wish them a personalized happy birthday, check in on them, support them when they did something cool at work, make an authentic comment, engage people personally, send them a … Call somebody. I know, we never liked to call anybody, then do a text, do a video text. But if you can do both of these things, with your online community, you will absolutely change your entire business. The whole thing will change. Going broad and going deep is the only way I know to make a massive impact in your community.And I will tell you this, the reason why nobody’s going to do it is it’s all really hard. What I just explained is not hard to understand. Post every day, get better at it, create fun, amazing things. What’s up guys? Create fun, amazing content, learn with your content, and then go deep and be in a relationship with people. Actually talk to them. That’s what I’m talking about, guys. That’s the life. Does that make sense? Because if you just write it down, go broad, go deep, you’re going to dominate this influence game. Let me back up, when I say the influence game, let me just really be clear, if you’re a mortgage professional or a sales professional, I don’t care what business you’re in, don’t lie to me, your number one goal is to increase your opportunities, to get more at bats, to talk to more customers, to introduce more people to your platform and what you do as a professional. That’s it, that’s the game, right? That’s influence. That’s digital influence. That’s the game.There’s two ways to do it. You go abroad, you post all the time, you have really engaging content, you talk to people. And at the same time, you don’t forget to come down off your content cloud and into the dirt with the people and just tell them you care about them. Tell them you’re there with them. Tell them you’re thinking about them. Be in their life. Don’t live in the content cloud. That is a … Hey, what’s up? That is a terrible, terrible place to live because you’re not with the people and you become an advertisement.I’m trying to figure this out too guys, okay. I’m in the game with all of you. I hate people that just get up there as gurus and just say, “I’ve got it. Buy my ebook.” It’s not the game. But if we learn together, we can get better. And my learnings from going deep and going broad, and figuring out this digital game, is that’s the equation. If you want to earn Headspace, when somebody goes, “Man, I saw another thing about refinancing online. I saw another ad from Quicken on my Twitter feed. I guess they’re hunting me. They just blow me up.” Whatever it is, I see that mortgage ad, who am I calling? Who am I thinking of? Am I thinking of the major brands? If I am, that’s a threat to you, the local mortgage professional, which means you got to do something about it and stop waiting for someone on a white horse to ride in and save your ass. Stop waiting. It’s your life. It’s your business. It’s right there in front of you.It’s not complex. It’s just hard work. How often should you post? Every day. Why? Because people are checking their cell phone, and checking their Instagram, and checking their Facebook, five to seven times a day. Are you showing up? If you’re not showing up, you got no chance. And then, if you refuse to go deep and relational with people, you’re not going to win because they’re going to see you as an advertisement and you’re not going to win.Does this make sense? It makes sense to me. I’m still figuring it out though. We’ll see. I appreciate you guys hanging out with me, especially all of you on Instagram. That was fun. We’re trying Instagram. It’s up here, so if you see me looking up it’s because Instagram is there. But I appreciate everybody learning and figuring out how to play this Headspace game. Have a wonderful week. Don’t forget your perspective. If you’re frustrated, if you’re in a tough space and you’re having trouble living in abundance, go serve somebody less fortunate than you. Have a great day everybody.