Not Good Enough is…Great!

WE all do it, we all get hard on ourselves about the set up, where everything needs to be “perfect”, I’m telling you what you think is not good enough is in actuality…GREAT!

In this edition of LiveTime with Alec

  • Stop waiting for the perfect moment, perfection leads to procrastination.
  • Not good enough is great, not great is good enough.
  • The journey is the destination.
  • With a constantly improving mindset, you’ll always be “not good enough”

Episode Transcribe

– What’s up everybody, happy Tuesday, hope you’re having a wonderful day.

It’s so fun to be live with you guys here in Lake Tahoe!

I’m on vacation, my family, we all needed a little vacation, but I wanted to get a message out to everybody today. I had this queued up and I’m like, I’m not gonna wait. I’m gonna carve a little bit of time out of my vacation to go live and hang out with you guys. By the way, we’re also live on Twitter right now, which is fun. Figured that out, so thanks Periscope. So we’re on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter. Throw me a comment, I’d love to hear where you guys are watching from right now and hanging out with. And I like to share with you a really fun conversation today, man. First of all, isn’t the beard a lot like more fitting in the wilderness. I feel like I’m like fully on-brand right now. So I’m really excited about it. You can go out babe, I got from my family here hanging out. But this is a really cool conversation. I was sitting with Adam Encinas, who’s a really good branch manager for us. By the way, also, if you’re watching right now, how’s the headset volume coming through? Do you guys give me a comment, let me know how it’s going through. We’re trying to figure this out out here in the wilderness, so we’re going for it, but I got good Wi-Fi. So we know that we’re strong there. So listen up, hi Melissa on LinkedIn, nice to see you, this is awesome. I’m using my phone for this. It’s really working out really well. So I’m happy with it. Man, not good enough is great. And this is the conversation I wanna have with everybody today. ‘Cause I know somebody needs to hear this because I needed to hear it. And I was sitting with Adam who’s like I said, a really great branch manager and we’re having this conversation. Oh thank you, Melissa, the audio’s good. I appreciate you. And we’re having this conversation about not good enough is great. And you know, he was saying, “I’m so far behind. “I have so much to do. “I have so many systems to implement, “things I wanna do, articles I wanna produce, “videos I wanna make, content I wanna do, “and I’m feeling like I’m so far behind.” And I sat there and I’m like, “I have the same feeling.” I’m like, “I am behind all the time!” And I’m like, “How do I figure this out and catch up?” And then I had this kind of epiphany and this moment of settling, where I realized we’re always behind, and that’s great! And here was the thought process. If you’re not iterating and improving all the time, that’s where growth is, that’s where life is. It’s always like in pushing to the next thing and striving for the next thing. And I’m an achiever and an Enneagram three and all those things and on the DISC test, I’m a D, and you know, I like to strive and push and strive and push. And when you’re doing that, especially if you’re in sales, like I know a lot of my mortgage professional friends and colleagues, you know, we’re always, we’re strivers, we’re achievers, we’re doers. When you live in that state of mind, you realize, man, I’m always gonna feel behind. Because the second you think you’ve got it figured out, you’re gonna be like onto the next thing. The second you nail down one system, you’re gonna be trying to iterate and build out another thing. The second you figure out, you know the LinkedIn algorithm or the Facebook algorithm, it’s gonna change. And now your ads suck and they don’t work, and you have to figure it out again. It’s a process. And if you’re in a position in your mental state where like, I’m not doing enough, I’m good enough right now. I’m not mastering this right now. Then the answer to that is yes, that’s perfect. That’s perfect, be in that space, ’cause you’re always gonna be in that space and you should be in that space. I don’t want anyone to sit back on their laurels and be like, I figured it out. I nailed it, it’s done. All set, got it done. And then sailing off into the sunset ’cause that’s never the reality. The reality is there’s always a place to go. And if you’re in a place, a mental place right now where you’re like, my content’s not good enough, my videos aren’t good enough. My audio’s not good enough, my lighting’s not good enough. Great! Because at least in that space, you’re in the game. If you’re sitting back and like, I’m never gonna start, like I did a Livetime on why you should start a podcast or how easy it is to start a podcast, and people were like rolling over because they’re like, it’s just Zoom. Just do a Zoom, after you’re done with the Zoom, download the audio, upload it to a Simplecast or a million other podcast hosting sites, just Google that crap, and it’s everywhere. And now you have a podcast. But if you’re sitting back going, well, no, I need to have the nice mics, and I need the nice mixer first, and I need the nice setup, I have the cool background and the neon lights. I’m like, no, but just play. Just play and be okay that not good enough is great because that means you’re in the game. That’s the truth right there. Not good enough is great because it means you’re in the game. And a lot of people, you just need to be in the game because you’re gonna learn. As soon as you kick off the edge, you’re gonna realize how much fun this is playing in a new way. I got a letter of encouragement from somebody digitally ’cause I love this crap, and I love how we can all connect digitally and just send a message and now you’re talking to somebody across the world that you never knew before, it’s amazing! And she said, you know, “I was nervous about starting a podcast. “I saw this thing and I just did it. “I went ahead and started a podcast. “And now I’m connecting with all these business owners. “And now my origination strategy is fun again.” You see, what she was doing before, which is what many of us do is we use the old playbook, and she was grinding it. Everything felt like a grind. Now her work feels free. Now, she feels like she’s doing something that she can enjoy, that she’s thrilled about. And she’s not caught up in the race. And it was so uplifting for me because she was just in the game. And that’s my encouragement for every one of you guys out there right now who listens to this on Crazy Tuesday, or if you’re watching this in the future, hit me up with a hashtag bypass. It lets me know. It gives me encouragement that somebody saw this later. I love that. But that’s the truth, guys. If you’re feeling like you’re on the journey, and you’re feeling like you’re behind, perfect! Embrace that space, because trust me, if you’re going to push into new skills, if you’re gonna push into this like digital connection world, you’re always gonna feel behind. You’re always gonna feel like that guy or gal did something cooler than I could do. And I gotta figure that out now. And this new technology came out, I got to drop that out now, great! Just keep playing. And you’ll pick up the small stuff. Does this make sense? If you’re understanding this, like let me know in the comments, because this is like a core, like I got so much relief, so much personal relief in my conversation with Adam, because I was like, I got permission from myself to be like, it’s okay that you don’t have it all figured out. It’s okay that you don’t run the number one mortgage podcast in America. It’s okay that you don’t have the social following you want, that you don’t have the distribution you want on my weekly download newsletter. Like it’s okay. Just be in the process. And that grace for myself freed me up to be like more excited to play the game. I didn’t care if the lighting wasn’t great, or if the audio was terrible, or if I’m in Lake Tahoe or whatever it was, I had freedom to play the game. And that is what I want everyone to hear right now. Just play the game, have some fun, and realize that not good enough is great. You have to hear this. If you think that at some point in your path forward of your career growth, whatever that looks like for you, that you’re gonna have it nailed down, you’re done, you did it all, you landed it. The second you get in that space, you’re gonna realize, oh, there’s 17,000 more things to do. And you’re gonna be immediately back in that head space of, oh, I’m just not good enough, it’s just not good enough. The video wasn’t good. By the way, you know how freeing live streams are? I know that someone’s gonna freak out right now when I say this, but you know how freeing livestreams are? How many of you have filmed 75,000 video takes on your phone? Like if you pull your phone up and scroll through the pictures, like how many times is there like take one, take two. And there’s just your face over and over again. Like, guys not good enough is great. Just go roll one. But that’s where live, thank you Melissa, that’s where going live, like it’s so much more freeing because even if I said the sentence wrong, we’re still rolling through the conversation and it’s authentic and it’s not scripted. And it’s organic, and you get to engage that way. I’m telling you, live, it’s a lot more easy than recording stuff. I, in my a hundred videos in a hundred days, I had the same thing. I had a wall of like videos that I didn’t like, and I kept like re-recording it. The journey is the destination. You’ve heard that a million times. I didn’t just say that and like rock your world. But what I am hoping that to do in this little message is for you to realize that you’re always gonna be not good enough. If you’re really into furthering your own development, if you’re really into furthering your own development, you’re never gonna be good enough. You’re never gonna have landed it. And it’s done, and you’re the king or the queen, it’s over. It’s never gonna happen, guys. It’s never gonna happen. This is a great quote by Eric, I put on the screen. “Not good enough is great, not great is good enough!” You’re never gonna be great. When do you think you’re gonna end it? You’re just gonna end your personal journey. It’s over, you did it. You went live once, you did it. Like no! The next time you’re gonna be like, how can I make that better? Why was no one watching? What content is getting a ton of views, what content is not getting a ton of views. Where’s my audience. You’re always gonna be improving, which is what I love about this space. And what I love about this message is because it’s free. If I got freedom from it, I know you can get freedom from it too. If I sat there with Adam, and had an epiphany of like, oh man, I’m always gonna be pushing. I’m always gonna be pushing. I’m always gonna want it to be better. I’m always gonna want my message to land more clearly. Oh, Eric, that’s your own personal quote. I love it, dude. I’ll put it back up for people to see for a minute. That’s really good, I really enjoy reading that. I think it’s right, man. I think that’s the right thing because you’re never gonna be done in this journey of life. You’re never gonna be done, and that’s perfect, that’s freeing, that’s awesome, because you can let go of all this tension and pressure to be something you’re not in this moment. I wanna say that again. A lot of stuff that’s probably holding you back is probably stuff that I’m struggling with that holds me back, is don’t feel like I did it. I’m not good enough. This isn’t a good enough production. I need to heighten the graphics, I need more graphics. I need intro music, I need captions, which I still don’t have because I suck. I can’t figure it out, I’ll figure it out one day. But like, this is the reality. And as soon as you land in that space and you go, wait a minute, hold on. Why am I putting so much judgment on myself? And when I have captains, will I be done then? When I get captions, finally on my stuff, am I gonna be done then? No, cause there’ll be something else that I’m gonna trying to lean into and going, oh, this is, oh. Eric’s just dropping bombs right now. “Perfection leads to procrastination,” man, isn’t that the truth? How many times are we frozen by our own like desire to be perfect, ’cause we don’t look like this person who’s doing it so good, and you’re so jealous and envious. And this, Melissa, is the best comment I think I’ve heard today. This is easier for me now because I’ve done 400 of them. That’s just how it is! Like, it’s wasn’t easy the first couple times, like this is a lot easier for me now because I’ve done a lot of them, and I’m gonna do a lot more. And I’m hoping that they’re gonna get better. We all hope they get a little better, right, over time. But like, this is my like excitement for you guys in this conversation is if you’re feeling like this isn’t good enough, I don’t have it mastered, and so I’m gonna hold back, you have to realize that’s a mistake. That’s an inherent mistake. You gotta play the game, and not good enough is great because you’re always going to be not good enough. I don’t mean that like you don’t have any inherent human value. You have tremendous value. But what I’m saying is you’re never gonna be happy with it, man! At least if you’re like me. I’m such a judgmental person, I’m always like, that’s why I have a hard time when I re-listen to some of my stuff. For a while, I didn’t re-listen to anything. I just shipped it. By the way, I’m working with a great professional who’s coaching me in a lot of things. And one of the things he’s always pushing on me, he’s like, “Just ship it.” I’m like, what does that mean? He’s like, “Just ship it.” I’m like, “I don’t mail things.” He’s like, “No, like create it and ship it. “Like stop overthinking it. “Stop over-analyzing it.” Like Melissa, I’ve deleted 400, yeah, me too! Like, I feel that so deeply. So now my motto internal in my mind is like, just ship it. Like we’re in Tahoe, I’m like, just ship it. We’re going, we’re gonna see what happens. I don’t know if the audio is gonna be working at all. I’m in the woods, a bear’s gonna attack me. Like I have no idea what’s gonna happen. I’m not gonna get attacked by bear. But if you’re struggling with content, with your message, with what you’re going off, just ship it, you’ll get better, you’ll learn, and be okay with the reality that you’re always gonna live in a space of it’s not good enough, at least if you’re like me. And that should give you freedom to be like, oh, of course I feel this way. I’m always gonna feel this way if I’m pushing myself forward. I wanna say that again. If you’re pushing yourself forward to become better, to further your career, to generate more influence, to make more human connection. If you’re pushing yourself forward, you’re always gonna have this feeling inside you of I’m not doing it good enough, this is not good enough, I’m not where I want to be. The second you rest back and go, I landed it, we got it, is the second that you get behind. Like that you start, it’s not where growth is, right? Like we know this intrinsically, like growth is in that process of being uncomfortable, growth is in that process of putting yourself out there and being vulnerable. That’s where growth is, that’s where success is. We know this, we’ve heard it from every single professional speaker and book author and everybody, athletes. Like it’s all about striving to go forward. Which means it’s always about feeling inside here of like, man, I’m not doing it the way I wanna do it. This is not like the end game for me. But it is what I’ve got today. So I’m gonna deliver that today. And that is damn good enough. That is amazing! And that is freeing. And then you should be excited that you feel that way. ‘Cause that means you’re in the right space. The second you feel like this isn’t good enough, but I’m doing it anyway, you are in the right space. You’re in the right mental space, you’re in the right uncomfortable growth space. You’re there. And you’re always gonna be there if you’re pushing yourself forward. So be excited about it. Be excited about the fact that that feeling is the right feeling. If you’re having that, and you’re like, dang, okay, then this is the right space, ’cause that means I’m pushing forward, that means I’m getting uncomfortable, it means I’m figuring it out, then you’re crushing it. You’re absolutely in the right space. Man, I hope that helped today, ’cause it helped me a lot when I just like got to relax and realize, oh, I’m always gonna be pushing ahead. I’m always gonna be trying to drive new stuff, and that’s gonna make me always feel like somebody else is doing it better, I’m not doing the best I could possibly do yet. I don’t have captions. Can you tell them super judgy about the fact that don’t have captions? That’s it guys. And by the way, I’ll kind of end with this. Since I try to keep these like around the 15 minute mark. Ask people for help. If you’re like, how do I do this better? Then ask the people who you think are doing it better to tell you what they’re doing. They’ll all tell you, they’ll all share. It’s all out there, it’s all public information. All of human knowledge is sitting in your hand in a phone that’s connected to everything you could possibly want. And I’m live streaming on four platforms in Lake Tahoe on vacation, on my iPhone. It’s incredible. It’s like the world we live in is so good. So I thank you guys, thank you Leann for the nice comment. I hope it pushes you into more fun space, Eric. Thanks for all your contributions today, man. That was really great quotes. And Christina, I love you, so good to see you. You’re awesome. And yeah, just ship it guys, ship it. You’re always gonna feel like it’s not good enough and that’s perfect. Ship it. Have a wonderful day, everybody.