Modern Lending Podcast | Sam Hansen – Consulting and Quoting in the Digital Age

We are finishing our segment on Modern Consultation and Quoting. We talked to Barry Habib and Dave Savage. It’s now to take it down to the streets with Sam Hansen from the Gaylord Hansen Team. We’re going to have a conversation to see what works for him in this ever-changing market. Come hang out with us on the next Modern Lending Podcast.

In this snippet of the Modern Lending Podcast…

  • Find the confidence to come to your customer to tell them that working with you might not be the right fit for them
  • Surround yourself with those who want to succeed and give them the tools to do so.
  • Role-playing is an old technique but still one of your most useful tools.
  • The lowest rate on the wrong strategy will be more costly then a competitive rate on the right strategy.