Leading a Digital Community | Scott Groves

Scott goes into the importance of facebook groups or online communities alike are important for the growth of your business and what it takes to be in one and the benefits of being part of that community of like-minded people.

For nearly 20 years Scott has been providing quality mortgage products to his clients on the Eastside of Los Angeles. As an online coach & live event facilitator, Scott has delivered keynote speeches & workshops on sales, marketing, and lead generation. Recently Scott also became an Amazon best selling author with his book Lead Generation: Double your pay in 61 days.Enter your text here…

Episode Transcribe

– Man, I love that. That is just like the core of our business right there. Video dies, craziness happens and you just keep rolling. You just keep rolling ’cause that’s what humans do and I love those guys. So please follow ’em. Man, okay, we’re gonna pivot a little bit here. We’re gonna go into Leading a Digital Community, which is probably the most important topic we’re dealing with right now because we’re like stuck being digital, this is… We can’t do what we used to do, man. We can’t go hang out and… Some of us are doing it and I’m watching you with no masks but I’m just, I’m thrilled for this next guy. Scott Groves has been somebody who I followed in this business for a long time. I’ve watched what he has done. I’ve been a super big fan and I’ve been most impressed with how this guy pours into digital communities, into Facebook groups to drive connection, to drive value and let’s get on what that’s done to his business, let’s bring him on and talk about what it’s done for his life and let’s see whose beard is better. All right, friends and professionals. In our next topic, Leading a Digital Community, man, nothing could be more important right now than your ability to lead a digital community in this land where everything’s digital and this guy, Scott Groves has been a huge leader of that. Leveraging Facebook groups and building massive amounts of influence with the people he wants to online. He’s gonna share all his secrets with you. Let’s bring on Scott Groves, Leading a Digital Community. Woohoo!- Yo, whoa! That was like a real intro. You were doing some big boy shit on here.- I green screened that. Oh, man, I’m so proud of my little intro.- That is some good stuff, bro, congratulations.- I see your trim and you’re keeping it clean and tight now. There’s been a couple of videos where I was like, Oh, I think he’s lost it.- Bro, I got this all cut and trimmed just for you. No, that’s a lie, I got it for my wife. She said she wasn’t gonna make out with me until I clean this stuff up. So, yeah, you’ve motivated me to put in the facial hair. I can see my neck again but luckily I’m still hiding the double chin. So life is good.- So guys, for those of you don’t know Scott, this guy is just a leader of people. He’s been pushing positivity, pushing connection, driving some of the biggest Facebook groups I’ve seen and been a part of. In a minute I’ll have you break down what that means, Scott and why you did that and all that stuff. But you’re a coach, you’re a loan professional, you’re a leader of people, husband, father, all that fun stuff and I just think you’re the man. So I think this is a really cool topic for the next 30 minutes on leading a digital community. I think that’s hard, I think it’s a new skillset and I think you’re one of the pioneers in it from my perspective. And so as we start, I wanna ask some kinda queue up questions. Why do you start doing this? Why did you start building groups and creating connection? How do you continue to pour into it like you do? ‘Cause you just feed it all the time. You’re always there contributing and then what has it done for your life in business? And before you go, guys, I’m dropping in the comments right now on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, all of Scott’s handles, his book which is incredible. It’s on my stand, you guys need to connect with this guy and see what he’s doing like I said before, connect with great people and you get to learn what they’re doing. So Scott, how’s it going, dude?- It’s going well, man, thanks, I appreciate this and this is a crazy world we live in. We’re like, this is the new normal. For 20 years, professionals, loan managers, everybody’s been telling me like, just have a candy bowl on your desk at the real estate office and go to the coffee appointments and everything will be fine and now it’s like, no, now you need to know how to do this digital stuff and I’m already got my assistant. I’m like, “Dude, check out StreamYard. “I like how they’re doing stuff. “I gotta get something similar to that.” So, one it’s super exciting. Two, it’s, let’s be real, super dangerous because all loan officers and most salespeople have shiny object syndrome. So I could totally blow off the rest of the day learning how to use StreamYard and that’s probably not the best plan for my realtors and my clients but yeah, it’s a whole new, it’s a brave new world, I think I read that somewhere once.- You think you did. So you started building Facebook group communities. What made you do that? Why were you like, I’m gonna put time into this? and then, your latest one Generate is incredibly cool. I’m watching all the time and people are just networking and growing and so what has the effect been? Walk us through the process.- Yeah, so I gotta give a big shout out to my friend, Hal Elrod and Hal Elrod is the author of the book, “The Miracle Morning” and about six years ago through pure dumb luck, I ended up at one of his live events. It was actually the first live event that he had ever done and it’s because he had created this community on Facebook of people that had read the book, “The Miracle Morning” and they were looking for some accountability partners. And I think way back then he probably had five, six, maybe 10,000 people in that group. Now it’s up to a quarter of a million people and one of the things that Hal said is he said, there’s a guy named Dan Kennedy who’s written a bunch of books called, “The No BS series”. So like the no BS marketing, the no BS management and Dan said and Hal echoed this. He said, “At some point in the future, “the size of your database is going to be more important “than the quality of your work.” And I know a lot of people don’t wanna hear that because we’re all very proud of the hard work that we put in but just to clarify, we’re primarily talking to loan officers here, right?- Likely.- Okay, so— I don’t have a big reach elsewhere.- Yeah, there you go. So, let’s say for example, a new VA construction to perm product comes out and Alec is a better loan officer than I am. He’s kept in touch with his clients better than I have. He serves his clients at a higher level, they remember his name and so his database is, 500 people of clients that really love and respect him. He’s crushing and let’s just say, I’ve done a good job but not a great job. I’ve got the job done but I didn’t leave everybody with this wow feeling but I’ve got 15,000 people on my database or in a Facebook group or eyeballs on me or in a mailing list. Well guess what, man? When that new product comes out, construction to perm, VA widget, whatever, when I can go to my audience of 15,000 and Alec can go to his audience of 500, even if he’s converting at 10 times the clip that I am, I still win and I still get more clients. So now that’s not to say that I don’t do a good job. That’s not to say that I could care less about my pipeline or my clients or my loan process or my professionalism. No, I care about all those things but we’ve just gotta get in front of more people. That’s just the name of the game right now and sadly I think it’s only going to get more dramatic as we go into the future.- So number one, I agree a thousand percent. And then all of a sudden, even going back to your analogy, Scott, imagine that you and I are those loan officers in question and we’re both at the same level of expertise and we’re both competent and you got 15,000 and I got 500 and now it’s like, holy crap, what’s gonna happen? And we all see it and so you got inspired, you started building these groups. How big are the groups that you’re a part of?- I have one that’s just for loan officers that has a 3,000 or so. I have a couple of other groups that I would say that I have influencing, whatever the hell that means. I have about 10,000 in it— Hold on, I want to pause ’cause you’ve made joke about it but it’s not. You have a voice- Right- Through your hard work in those digital communities. That’s a real thing.- Sometimes it’s hard work, sometimes it’s just me being obnoxious.- Just controlling people, yeah.- But, yeah. So there are probably a cross section of, I dunno, 10,000 loan officers that I have some type of influence with where if I make a post, I’m gonna get some interaction. And then the goal with this Generate Group that I just started, which I would love everybody to be a part of is I said, the message in the book that I wrote, which is “Lead Generate: 61 Days To Double Your Pay,” shameless self promotion. The message in there it’s really for any entrepreneur, fully commissioned individuals. So this new Generate Group that I’m building and I think we’re up to about 2,000 people in that group. I want all my realtors, I want anybody that sells knives or insurance products or door to door widgets or they’re an entrepreneur and they own a bakery, basically anybody who needs to sell something to make a living, I want them in that Generate Group because there’s so many principles that we are all living in the mortgage industry and there’s so much that we have had to do in a shifting environment to build our business and stay relevant and keep lead generating and manage our pipeline and be business owners and be salespeople and be processors and be doctors. There’s so many skills that are transferable to any other industry. Why not go on that journey with other people alongside us instead of just hiding and pretending doing loans thing is a secret sauce?- So let’s do this, before we go into how and why you actually are and how physically you’re doing this, what has this done for your business, for your life? What are these groups that you’ve pioneered to done for you?- My wife would really like the answer to that question and I think that’s what’s so challenging. Yes, I do mortgages and I do well for myself but I’m not the number one guy in the country. Sometimes I lose focus and I do things like open a coaching business and I think we have a phenomenal coaching business for loan officers but we don’t have thousands of clients, we’ve got a hundred clients and then my wife’s like, “So what are you gonna do with this Generate Group? “Is there a monetization, return on investment? “Is this just to pick out like your mortgage business?” I’m like, “No, none of that, “just doing it to do it,” ’cause I wanted another side project and I really have no motive or end goal. I just know that it’s kinda like that field of dreams thing. If you build it, they will come. One day of this Generate Group gets up to 10 or 20,000 people in it. I say, “Hey guys. “I don’t know, we’re gonna do a live Lead Generation seminar “for two days and who’s got 200 bucks to come to LA “to do a live,” maybe that’s the end result. I don’t really know. It’s kinda just been like I have ADD, not diagnosed but I’m sure I have something like that or maybe it’s like the second level or fifth level of ADD. So it’s like in addition to my core business, which I spend 40, 50 hours a week on, I’ve always gotta have these little side projects going or I just don’t feel fulfilled. And one time I had a realtor busting my balls about like, “Oh, well maybe you couldn’t get back to me “’cause you got all this other stuff going on.” I’m like, “No, I get back to you at 10 o’clock “at night because I put in my eight or 10 hours a day “and load off some stuff,” and then instead of watching reruns of “The Walking Dead” like you’re doing, I just go build a side business for two hours and I spend two hours with my family then I come back to work at 10 o’clock at night. And so we’ve got plenty of time, all of us, to do these little side projects and side hustles or don’t, I don’t really care. But if you’re interested in getting eyeballs on you, it’s a 100% free to build all this stuff.- That’s what I wanted to hear, dude and that’s what I think everyone’s not understanding or not connecting the dots on. Maybe they understand but not connect to the dots. Your ability to start a Facebook group, Generate to get people connected, to have them sharing and sharing leads, sharing ideas, sharing community and you started it when?- I started at 60 days ago, I think.- And you have 2,000 people in it?- Yes.- Now Scott, for everyone paying attention to that, that doesn’t just happen, Scott’s good at this and he works hard at this but I’m walking that being like, holy crap, dude, you’re just putting a megaphone in front of your mouth ’cause to your point, Scott, if you wanna put out a message that says, “Call me for a purchase loan or refi loan “or this new product came out,” you’ve got this audience that you’ve been investing in ’cause you’re not just on there humble bragging. I’m in some of these groups, you’re not just putting your reviews out like, I’m amazing but you’re out there and I just shared it on Facebook for the Generate Group so you guys can join. We’ll get the link on YouTube and LinkedIn but this is you pouring into other people with no expectation, no secret buy my ebook for 80 bucks on the way out.- No ebook yet.- No ebook yet but at the same time, you were watching these people respond, build influence, build relationship with Scott and then when it’s time for reciprocation, when it’s time for, hey, help me, this is the opportunity he’s generating around himself and this is what it’s like when you lead a digital community. So Scott, lemme ask you this. How much, ’cause I’ve seen it so I know the answer but I want you to share. How often are you feeding into that community, helping build it, giving value to it? Kinda describe that.- Yeah, so here, I think the trick for all of this is you’ve got to put out content and contribution without getting consumed. I had the benefit of partnering up with somebody several years back that told me, “Hey, one of the criteria of us partnering up together “in the mortgage business is you just gotta stop “arguing about politics on Facebook,” ’cause I was the guy that would write a 27-paragraph dissertation on the libertarian thought process and it was intense. And I realized that I was getting absolutely consumed by social media instead of just being there to provide content and also to give contribution. And so what I do now is I say, okay, cool. Four times a day, roughly, when I wake up around nine o’clock and then twice throughout the day, I’m gonna go on, I’m gonna post something of value. I’m only gonna interact with my inner circle in those groups that I run. There’s three different groups that I run. One of them is a paid group so you can’t just jump in there but I’m gonna give a contribution to them, I’m gonna add content to them and then after I kind of got in that rhythm and the group started to grow, well, then I could afford a virtual assistant in the Philippines for eight bucks an hour, who then updates me throughout the day like, “Hey, Alec tagged you in this. “I think this is something you wanna respond to,” or she’ll respond to my incoming Facebook messages, which gets weird sometimes because she seen some stuff on Facebook messenger that maybe I would like her to unsee but yeah, it’s all about contribution and content without getting consumed into the endless bullshit that’s on social media and I’m still not perfect. I still get sucked into a political argument once in a while but I’ll live with it.- But just, guys please hear the echo chamber of this. From Phil to Neil, to Ryan and Jessica, to Scott, some of our content is a one way street. It’s just us humble bragging about how good we are and then we’re forgetting that the real power of this is to connect and have add value to others, to validate others, to communicate and be in the conversation. Neil said it about link about Instagram, comment on other stuff, that’s how you do a follow you back- Yup.- And Scott’s sharing the exact same thing. If you’re willing to build a group, pull people in, add value selflessly, all of a sudden now you’re gonna build a community of people around you and it can transform your business and your life.- Yeah, I mean, for example, I could go into my group every day and tell people to spend 14 bucks on this book or whatever Amazon has it listed at. At the end of the day, that’s just me self-promoting. So what am I doing instead? I’m going live every single day at nine o’clock, like clockwork. I read a chapter in the book, which is like three or four pages. I’m giving out 100% of my content for free and I don’t even know why I’m doing it ’cause like I said, the Generate Group has yet to have a principle or a thought process or a monetization, I just want everybody in there. I want it to be a safe space where every other loan officer can bring every one of their realtors if they want, without feeling like anybody’s advertising to them. I’ve already cut off some of the self-promotion in the group and then block.- Yeah, just like block- You be really clear about what you want to accomplish and then you just contribute from that point. And that is the one thing I would say is like, even if you don’t know what the end result is, be kinda clear about your rules, be clear about what you wanna do, be clear about the contribution you wanna give because I just had a guy pitch me on turning the Generate series into a podcast and I sent him about four paragraphs of exactly how that might work and he wrote me back. He’s like, “Whoa,” he’s like, “You don’t fuck around.” He’s like, “You actually know what you wanna accomplish “with this stuff. “I have never had somebody get ready “to sign up for a podcast,” and by the way, this guy charges $20,000 to build out your entire podcast network. He’s like, I’m reading the email right now. He said, “I’ve never had anybody follow up “with exact details about where they’re at “and where they’re going.” So again, I don’t have a way or an idea on how to monetize anything to do with this Generate Group but I know what the purpose and the mission is and it’s crazy to me that this guy that is a very well known podcast setter upper of things, he’s like, oh yeah, nobody ever has that much of a mission. They’re like, “Well, I’ll just go online and talk.” And he’s like, that doesn’t work.- So let’s talk about this, then. Let’s go into it, Scott. If somebody’s like, holy crap, they’re seeing in this conversation, the opportunity that’s for them and their city, their space, their digital community, they’re like, “I should be doing this.” How do you coach them? How do you set them up for it? What are the pitfalls? You just had a couple of them so like, have your purpose, hit it again. But how would you coach somebody to do this?- Yeah, if you’re gonna build, I think a Facebook group is the lowest lying fruit because you can even start a Facebook group with your immediate circle of friends that are really into Frisbee golf and you get your eight friends in there for Frisbee golf and this is how this stuff starts. Then they invite their friends and then whatever. I had an assistant, this is the craziest shit, Alec. I had an assistant. Tell me this is not like a niche within a niche, within a niche, within a niche. He was in a adult male, rollercoaster enthusiasts, gays only. There was 30,000 people in that group. So here’s a group of guys that are all gay, that all love this roller coaster lifestyle, where they tour around the world going on roller coasters and they’d make retreats out of it and stuff like that and they’re all these roller coaster enthusiasts and the dude that runs that group, he’s making bank organizing these trips. Now he has a membership program where this little pamphlet on new roller coasters that are opening around the world. I mean, think about 30,000 people that are in this Venn diagram of Venn diagram of Venn diagrams and then people would wanna have anything interesting to talk about, everybody’s got something. So maybe you’re gonna do it for business, maybe you’re gonna be the East Stevenson Ranch, HOA expert and you’re gonna get everybody in that neighborhood in there or maybe you’re gonna be the Alec Hanson, like I wanna teach people in the mortgage industry how to do social media 2.0. Whatever the case may be, I think the Facebook group is the lowest lying fruit and then the easy thing is you just invite every single friend that you have that is in that Venn diagram of interest into that group, private message them, ask them to be part of the group and contribute. So that’s kinda how you start and then I will tell you, you need a couple plants. You need a couple of undercover agents and whether you pay them or you bribe them with a steak dinner or you give them some type of discount in whatever world you work in, Facebook really rewards the algorithmic interaction early on in the history of anything. So if you do a live post, the quicker somebody likes it or comments in on it, the more the algorithm is gonna push it out. So what you need, and if my buddy Hal Elrod was on this post, he would admit to you that his huge group of a quarter million people started with him posting a question and then texting five of his really close friends, “Hey bro, can you respond to that question real quick?” And then it started, they basically were more professional moderators for each other and it started this critical mass where like, oh, well John commented on Hal’s things. So then Facebook pushed out to Alec who then felt interested in commenting and then Scott was another plant, I came in on commenting on Alec’s thing. So there is a little bit of gaming the system where you wanna find people that are on your team, that you can either pay or bribe or call in some favors and get them to put authentic content into your group. So the Facebook algorithm says like, oh, this is an interactive group where people are actually communicating. We need to push this out to more group members. So I have failed at doing that in the past and on the Generate Group, I’ve got a couple of professional moderators.- I just, I wanna hit this besides the hack, which is fun ’cause that’s where we go next level on this. What Scott said here, guys, I think everyone might have missed. It doesn’t need to be about mortgage. It needs to be about something that you care about. This is like building digital community. This doesn’t say building digital mortgage people. This is building digital community. Everyone knows you’re gonna do mortgages, everyone’s gonna know that, it’s fine. I joked earlier ’cause I got a buddy who’s running a podcast on adult men’s baseball leagues and he’s killing it. He’s getting business from it all the time and it’s got nothing to do with mortgage and this is your opportunity, it’s right in front of you. I talked about it, like it’s the gold rush of our generation. This is not gonna happen again. Your chance to build this connection, your chance to put yourself out there and then pour into it, it’s not gonna happen again. So it’s like, it’s unbelievable timing to make this thing happen and Scott, you’ve been doing it again and again for multiple groups from mortgage centric to coaching, to Generate, which is awesome. What pitfalls can you share to avoid if somebody’s getting into this?- Oh man, it can be a total time suck. It can be a total time drain. You have to know that you’re building for the future. So just to give you some context for anybody that’s watching, I’ve been doing this loan racket for like 20 years. I’ve come just at the tippy top of hitting 100 million by myself several times. My previous partner, Justin Bale, awesome, huge shout out to awesome guy, Justin Bale. We hit over 100 million a couple of years together. I will be honest, for the last 10 years, it would have been way more profitable for me to stay off of social media, not have a Facebook account, head down, email database, cold call 50 of my own clients every day, cold call 50 realtors, 100% would have been more profitable for the last 10 years. But where I think we got ahead of the curve a little bit is I think for the next 10 years, I’m gonna be way more profitable because I’ve done all of this and I’ve built the groups and I have the people in there. So, I made a big gamble, I’ve probably left hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table by not just grinding mortgages, grinding mortgages and there there’s a lot of guys in the top five of Scotsman Guide that are doing 200, 300, 500 million a year who they don’t even have a Facebook page. So I’m not saying this is the only way to do things but I believe that we’re gonna start to see a shift where those people’s numbers over the next 10 years are gonna go like this and people who have engaged in social media and are giving out a ton of value, their numbers are gonna start to go like this and I don’t know where those two inverted yield curves meet and do that little dance but I think this has been a good investment and frankly, I just enjoy it more. I can maybe make 50 grand more a year by making 50 cold calls a day or I can have a good time and be playing racquetball by the way this actually happened and somebody walks in and they’re like, “Oh God, are you Scott Groves?” And I really thought I was gonna get my ass beat. I was like, “Okay I sleep with your girlfriend “in high school or something?” he’s like, “No, I’m a loan officer. “I just wanna say thanks. “I really enjoy the stuff you put out there.” That made me feel good, that really pumped my ego up and then I went and did five videos that night. So, I think it’s gonna be worthwhile. The biggest thing, don’t get sucked into it, don’t consume more than your lifestyle allows and then the other big pitfall is, right now it’s very toxic and dangerous to maybe be your 100% authentic self. I would say, do it anyway, you’re gonna find your tribe that wants to follow you and wants to do business with you. There’s plenty of people that have opted out of my funnel as sadly clients and referral sources that just don’t get what I, they just don’t get me or we disagree or I wore some hat with a snake on it ’cause I’m a Libertarian and that really pissed them off because they were Republican or they were a Democrat and I’m like, well, I don’t really care, that’s who I am. I’m not gonna hide who I am. I don’t hide pictures of my kids. I’m not gonna hide who I am or what I believe. So, yeah, those are the traps, too much consumption and not being authentic ’cause then people just know you’re full of shit.- And everyone listening to that heard the traps. There’s also something there that you might have missed earlier by Scott. Number one, we all have the same 24 hours in a day and you can use it watching “Dawn Of The Dead” and “Walking Dead” or you can use it to build a Facebook community, in addition to the hard work you’re doing slinging loans and helping customers and dealing with underwriting issues and all that other stuff that comes along with your day to day. So that’s a huge, if you believe in it, if you think this matters, then you’re gonna put the time aside to it. And then the other thing that’s been happening all day on this Collab guys is there are so many paths to the customer. There’s so many paths to the customer. If you’re like, I don’t wanna be on Instagram. It’s like, well then build Facebook communities. If it’s like, I don’t wanna do that, then start building the podcast network and putting your voice out into the world and sharing what you’re passionate about and this avenue though, what Scott has done and what I see him do and the reason I want him to share his insight on this stuff is it’s low hanging fruit, man. It’s like right there in front of you and by the way, it’s so powerful. If you’ve been in retail lending for a long time, you realize that a lot of your business was geographically limited. It’s where you could drive to, where the open houses were on the weekends, where the real estate companies were. There’s no geographical limitations on the Internets. Scott’s groups span the entire country and probably people outside of the country, which you can’t get loans for but maybe if he wants to do a trip, they can help him out with an Airbnb or something. But like, this is the power of digital communities. This is the power of it.- You know, shout out to RJ who’s a regional manager down in San Diego that you and I know from a mortgage company, great guy. One of his big initiatives is he’s telling all of his loan officers, “I want every loan officer in my region “licensed in at least three states.” One, because you’ve got a lot of people. COVID-19 is showing us, you can work from anywhere. You don’t have to be geographically relevant anymore. So we’ve got a lot of, Californians is moving to Nevada and Boise, Idaho and Phoenix, Arizona and then a lot of people there are moving here ’cause they’re like, “Well, if I’m gonna be stuck at home, “I wanna be in nicer weather where I can go work outside.” So he’s like, “I want all my people licensed “in multiple states,” because that’s gonna be the new normal. If you can’t market and keep up with somebody when they move from San Diego to LA to Phoenix, let’s be honest, man, your physical mail’s not gonna do it, your email’s probably going to the spam filter but if they can see pictures of your kids and they know what you’re up to and they can celebrate your successes, that’s huge. And you can only do that on social media digitally and so, come up with a content calendar. There’s some easy ones if you guys wanna email me at scottgrovesteam.com. I’ll send you my content calendar. It’s just like Monday is a business success, Tuesday’s a personal story, Wednesday is a funny story about the business world in general, Thursday is something motivational and on and on and on and on and on. So, it’s just, you get into a rhythm and I used to use that content calendar. Now I kinda just know what to do and it’s not as hard as you think. Pick something that you like doing and build a group around it.- So guys, I know this is in the comments on Facebook and LinkedIn. So you can’t click it when I show it on the screen but this is a great example of what the group’s doing. So if you’re seeing this, I know you can’t click on the screen, scroll up in the comments and click on it and go over there and you’ll start to see what’s happening in this community and you can start to take a lesson from a guy who’s done it for years now and who’s continuing to build value in it and go, “Hey, is this for me?” cause I’m telling you right now, if it is and you can find your niche within a niche or whatever it is you’re going to talk about, it can generate huge opportunity for you in the long run. Huge influence opportunity for you in the long run. So we’ve got four minutes, dude. Scott, what’s your final kinda words of wisdom to the people that are listening on this topic?- I would say have fun.- Like yes.- Have fun and be yourself because, you and I are both fans of Gary Vaynerchuk and some people are a little burnt out on him ’cause that guy is omni-channel everywhere. Once you watch one of his videos, you can’t escape but he talks a lot about his Sidecar issue and his Sidecar issue is, even if you’re never gonna hire Gary Vaynerchuk, you’re never gonna work in media or social media or marketing. People that are in his geographical area can relate to the fact that he wants to own the Jets. He talks a lot about making enough money in this game so that one day he can own the Jets. I talk a lot about drinking iced tea and smoking cigars. A lot of my posts or my still pictures on Instagram, I love cigars. My wife, not a huge fan. Hopefully they’ll learn how to regrow lips by the time I get some type of weird lip cancer but at the end of the day, I really love them. And so I’ll show up to a live event and I don’t ask for their stuff, I don’t pander for it but it’s like, I’ll show up at a live event and someone will walk up and be like, “Hey man, this is my favorite smoke. “This is the Liga Privada T52 Robusto. “You gotta try one,” and I’m like, “Hi, I’m Scott.” And they’re like, “Yeah, I’m Bill, man. “I just really love your shit. “I thought I bought you a cigar,” and I’m like, “That’s wicked.” So, pick something that you’re in love with and just talk about it, have it be the side issue and I think there’s such an opportunity to just be yourself and find other people who like you. They like you, they really like you like that Saturday night live show. “They love me, they really, really love me.” And then you’ll just, you’ll find people that wanna connect with you and then once in a blue moon, you’ll ask them to do business with you and you’ll make a lot of money.- Dude, mic dropped that. That was so good, it’s so true. Scott I appreciate you dude. Thank you for leading the way in this space, man. You’re the man and I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope everybody else goes and joins Generate right now and finds out what’s really happening in that space ’cause it kicks ass, dude. Thank you.- Thanks man, I really appreciate you.- Talk to you later brother.- Talk later.- Man, dive into the water, team. How much more proof do you need? Dive into the water. I don’t care where, go all in and have some fun with your career, with yourself and take yourself seriously. At the end of all that stuff is unbelievable opportunity if you’re willing to play in the space. I hope value today. Please go find these wonderful human beings online, connect with them, follow ’em, see what they’re doing. Man, I appreciate you all. Have a wonderful day and a wonderful week. I’ll see you on the internet.