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Tuesday, Sept 14

LiveTime with Alec

#Bypassed Deep Dive - Put Action in Your Why

Let's take another Deep Dive into my #Bypassed series. We took a look at what your why is, now let's take that why and create some results around it by creating some action items. Once you've identify your why then it's time to create a plan and content around it. It is essential to have goals or results in mind for your campaign. This will give you something to work for and results for you to work with.

Monday, Sept 13th


No Need for Superheroes

Episode 11 in the #bypassed series 

No one would rush to propose to someone on the first date. So why would you rush to ask for business from a new Realtor you just met? Relationships, whether in dating or with Realtors, takes time to build trust and to show them your value. Don't rush in but instead create micro commitments and meet them in order to help you in building that relationship. They don't know you yet, but be patient and consistent, and over time you can gain their trust.#bypassed

Thursday, Sept 16th

Modern Lending Podcast

Tales: Chris Ross

We are continuing on with our season 3 of the Modern Lending Podcast with stories and I am having my friend Chris Ross, podcast host, investor, tv and radio personality on to tell his tales of what motivated and inspired him. Come join Chris and me on this next episode!

LiveTime with Alec
#Bypassed Deep Dive

What's Your Why

On the next deep dive, Do you know what you "why" is? We're going to tackle these questions: Do you remember why you got into this business? Why are you a mortgage professional? If you're struggling to come up with a content strategy start here. You're "WHY" has to be the framework for all your content. When you understand that, the messages, the videos, and the social posts will all come easy! #bypassed

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Modern Lending Podcast
Kyle Draper

What's His Story

We have so many stories to tell of different folks of different strokes. From sales and marketing to technological innovation. This week we have another good friend of mine, Kyle Draper on to talk about his origin story of how and why he decided to create a marketing agency and what he does to help to provide service to those that need it. Tune in on the next episode of the Modern Lending Podcast to find the answer to Kyle Draper: What's his Story?

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New Multi-Part Series

New Episode Every Monday

Don't forget to check out my new multi-part series on all social media channels. I release one new episode every monday and you can view all of them below

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Modern Lending Podcast

Kristin Hanson

Next up on the Modern Lending Podcast we have none other than Kristin Hanson. Not only is she a major producing Sales Manager at loandepot but she has been a fighter all her life. I'm having her on to tell her story of she got to where she is now and how she continues to succeed in the industry.

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