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Alec Hanson Presents

PSW Division "World" Branch Tour


loanDepot 2.0 is as much about culture as it is about advancing tech. Just finished Day 13 of my “World” PSW branch tour. I’m visiting all my branches to connect and hear from each of our teammates how to optimize and improve our processes. Up next is Utah

Modern Lending Podcast
Road to 100 million

Baret Kechian

Next up on the Modern Lending Podcast's Road to 100 Million. We have Baret Kechian. This guy is a monster when it comes to production. We pick his brain on what it takes to bring a level of production to where he is now.

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#bypassed Original Short

What If...?

A #BYPASSED Original Short | "WHAT IF" is a look into a world where different choices create different paths. A small suggestion that the roads we chose in life deliver different results and experiences and a challenge to embrace new strategies. Join the "Onlooker" as we view an alternate reality and ponder the question...What if?

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IG Reels and TikToK

The Metrics are clear!

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Modern Lending Podcast

Mosi Gatling

Onto the next episode of The Road to 100 Million Segment on the Modern Lending Podcast. Mosi Gatling is on the podcast to give her insight on what it takes to get to 100 Million.

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