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My gosh we are closing out April fast! Don't miss out on the leadership co hosted event with Brian Covey this week!

Get out there and kick some butt!

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Tues, Apr 20th

LiveTime with Alec
Co Hosted with Brian Covey Leadership Series:
How to Lead and Succeed in 2021

LiveTime with Alec and The Brian Covey Show are coming together for a Co-hosted leadership event! Come join the one, the only Brian Covey and I as we both tackle and get tactical with Leadership in 2021! Mark your Calendars.

LiveTime with Alec
Visibility > Likeability > Credibility > Opportunity
Loan Officer Edition

I did a a video in one of my 100 videos in 100 days about Likeability + Credibility = Opportunity. It's time to add a crucial point to that equation: Visibility. As a loan officer in a digital world the most important thing to be is visible to your digital customer before they can work with you. Let's break this down and get tactical on the next LiveTime with Alec: Loan Officer Edition.

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Modern Lending Podcast

Catch Up on All Recent Podcasts!

Check up on all the recent podcasts and the ones you might have missed from last season! We'll be back to our our regularly scheduled program soon.

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Modern Lending Podcast

Catch up on all the latest Podcasts that have dropped on the audio only sites Available where you listen to podcasts. Click the link to visit my Audio-Only Page.

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