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Tuesday, Oct 19th

LiveTime with Alec

#Bypassed Deep Dive - No Need for Superheroes

You don't have to save the world to make an impact on your local community. Not all heroes have capes! You can do simple things in your community to make a presence. Let's take a deeper dive into this on the next LiveTime with Alec! You don't have to wear a cape or save a cat out of a tree to provide a service to those in your local community. Think about what you are passionate about and create connection and service opportunities around that. Redefine your definition of marketing and go be of service to those people in your community instead of wasting money on shopping cart ads. #bypassed

Monday, Oct 18th


The Underused King of Communication

Episode 18 in the #bypassed series 

We spend a lot of time on our cellphones so why not use it as a tool to help grow relationships with your customers. create a video text that you can send to your potential clients and partners, it's more of a personal touch then a text and waaaaay more personal than any drip campaign email you have! #bypassed.

LiveTime with Alec
#Bypassed Deep Dive

Real People Still Exist

Let's take a break from the digital for a second and go out there are meet someone. As much as digital is important for getting attention, you also need to go a meet the person face to face. Physical relationships built are just as important as the digital. Let chat about this on the next LiveTime with Alec Deep Dive. Even in this Digital Age, REAL people still exist and you can grow your business dramatically being both digital and physical! Be a connector of people and in the real world not just in the digital. The more you connect as a real human being the more likely your customers will want to do business with you. #bypassed

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Modern Lending Podcast

Todd Duncan

Stories have always been passed down from generation to generation. You learn a lot from these stories and I always believe that you learn the most "on the shoulders of giants". Todd Duncan is one of those giants in the mortgage industry and he has plenty of stories to pass down. Don't miss out on this next episode of the Modern Lending Podcast.

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