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You're Doing Social Wrong

Nothing in Life is PERFECT. So your social media should be either. Really build out your relationships with your customers and your social media platform is the best way to do it and when it's right at your fingertips.

Modern Lending Podcast
Road to 100 million

Justin Perry

Next Up Justin Perry is joining us on the Road to 100 Million. Justin is a branch manager out of Portsmouth, NH. We are going to dive into how he got to where he is today and what struggles and successes he had on the way. Join Us Live.

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LIVE | Modern Lending MAstermind

Growing Your Market Share

Friends and Mortgage Professionals! Do NOT miss this fun LIVE event! Every month I help host what we call at loanDepot the "Modern Lending Mastermind". These typically hour long sessions dive into a variety of topics all centered around new origination strategies and how we can all continue to evolve and grow our businesses. This month we decided to mix it up and just take the entire session LIVE on Social! The industry is evolving all around us and this year is definitely one we will all remember. So come join some amazing originators LIVE and dive into evolving strategies we can all use to thrive in this tough environment! This particular LIVE session will be focused on what every originator can do TODAY to get out into their communities and drive NEW business to compliment what leads we may already be getting from our referral partners. Here's the topics and the mortgage pros to peak your interest!

 • Scott Snapp

o 2021 Scott Funded 835 Units for $138,312,534 o Come learn from Scott his personal local marketing strategies he uses to bring his own leads to Realtors of his choice! 

• Cynthia Gordon o 2021 Cynthia Funded 215Units for $73,609,531

o Cynthia will share how she hosts local service events in her communities along with her social media efforts to drive all her business opportunities! 

• Sean Uyehara 

o 2021 Sean Funded 241 Units for $66,546,159

o Sean has become a force on YouTube and leverages his social media and YouTube Channel to drive nearly 100% of his business! 

• Jessica Celia

o 2021 Jessica Funded 260 Units for $97,983,907 o Jessica has a passion for non-profits, women's organizations and Veterans.

 Come learn how she's connected those passions together to build a dynamic community that fuels her entire mortgage business! We would love to have you join us LIVE as we will absolutely have a Q/A at the end for questions with all the speakers. No hooks, no gimmicks, no cheesy recruiting tactics. Let's come together as an industry and strive to improve. See you on the internet! #BetterTogether

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IG Reels and TikToK

The Metrics are clear!

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Modern Lending Podcast

Scott Snapp

We are making it down the Road to 100 Million. Up next is a good friend of mine Scott Snapp. He joins us on the Modern Lending podcast to talk about how he built his business to over 100 Million and what it took for him to get there. Join us LIVE!

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