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Taking a Small Break

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Here's something a wise man (Dan Hanson) once told me about perspective and how we in the mortgage industry are blessed but at the same time we need to take a step back to laugh a little because that loan will still be there in the morning for us to sort out. Take a vacation, have a small coffee break in the middle of the day. There should be a little balance because in the end, we need to take care of ourselves just as much as we take care of our customers. Have a Great Weekend!

LiveTime with Alec
Loan Officer Edition

Digital Mayor

Building a community online is a major asset when you are a loan officer. It allows you to curate the right people to bounce ideas off of and gives you an audience to push your message to on a consistent basis. Let's explore more of this idea of the "Digital Mayor" on the next LiveTime with Alec. We'll go over how to become the digital mayor of your group and other tactics.

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Modern Lending Podcast

Devin Hernandez

Mastering the Customer Experience

Get ready! We're going to have a conversation with a leader in creating amazing experiences. One of the best creators of exceptional experiences is Devin Hernandez. You have 30 days to blow your customers mind during their mortgage transaction so what are you going to do?

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