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If you missed out on the last two master classes with two of the best maestros on the mortgage industry, Barry Habib and Dave Savage then hit the links below. Also, make sure to check out my Audit Time this week!

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Tues, May 11th

LiveTime with Alec
Loan Officer Edition
Audit Time with Alec

Back at it again with my Audit Time with Alec. On this Loan Officer Edition, I'll be going through your social media accounts to see where we can spruce things up and where you are winning in the digital space. Leave a comment down below if you want me to look through your profiles on the next LiveTime with Alec.

Thurs, May 13th

Modern Lending Podcast
Sam Hansen
Consultation and Quoting in the Digital Age

We are finishing our segment on Modern Consultation and Quoting. We talked to Barry Habib and Dave Savage. It's now to take it down to the streets with Sam Hansen from the Gaylord Hansen Team. We're going to have a conversation to see what works for him in this ever-changing market. Come hang out with us on the next Modern Lending Podcast.

LiveTime with Alec
Leadership Series

On The Shoulders of Giants:

Failures to Learn From

Failures and mistakes are part of the game in the mortgage business. One of the best lessons I was taught early on was to shut up and listen to those great leaders and producers who came before me and who already MADE all their mistakes. Listen to their advice and in an ideal world, benefit from their wisdom and not make the same mistakes. I did a decent job of that, but I certainly have made and continue to make my fair share of mistakes and failures. So let's talk about some of them and learn together on the next LiveTime with Alec.

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Modern Lending Podcast
Dave Savage
Master Class: Consultation and Quoting

Let's continue this journey down the yellow brick road of Consultation and Quoting and have a conversation with another maestro of the mortgage industry Dave Savage. Don't miss out on this second Modern Master Class on the Modern Lending Podcast.

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Modern Lending Podcast

Barry Habib

Tight inventory market? Raising rates? Lions and Tigers and Bears? Come join me and the Market Master himself, Barry Habib as we present a Modern Master Class on how best to consult and quote our customers in this ever changing market.

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