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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a very early Happy New Year. Can you believe it's the end of the year? Let's close out this year with a bang. Check out any content below that you might have missed.
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Tuesday, Dec 21st

LiveTime with Alec

#Bypassed Deep Dive - 2 Different Leads

Do you know what to do with the two different type of leads you might get when you revitalize your old leads while managing your active one?  Join me in this conversation on the next Deep Dive to see how you can nurture both types of leads you may have!

Monday, Dec 20th


How to Surprise Your Customers

Episode 27 in the #bypassed series 

Closing a loan on time just is not enough! That’s the basics of your job and it’s an expectation the customer likely already has. So…What are you doing to wow them? You get to be in relationship closely for the 30-so days you have during their loan period. Ask yourself, are you really going above and beyond or are you just meeting expectations?

LiveTime with Alec
#Bypassed Deep Dive

What to Do with Old Leads

You have an untapped reservoir of potential leads and the best part is that now they might be more ready to get a mortgage than the first time you reached out. Old leads are never dead and I'm going to show you why. Come join me this week on the #Bypassed Deep Dive on what to do with old leads.

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New Multi-Part Series

New Episode Every Monday

Don't forget to check out my new multi-part series on all social media channels. I release one new episode every monday and you can view all of them below

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Modern Lending Podcast

Brian Bogert

Nearing the end of the season three with Stories on the Modern Lending Podcast. I want to finish off the season with more stories from those that could help inspire you to see that your story has a lot of power to those waiting for you to tell it. Up next is a person that does that very well. I have Brian Bogert on to share his story and what motivated him to get where he is today.

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