What is Content Compounding?

Ever wonder how a piece of your old content garners hundreds to thousands of views? We’re going to explore this concept in the next LiveTime!

In this edition of LiveTime with Alec…

  • Learn how to turn one piece of content into many
  • Your message is so important that it needs to be shared
  • Do not overthink the production of your content.
  • Find out who Kyle Draper and how he can help your content

Episode Transcribe

– What’s up everybody?

Whoo, having some problems with the live feed right now, but we’re going for it. Happy Tuesday.

Man, I hope you guys are having a good day. Content compounding, we’re diving into a really cool topic today, about content compounding, before we do that, I just want to throw this up. Bam! Text me, text community is live and happening, there’s some special insights going on for you guys that are joining us on the text community, and I love it. Thank you. It’s a really fun way, for me to continue the narrative, continue communicating with you guys, sharing with us thoughts, how to move our industry forward. So today content compounding. Thank you for joining me, man. If you watched some of my modern living life podcasts, I had a guest on named bill Hart, and bill Hart’s champion, love this guy. Great, great voice in our industry, and at the same time he introduced me, to this guy named Carl, Kyle Draper. Kyle is doing something pretty bad ass. Let me share with you guys right here what’s going on. So, first of all, if you’re joining live, thank you, throw in a comment. I’d love to hear where you’re from. It always makes me happy, that somebody is pausing their day, to come just hang out, and try to move our narrative forward. So I appreciate you guys. So this guy right there, Kyle Draper, he’s doing something called content compounding, and when I saw it, I was like, thank you. Thank you for coming into our industry, and providing a little bit of help, for people that are trying to get their message out there. Right? So I don’t need to tell you this, if you’re watching this, but the world’s gone digital, right? Like we’re an internet first society. People are checking you out online, and they’re starting their home buying, and mortgage process online, before talking to local professionals, which means you’re down in the sales cycle. That’s a bad place to be. So you need to get online. You need to put your message, your brand, your persona out, where people can find you, so when they have questions, they’ll come to you. Now, before I get into what content compounding is, and what Kyle actually does, I want you guys to check this out. Some of you know that I like this guy. I like him a lot. Not only because I think he’s just spitting truth, and giving everybody a dose of reality, but because he actually really cares about people, and he’s trying to further the narrative, and push people in to this new world, he has a great free download called this, How To Make 64 Pieces Of CONTENT IN A DAY, you can go find it, you can go download it. It’s free. It’s awesome, and he basically says, look, your message matters, so you need to start getting it out where people can see it. This to me is a really, really great, and important message. I think it’s dead on, and he goes, “Look, I’m gonna help you, I’m gonna help. I’m going to showcase to you how to make a 64 pieces of content in one day, across multiple channels and platforms where all the people are.” So I agree with this. I think that if your message matters, you need to work hard, to show it to the world. Live your best life. So Gary V has that going out there, and this is actually a slide exactly from it, slide number six, and I just clipped it to show you guys, because that’s gonna further our narrative today. He says: “Look, the reason why people don’t make, make content is because they overthink, and they overvalue the production, of their message.” And if you’ve listened to me at all, you know that I, for sure, a thousand percent agree with this, like I’m always, like just film something, and put your message out in the world, put your message out in the world. I’m like, put your message out in the world. Stop, like, you don’t have to have the graphics, and the text community, and the overlays and all this crap. You don’t have to have that. If you like that, if it gives you life, then do it. But the most important thing, is to put your message out to the world. So, he drives that right there. So, this is what content compounding was. This guy, Kyle, realizes that people are struggling putting out their messaging. They’re struggling to put out their messaging, and he says: “Look, I’m gonna help you guys. I’m gonna help you guys.” All you gotta do, is film a two to five minute video and then upload it through, like a re-transfer or a Dropbox to his team, and here’s what they’re gonna do. They’re going to create a YouTube thumbnail, and they’re gonna upload that video to your YouTube channel. They’re gonna transcribe the video, and create a blog on your website. They’re gonna create two square social graphics from your videos, with quotes or stats from the video, from the content of your video. They’re gonna create two stories for Instagram, social graphics from the video, based on the content of your video, and then they’re gonna create a 30 to 45 second snippet of the most powerful part of your video, and they’ll even do hashtag research based on your ideal client, and they’ve got a couple more things, but the second I saw this, I was like, dude, this guy is solving a problem. See the problem is, you are not confident enough in your message, and you want it to look pretty and beautiful. So he’s like, “Look, look, I’m gonna help you, and not only that, I’m gonna take a two minute video, and I’m gonna make 27 to 30 pieces of content for you from a two to three minute video. Just think about that for a second. Here’s an important statistical fact, your message is not so important that the world stops to listen to it. Okay, I’m gonna say that again. Your message, your pitch, the value you offer, is not so important, that the world stops, to listen to your video message. Here’s one of the most important things I learned, about doing video, and doing content at Velocity, no one else really cares. Like I used to joke all the time after my a hundred videos. Like how many of you guys watched on 100 videos? Nobody, nobody did. None of you did. It’s fine. I don’t care. You realize really early on, and like not everyone’s like, holy crap, Alec is live! Stop everything and watch this guy, like they don’t do that crap. People are busy, they’re living their best life, they’re not stopping because Alex’s live, or if you, you made you, how many times have you done a video? Like 400 times, 400 takes, like for real life. If you, comment, put a hashtag 400 takes into this comment somewhere. Even if you’re watching this in the future, if that’s you, if you’re like, if you’ve done 400 takes on a video, because you just can’t, you’re like, I know bad, and you did it again, and trust me that’s you that’s everybody. But then you realize you post your video that took you 17 days, and 400 takes, you finally nail it. You post your two minute video, and no one cares, right? Because what do they care about? They care about themselves, yes, Reid, my man. He even went up 480 takes, see, you’re thinking so hard, like go back here, like look at this again, like you’re overthinking the vet, the production of your message. Thank you, Melissa, dude, I understand, like hashtag 400 takes. You’re thinking so much about it, don’t go the next slide yet. Don’t go. The world doesn’t stop because you made a video, which means if I do a two to three minute video, on how much down payment you need to buy a house, do you think everyone in your digital community saw that message? No, no, no they didn’t. Right? So that means if you take that two minute video, and you transcribe it into an article, and you post the article, can you possibly get more reach now? It’s literally the exact same thing you said before, but now it’s just in written form, or now you take a social graphic of it, with a picture of you, and a quote from it, like you can buy a house, with zero down, you know, blah, blah, and you post that. Yes, it’s the same message, that you did in the video. It’s the same thing. But guess what? It’s a different medium, and maybe someone’s gonna experience that again. Okay, this is the power of compounding your content. I’m gonna say it wrong at some point. So it just there’s lots of C’s, but like this is the, so in this guy, Kyle is like doing this, I was like, Holy crap! Let me give you an example. Okay, let’s go. Let’s go super deep on this thing. All right. So this is, let’s say you film a stupid two minute video, and that’s my, that’s your dumb face. There’s me. Right? Like you do your video, and you send it to him, so he makes it look all pretty, he puts a bumper on it, he’ll upload it to YouTube. Boom! Your first piece of content is on YouTube. You take the same video, you post it on Facebook, you post it on LinkedIn. Boom! All of a sudden you’ve got three, three videos out, in three different mediums now, explaining your message, then they cut it up, right? Like they make a tweet from it, like they take the quote you give, you can now, now you have a tweet, you can take a picture of that tweet, you can tweet the tweet, and you can post the tweet to Instagram. Right? So now you’ve got five messages out, maybe linking back, to the YouTube page right here. Oh my God, Mike, we’re not talking about the audio book, bro. Like so, he’s giving me crap because he was in the studio with me when I did the audio, but when I recorded my own audio book, which don’t ever do that, hire a professional, I couldn’t even read the words, I don’t want to talk about it. Thanks for that side ramp. But look at this, so from this one, two minute video now, just on the YouTube and the tweet, I’ve got five messages going out, posting back to the video, trying to pull more people, this is compounding the content. Then remember I mentioned he’ll take snippets. That’s what this little thing is down here, the snippet. So check this out, now you get a 30 second, to 45 seconds snippet. Guess what you can do with that Snippet? Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, all pointing back to your message. One, two to three minute video, and this guy, Kyle, can make it into 30 pieces of content. Now, is what Kyle doing impossible? No, no, you could do it for sure. I do it. I’m doing it. I’m like, you don’t need to hire Kyle to do it. But if you’re busy, and you’re a professional, and you’re like, look, I just want to film my two minute video, and then I want Kyle, to make it look pretty, I want him to add graphics. I want him to cut it, him to add transcriptions, him to do the cool video stuff, then go hire him. But like don’t miss out on what the power of this thing actually is, the power of you taking your content, and then breaking it down, and it’s exactly a thousand percent what Gary D’s talking about in this. It’s the same thing. Alfredo. Great, great comment, brother. Kyle Draper, online, Facebook, Kyle Draper. I’ll put a little link here in a second to him, but what he’s doing is not impossible. Gary D’s been talking about it forever. Like please do this, here’s all the ways to do this. Kyle was just saying here, I’ll just do it for you , since clearly you’re not gonna do it yourself. So by the way, that’s fine though, like I’m not crapping on you for not doing it yourself. I’m just saying, you can, like you can do it yourself. It’s not impossible, but this is the power of this guys. These are the powers of your snippets, and all this information, getting pushed to multiple platforms, to allow you to continue to share your message, because your message matters. So that’s Kyle right there, I’ll leave him up on the screen for a minute. Go to Facebook, find Kyle, that’s the guy, go search for content compounding. If you can’t Google and find them, then you don’t deserve to work with him, that’s just going to be a jerk about it, but this is like, and you don’t need to work with Kyle. He’s great. I love him. I’m working with him. But at the same time, you need to hear this message, because if you’re putting out videos, you need to stretch. You can stretch this content into so much more stuff, and as you do that, you realize Holy crap! Like right now, I know I get this a lot. So there’s my friends like the a hundred videos, in a hundred days. I’m never doing it again, ’cause it was such a heavy lift, and it just, it took a lot of effort, but now like, you’re gonna experience this with me. So this lifetime, guess what? As soon as this is over, you’re going to see it being compounded. You’re going to see quotes come out, videos come out, snippets come out, Instagram posts, Instagram stories about the similar thing, and here’s what, and Alyssa, here’s one of the key comments, I want you to step out and share, Your message, as a professional, is so important, that it deserves to be compounded into multiple pieces of content for your community. See, listen, that’s the, that’s the snip right there. Just take that. That’s going to be an Instagram post in a little bit. Your content, your message is so important, that it deserves to be broken up, and re shared across multiple platforms, with your digital community. Now, if inside you’re like, but my content doesn’t matter that much, then you need to get reframed, because your message matters. If you’re a mortgage professional, it’s an easy one, to kind of tap into the why. Right? There’s an easy way to tap into the why. Sometimes we get transactional, and we’re like, well, we’re helping somebody, and we’re helping, we’re just lowering their payment, or we’re getting them into their dream home. Yeah, see bam! Content compounding, Alyssa I appreciate you. We get into the, but when you think about it as a mortgage professional, like what do you do for a living? Yes, you do mortgages. I understand. Yes, right now you’re likely saving people, thousands of dollars per month in refinancing. Yes, you probably help first time home buyers like live their best life, and get into their dream home. Right? So when you start to realize that you change lives for a living, you start to realize how important your message is, and I hope it gets you on fire, to start sharing it. Do you know of, I’m going to say it, but it’s not going to be polite, but do you know of bad mortgage originators, who have put people into terrible financial positions? Do you know of people who got the wrong loan, where they overpaid, or they got taken advantage of, or they didn’t get the right counsel? I know, you know these people, I know, you know, those originators that are out there harming people, whether through ignorance, or through intention, even worse. So like you, you need to ride to the rescue, like Melissa, nailing this. Like you need to come in, on your white horse, and swing the sword and be like, stop. No, let me help you make good decisions, that’s what you do for a living. Just remember, your message is so important, that it needs to be compounded, so that people can hear it, because just because you go live, or you make a video, doesn’t mean the world stops to pay attention. They don’t, they keep moving on. In fact, I talk all the time, with people who realize this, and they go, “Oh my gosh! I could actually do the same type of message again, and again and again.” Like how many times can you communicate, the FICO Scores and down payments, you need to buy a house, to buy your first house. Like how often can you communicate that? A million times? Like you can just, you could say it every day, because not everyone just stops to go like, Holy crap! Like Alec’s talking about down payment assistance again, maybe I should listen. Like they don’t, but they’ll learn it through osmosis over time. They’ll see you and see you and see you, it’s marketing people. Why do you think there’s billboards that are on major freeways? ‘Cause you drive by it, and it hits you in the face as you go by every time, like you think people are just studying this stuff? Commercials, repetition, branding. That’s what this game is now, just here in this digital community. So when you’re a mortgage professional, like I want you to show up, and then compound your content. Whether you hire Kyle to do it, or you just do it yourself, I don’t really care, but it’s that important, because your message deserves to come out. That makes sense my friends? By the way, if you’re watching this in the future, it’s fun. I love that. Please hit me up with a hashtag bypassed. I don’t say the D enough I hit, and so I get a lot of hashtag bypass. I love it when you do that, it gives me a little smile later, that I know that you paused your day to hang out, but I hope you, I hope you hear the message, and join the text community, ’cause I’m gonna hit you in the face, with this message over and over again until you really get up and go, because I’m telling you guys, I’m watching it happen for a lot of you, and I’m getting extremely excited. I’m watching you wake up, and start bringing your message to the world. I’m watching the result of that. I’m watching people connect and engage, and it’s transformative, and I want you guys to be a part of it. Your message deserves to be heard, if you’re, so I’m gonna lay it down. Okay? We’re we’re at the end here, Thailand. I’m gonna lay down again on here’s the process. Let’s show this up on the screen. So bang, here it is. So you make a two minute video, on how much down payment assist, how much down, how much money you need for a down payment or whatever, right? And then you make a real, like Kyle’s team will make a killer bumper, so you see how it’s all pretty now, and they’ll put it on your YouTube channel for you. Now it’s up there, and then you can share that, on Facebook and LinkedIn, and you can even take the video, and upload it natively, to get the reach on the platform, then they’ll give you like snippets and tweets, and you can take a tweet, and you could put it on Twitter, and then you can click a picture of the tweet, and you can put it on Instagram, and then you’ve got this, beautiful snippet they gave you, of the best 10 seconds or 40 seconds, with 30 seconds of your video, you can take that snippet, and you could share it to Facebook, and LinkedIn and Instagram and Twitter and TikTok, and your message gets magnified. That’s amazing, and even if you don’t wanna work with Kyle, you can still do the same thing for free on your own, man, it matters, it’s that easy, and your message will get magnified, and all of a sudden you realize, Holy crap! Like I’m getting a lot of mes– I’m getting a lot of feedback these days, like Alec, you’re putting out a ton of content. You’re putting out a ton of stuff, and guess what I’m doing? You wanna know the secret? I do this, this lifetime with Alec on Tuesdays, and I have my live modern lending podcast on Thursdays. That’s it baby? It’s like, what’s this gonna go? We’re at 17, 18 minutes. I’m not gonna go much longer, that’s about the max of that. My podcast do go longer, ’cause they’re conversational, and they’re a blast. These go longer, when you guys ask questions in the comments, but I’m getting that now everyone’s just listening. So it’s fine. But my point is, that’s all I’m doing. And the rest of that, guess what I’m doing? The stuff, that’s my job. And here’s the irony too. Like this is what people forget, like this is my job. You know what I’m doing right now, I’m doing the same thing you could be doing. I’m building connection, with people on our industry. I’m building relationships. I’m building brand with people that, Hey, maybe one day, I wanna recruit here. Think about that for a second. Right? So this is our jobs now, to make human connection, ’cause with human connection comes influence, and with influence comes opportunity. Boom! We’re gonna leave it right there. That’s it. That’s the bottom line. That’s the whole game. It’s not about marketing anymore. That’s buzzy 1990s garbage. It’s about creating human connection, to gain influence, to garner opportunity. I can’t drop it, I can’t drop the mic, it’s connected. I can do that. I appreciate you guys, go compound your content, hire this guy, if you’re feeling bold, that guy right here, if you’re just like, I don’t wanna do it myself, then, Kyle will do it. But your message matters guys. Get out there. I wanna see a lot more of it. Have a wonderful day. I’ll see you guys on the internet.